Covid recovery plan

first of all the truth is when all the ink is dry the numbers and utter distruction of life as we know it; is complete the loss of family income to millions of AMERICANS.

the destruction of the basic community based connection from literal millions of micro established personal bonds have been broken and these lives filled with fear and apprehension when you go out the entire network is down stores closed or limited ACCESS the common rules built over many years and decades destroyed.

Its grave indeed to see what once was busling busy streets in soho west broadway now empty stores closed and up for lease and our dear politicians have pressed hard to keep t going like a train off the track the idea that they can control millions of lives who have and do live in NYC yesterday was another world /

To bring it make major changes must be made, the work place needs to be opened and the rules that have managed them for many years allowed to bring a level of comfort and stability instead we can only image how bad it will be trying to put a full elevator from ground level to existing office space.

The transportation system must preform DAILY sanitization and assure passangers that they dont need to wear masks or stay meters apart this is impossible. how can we hope to open a world when people have become hipper sensitive to each other not good for a species that lives in social communities,

from the point of an average person the complex lives we can no longer depend on worse they have been drowned with economic woos huge dept and no jobs or even hope of them lives are changing for the worse fear and anxiety have caused huge spikes in emotional and socialogical factors that are not only defined but thrown into the grinder with no support systems in place.

finding a way to reinforce to individuals that there is no protection against viruses but good health every one dies living a good life with healthy life style but part of this life is to build positive connections both in the field and in their personal lives.

its not possible to put everything back as it was there are too manty new fears and challanges that must be faced on an individual level.

set up federal programs to provide a long term solution to working and the security of work and to provide for family

gathering ideals that promote these changes in life by ensuring children are provided with only truthful and honest representations of life and how it works for too long our children have been denied updated education to equip them the tools that are so needed in life

its so tragic the entire world shut down churchs and synagogues temples mosques all the magic of the world locked down forcing people to live in their own skin and face all the insecurities that existed before but were never explored.

Bold hopes by very unintelligent individuals who think no one will look into the facts.

for thousands of years humans have built communities of thriving industrial enterprise and worked to build a better world but instead we are surrounded by letchs who tell one thing to the masses and have a completely different ideals

finding a way to come back will be hard since the only hope is a reset where society as a whole raised up to force out the hypocrisy

carbon dioxide great for plants and flowers but not good for human being imagine that so you walk around with a paper mask which cuts your oxygen intake by as much as forty percent depending on the strength of your longs and overall health. building upon that people have spent twenty years eating corp food from farms where the last thing they will ever do is reinrich the soil or rotate their fields this is not a random act but a calculated one designed to destroy us from the inside. even worse is that these same corps have raised all the prices during the covid slam dunk on

America was never like this even during the second world war people were guarded but not insane with fear rather they understood that there are no guarantees only vigilance and taking precautions. building up your family by making smart choices about food and health now children are so unfit they are fed dry bland empty image of what was once americans greatest resources organic food grown on family farms where theyre reputation was tied to the incredible efforts they made putting out healthy food both grains and livestock now your just lucky if you can get a chicken that was not shot up with hormones so they weight qualified for over 10 times the average size of a chicken from the sixtys.

today was a great day though the good ole french a viva libritant Bastiel day the citizens of paris and other cities showed those in charge that they will not be intimidated by police but instead will rise up in such numbers that sure every voice was or is heard load and clear time for the lies and games to stop people want to live free and be able to provide a good quality of life to their loved ones without government insighting fear and distress the stats dont match at any level the lies and deception have gone far over the top and now people have had enough we can only hope Americans do even more

Our President Donald Trump has struggled day and night to bring back this great nation from the brink but at every turn the very angry democrats have poured millions into lies on their private owned media stations its truely sad to see media fall on its own swords out of greed at the tip top

our president has stood his ground and been beat like a dog by media and rich democrats who want nothing less then the total destruction of america and all it stands for they lie and decieve anyone who will listen after a hundred years of lies and blatant deceptions from the kkk forward they have build a web of greed that is hard to deny how is it that our government hands out billions of dollars each year to other counttrys without even ensuring for our own needs like a blind payout not even sure why they keep paying it so lost in the sauce by the deceptive games of lobbiests and there suit cases full of greenbacks war famine greed control of natural resources hushing anyone who sees the truth and strives to spread it to the masses so change can come but for over 20 years schools have dumbed down our children intentionally denying them even a similance of truth about this world and all that is in it

