How can we look them in the eye if we allow freedom to vanish behind the mark and mask of the beast cruel bedfellows have caused such sorrow wake up and remember why!!

for your children for the beauty that life can be talking and reconnecting at the holiday season so important forget the political focus on the human connection remember why we work so hard and dream so big be bold and dynamic choose to fight for the rights that have made america the most amazizng nation in the world

will you start to allow your life to return to normal get reconnected with family and friends will your children be given the truth about the fake mask pansanity; we all need to adjust our sights and focus on the establishing of the friendships we once took for granted its time to become social creatures again there is no way to hide from microscopic bugs and worse to isolate yourself leaves you alone and overwhelmed,

there has been a gross overstep in political senior positions they work for us and have never missed a pay day they have no authority to demand honest hardworking members of our society to hide under a chair of lies and decpetion based not on fact but on the irrational and ignorant guidance of one persons hysteria.

Americans have tried to continue on with life try to explain that it is no longer a earth where you can raise your children in a positive thriving community of social and economical micro communities not to be dictated by mad men in politicians or medical attire screaming they base out lives on these individual fears they have when you shut down the way 90 percent of the population for almost a year now they have nothing left no savings all spent and now they must stop living so that person can feel safe in thier insanity

everyone has been adversely affected by this political decision and the profound worst effects have scared our advanced social society.

real humanbeings deserve to search out the lives they desire in a manor that appeals to them as free sentient beings with liberty and devine destiny that can not be controled or regualted by some government office in dictatorships around the world the very rich walk on the bbacks of entire societys cowering down iin fear to be abused and destroyed yet in america a free country we have the best trained military and when in the hands of smart compassionate leaders stand up for the citizens that we have promised to protect and defend its time for americans to get knowledge and the truth go back to try and rebuild your lives this is no world to live walking around is a plastic bag with a pillow case over there head

wahwah wah

did you hear the latest wow they said if you stop breathing in public you will be safe this ruling was writen and sponsored by your fearless leader he had a dream and it required us to cease to exist in a major way.

fear well lets see as the slumbering giant awakes and finds they were robbed in their sleep and now realise the millions of americans who faught and bleed for our freedom the corporation has no right to deny such noble creatures life liberty and the pursuit of happiness Freedom is not decided by NBC or ABC

life is for living not fearing fear is the tool of despair and destruction


Best kept Secret

its is so very important that people realise the truth there are no facts just over fearful individuals who are in high position do you think there not going thru stress from their personal fears how can that affect others it destroys life fear is the Mind killer your life can be profound weather you get a year or a hundred years its not that you wake up and go to sleep but that you do all you can to strive and be an amazing part of the human race why is it that wealthy people dont get that they fail to see that profound is life magical is the chance to go out and take on the world and reach amazing goals and change the very nature of your existence there is no life if your spending every second in fear of something you can not see or touch and its so small it takes an electron microscope and dyes just to see it under high magnification.

When you take the time to look at the loss suffered by blindly listening to those who sit in front of the media spot light and inform you the agenda according to Garp when will you open those amazing eyes and see the world clearly each day for the last year the sun rose and set you slept and survived yes people die every day but so this has been the truth since the beginning of time right God didnt take a vacation the world still spins and the sky is still filled with amazing stars the waves still crash on the sandy beachs what is being removed is the very basic requirement of life for humans is oxygen can you think how bad that is your children watching their parents become hypocondriacs about germs and invisible things restricting your young mind to a cage with no windows profound is life and the chance to be amazed and amazing by growing up and using the new latest tech to control the unknown of lifes mysterys and strive on towards your personal goal and a destiny that can and should be profound

The time has come to stop the gravy train and insist that people who choose to serve our great citizens young and old have both the skills and true knowledge to perform their job seamlessly towards the amazing profound future mankind has ahead enough with insanity

I remember earthquake drills in california when i was young it was not a fear but a realistic chance in oakland or los angelese its time to embrace both the challenges and the blessings of living your life to the fullest

and besides worse case you get sick and realise your health is the greatest treasure you have chocolate and candy soda and beer are not health food when politicians think they can sell you poor crops from corp farms and insist you restrict your life based on conjecture.

it is a sky worth standing in amazement what a day

On a personal note i have found an amazing smart phone that fills one of those vital needs in the modern day struggles of health its designed over the last twenty five years a technology that you can own personally that using voice stress tests to evaluate your body’s active frequency’s and compares them against a profound database of isolated optimum frequency’s of health for every part of your body the work of great men like Tesla and his understanding of the universe have provided a immense library of magnetic frequency’s and how we are all intertwined and the magnetosphere is able to connect us on the harmonic frequency level and uses sound as a basis for providing needed tuning to your body as you well know we all have been exposed to huge factors out of our control and having a tool that can provide some harmony in my life is vital to that long struggle of happiness on my journey rather then being afraid that a rock is going to fall from the sky and hit me on the head believe me its not life always looking at the universe in such a way strive towards greatness ignore the rants of lunitics and idiots who have been paid to decieve humanity in full measure without one valid proof to stand their case instead they blanket the media giants with funds and the hospitals with free money from Fauci who knows nothing about covid but he lives his life in immense fear we all knew kids like that growing up abused angry violent always assuming the worst in people life and the world now they sit in a high seat with those long held fears and trying to force us to live under their dictates this can not be accepted in America as a citizen a disabled veteran second generation whos father was awarded a medal of valor in the Korean war this must be stopped you have no reason to listen to fools on a high seat demanding tribute for there unquestionable knowledge of greed and power not your health or your family’s well being wake up

