Saying farewell

Well it’s been a life long journey but finally it’s finished my father a good man 👨 buried with full military honors 21 gun salute and full honored ceremony

He will be missed I would say to all my friends find the time to speak share and express yourself to your father because regardless of your journey they put you on this road and equipped you the best they could now it’s your turn. Sadly most people now are chasing paper power and obsessions when they should be gathering knowledge to perceive passionate steps towards the goals of inner worth happiness and a full circle of friends and trusted loved ones to share grow and develop as infinite creatures with perseverance and perceptions of the goals they will achieve and the path to such.

Reach for the stars in your quest to be whole beings able to grow adapt and develop the skill set to overcome the challenges associated with changing your ⭐️ s

Each of us Choices we have choices to make regarding how we want to live a life where we want to live our life what we want to do for work or fun or pleasure or low is important that we try and learn early the skills that we need sloughing accomplish the goals were trying to achieve it was sad to see my father go with you and we all go there it’s just a doorway and I have to keep reminding myself of that I have lots of girls and I’m trying to achieve and I want to people that are involved with my blog with this and it’s a touch of magic the life that you get every second you have it’s important. Another another day you do or you can you get up in the morning you accomplish the goals you’re trying to accomplish trying to go Pushmore I mean my God it’s much better if you going to compass more than what you planned for the day make sure to focus on your health to every day you need to take time for your sanity for your emotional well-being you should have people in your life that you love when you care about people that are positive influences in your life not everything is positive but yet having people that are supportive of you in the effort you’re making is a good thing for you so today in the last couple days have been days of reflection my father was a great father I have done things when I was a child that knows the kids could say they did been to places was allowed to do things that are the kids could only dream of doing for birthdays we’re going to places where other children would’ve never even thought of going to we all have this great opportunity to build our own little teeny world and that world is not your job and it’s not where you choose to live it’s what you choose to do as a source of eternity who you choose to be with and you’re like are they somebody that you love to be around somebody that is positive somebody that’s happy in your life or is there somebody there whenever you’re near them you feel drained and tired so look 18 Magik it’s all about empowerment and where do you get empowerment well I know when I play my guitar if you want power I know when I do the carpentry that I love to do and I see the finished product if you’re empowered if you’re proud of what I’ve done I work very hard at it it’s tiring it’s a struggle but sometimes the struggles are real positive influence in your life

This coming week I’m going to try and put down a couple of ideas that might be of value to my group such as ways to enhance those things you’re doing in a positive way to bring about great changes how you approach them is entirely up to you some people can move very quickly towards her goals of the people need to school slowly and methodically it’s up to you but I will do my best to be here as a resource let’s make this amazing let’s accomplish wonderful things I would save the best group message I could send DICK’S a small group around you people community and trying rich their lives enrich their lives with the things that are positive from your point of you and be honest to them explain why you doing that you’re trying to empower yourself and by powering them you’re empowering yourself beyond your imagination let’s face it it’s not about money it’s not about who’s richer poor it’s about living fulfilling lives with people that make you happy feeling good about yourself and what you do where you spend your time making sure every day when it’s a beautiful day That you’re out there being part of it because it’s your day I’m feel really sad when I talk to friends of mine and they spend their entire day locked up in the room looking at a TV or sitting on a chair reading near their phone take those moments that you get and use them to their full potential in later on in life like when my father was getting very old he couldn’t get out and do the things you wanted to do anymore his health was going to his energy was going so by all means get up in the morning and do the best you can do with your life and be your own best positive influence and remember what allows you to do amazing things is good health I hope some of you were going to the Essence Of Life she carries amazing probiotics and her wisdom towards health is beyond most people I’ve ever met in the medical field it’s important to have somebody that is in that industry of your health that loves to work in that and that’s what she does she loves everything that she can do that helps other people enjoy and have a fun filled life and that’s rare it’s like a potter who makes amazing pottery they don’t do it just because they make pottery they do it because I love making pottery so if you’re a musician and you love to play the mandolin the mandolin when you play it sounds amazing because you love it so much

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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