the calm before the storm when covid was just a word and people had not been driven to deperation and dispair shame on the media and the politicians who took life away and sold us a bad batch of snake charmer medicine

so time for truth Yes Earth has been visited thousands of times by advanced civilizations none have come with violent destructive intentions they come to share advancements that society and humanity need but until we all are allowed to understand and comprehend the advanced civilizations know the truth we cannot keep hiding the truth from humanity its time to open the flood gate to teach and share,

sure covid was a scandel a tool of deception and social control we need to open the doors and show the true nature of all UFO details and they are never violent and never act like humans do we need to know that such an advanced society reaches out to contact us there technology is millions of years ahead of ours not even a contest we do not stand a chance against such societys and forcing the political agencys who think blinding us to truth allows them to control the amazing gifts of these great nations: Meet aliens would love to meet and even learn from them to gain access to the higher levels of my human growth

I guess the big question is do you have enough inner light to know that in the vast galaxy of space and time that we are not alone, do you understand even the media’s attempt to imply aliens are here on some evil mission is so far fetched the facts are clear with advanced societies and technologys as we can only imagine would not waste their energy’s on primitive life and our foolish games and hatreds its true that we live in an amazing ecosystem that brings to bare balance and nature on its own unique level with natural disasters that scope above any human technology and find ourselves overwhelmed by these natural events that have happened for millions of years. funny how the sheer message of some covid shut down the entire church system and forced the faithful to face a empty place both in their hearts and in the locked doors of santuarys designed to be the base of all moral and spiritual support shut and as modern tech says off line. we have no reason to do as they say since they refuse to honor the same values as we do with the church scandels and pedophiles running in the open air before the masses and the church attempting to sell off property and relocate those both acused and actually guilty of horror and crimes against the very people who there mission was to protect and serve

Religion political oversight all designed to force us as humanity into a mold that they have designed based on male domination and control now we see the true evil of spirit cooking vanishing young boys and girls never to see the faces of their loved ones again as these evil entities desire to take the very essence of life from young innocent children and steal it for themselves

clearly the truth is these pedifiles and monsters who intentionally allow such evil to be brought before the justice they deserve and face their maker as no laws we have can stop the illness they carry deep inside their self indulgent tendencys to abuse and destroy young children,

Now we see the politics of the deep state attempting to steal our freedom and remove our rights even to basic prescious gifts of freedom liberty oxygen and to live a life profound based on the hard work and moral values and desires that we dream it all comes to the base of the values of honesty and integrity that we live in the greatest nation on the world and the entire human species could be destroyed by the loss of this shining light we all know that our freedoms are not for sale and not based on others fears but on our own efforts beleifs and bond to raise our families and loved ones in a world of free will happy ness and the pursuit of happiness where no one is above the law and the world knows that if it falls all of earth will topple to the depts of hell where the value of a life will mean nothing and have no safetys to protect them or put value to the hard work they do to excel in the scale of the universe as sentient beings reaching towards the stars.

from the very first breath you have grown up in America with freedom and liberty to pursue your dreams and become amazing never before in the history of America have the politicians tried to steal your very basic rights away and throw you to the wolves its sad; its horrific and cruel that today nine months later chiildren are walking around hidden by paper masks being afraid worse they have no base line with the social and family structure as all people are wearing masks that hide that imprint children get at a infant age to see and recognise the facial expressions of their family and those that they can trust by the basic structure of the family unit and the extended family such as relitives and family friends its wrong so wrong children should not have to fear such insanity that somehow the air there breathing will kill them rather then provide that vital source of h2o that is needed for humans funny a rodadendrum loves carbon dioxide but humans can not live with it at the doses its being reabsorbed thru the paper masks and how they force the lungs to work three times as hard to get half the oxygen they usually get with each breath wake up america grasp the rope of freedom and get angry fight the animals who are tAKING YOUR FAMILY AND RIGHTS AWAY not a little but the goal of deleting half the population is not a myth but a fact they are attempting mass destruction of entire families and once they ammend your DNA they will insist that its there right since they own the mRHA strand in the vaccine along with the HIV and aids that they put into it for fair measure so the vaccine can Delete as many as they can get to take the injection wake up and face the truth grow from fear to strength and fight the evil that now prevades our entire government and a plague of sorrow yet to come

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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