stop looking at your tablet and enjoy the universe. the world is profound and calling you to experience it not fear it sure there are sharks in the ocean but odds are you will be touched by the beauty not the sorrow and fear
Given to change life is a magical journey some life's are profound because they choose to strive with every ounce of energy towards making a mark on the universe and touch the stars where is it that one person or a small group has power or the right to dictate how we all will live and what is important to us enough with the sandal the Covid Hilarious scandal and now the attempt to take the very reigns of power away from us the American people its time to rise up and make America great again no time like the present and here we are 

the time is getting short as the world struggles to unmask these pure evil criminals its so important that you make every day the most amazing you can reconnect with friends and loved ones break out of the rut and drive your heart a few miles see how good it feels to be in close connection to others sharing and caring we are social creatures and as such being in the mix of interactions with our friends and familiy at christmas is a perfect time to share and love and care enough to the lies and the politicians who have put this nation and the world in this deep stangnant pool of sorrow and fear they have done this intentionally we must break free its too prescious freedom and family deserve more then locked down awaiting next orders towards death and dispair when will it end im sure not by there hand they are enjoying the world driven to the brink to make more fiat money that what its about by locking society down they have basically destroyed our livelehood and wiped out the social network that humans thrive in,

the true perspecitive of humanity on earth we are standing sideways on the earth spinning at a thousand miles an hour and now the politicians are attempting to take our freedom i am not sure about you but nine months now i have known these idiots were crazy thinking that an invisible bug was a valid reason to shut down the lives of millions no billions of lives .

On what planet do they think we live its clear they are not human because as i am sure of one thing after sixty years oxygen is not a optional diet to life it is the core support system to life and no one has the right to deny you fresh air or trying to enforce a lockdown and deny you fresh air or the right to pursue your life and dreams for you and those you love.

We can all say we remember times in life when we were afraid of something but this invisible bug and the sure death sentence that is anything but a regular severe flu and cold season that societys have delt with for hundreds even thousands of years its clear the destruction of the world we know from our livelyhood to your familys security and health. to put immense fear into our childrens lives before they have even touched the amazing or felt the awh of a rollercoaster or surfing a huge wave, or making love on a black sand beach in the north shore of Hawaii we tend to ignore the amazing because we are caught on the mondane well i must go to work to earn a paycheck to pay taxs to support corrupt politicians. its FINALLY AT THE BREAKING POINT,

Be bold and go out each day to rebuild your world find your friends and reconnect its been almost a year when you think about friends and loved ones dont you miss them really take a deep look at the facts the covid is a scam people die everyday from a thousand unrelated issues of health amid the what life health happiness sorrow fear death well we all die correct some in thier sleep others in violent events that we have no control a auto accident a heart attach life is profound and death just a door we all must pass thru what is an amazing life is living life fully and profoundly by living your life fully you become eternal through the memories and events that you touched others with kindness and love compassion and deep respect life is what we make it if we go around beating each other up over some regulation that is not in either our good interest or health we should not just protest but we should show them how we feel about there fears driving them to try and force us to live in a safety cage designed to stop our lives and destroy you.

life is a composition a collection we create as we go on our journey to infinity the time you spend doing amazing things is time well spent and a life of profound being all that you make it not what others decide be bold and be brilliant.

tasking our future is critical we need to force these criminals out of office where they have access and control of the treasury strings of this great nation. heaven and earth will remain here and its up to us to choose what and how we will spend the future or if we will lay down and die its not a hard choice i have seen the result of those who got sad and chose to leave this place with suicide and it was tragic they chose to such a destiny had they just tried a little harder or had faith that in life it would be better they would have been here still and then there are those times like the bike marathon in boston where a young olympic hopeful slipped around a corner on a leaf and died instantly as she hit a giant oak tree head first.

very important lessons come from hard tests and in this life we can decide to take the challenge or not but in this place going forward is the best way to live and invent yourself and your passions will carry you thru dont waste time on spilled milk or burden yourself over things that can not be changed be full of hope and continue not because you can but because you want to see the end of the story the journey is the gift and life is the tool be bold and be proud we are all amazing creatures with internal gifts and prowess to achieve greatness but first you must believe in yourself and the dream you racing towards.

this is just a car but the artist who painted it was a master of his imagination and i am so impressed the efforts and work that went into this accomplishment amazing not even ironman tony stark has such a vehicle from the stars

so in life we must all think about what we are here for and define our journey by our skills and talent in this journey having the drive and determination to open up your heart and do what you love be creative and develop the values you cherish. be bold in your love be grand in your ambitions to give this life the true effort it deserves an make a mark on the stars for in all the gifts we share there are those we each have exceptional and dynamic in nature but we have been taught that to be different is wrong education systems design is to make all people the same with no real passion or hope just to live like a grazing animal wandering thru the field you were born and never choose to see the other side of the fenec i am blessed i have been able to travel far and wide India Pakistan Afghanistan the journey is profound and i have learned more at the hands of real life then any book could have given me and i am so grateful; my life and my freedom are not yours and no politician has the right to force you thru shame or fear into a box to be deleted or deactivated your dreams matter so why are you still wearing that paper mask afraid someone might say something about your beautiful smile or complement you on the shape and your eyes you are amazing individuals unique and perfect to the task of your journey be all you can be reach for the stars. give life the test it deserves and press hard towards your goals, and don’t be discouraged.

the beauty of nature and the profound sights you can visit to touch he stars and reach back in time to an ancient sight built on the scale of the Gods,

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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