I guess we have forgotten; pounded by the tides of life ! will we wake up in time to protect our very lives and that of our loved ones truth be told:

do you know what the mrha strand will do to your body well the stories vary from so called professional to another so rathe then try to impress by being smart i thought i would share some info about a topic most Americans know so little about and take it for granted almost every minute of every day they have living in its graces.

What is freedom a word but much more in scope and detail its so important yet most have no idea what it means and the political leaders are attempting to herd the population in to a corral strip you of these special rights and then take the money and run.

For the first idea i would share is that from your birth you have lived on earth free from restrictions of what you learned how your family was able to strive and provide a wonderful life by hard work and dedicated effort usually as a small community of family working sharing and living with each other seeking the life they dreams of. not all of us get these great opportunities but in America you do

  1. the right to get up each day and wander through this amazing planet without restriction to seek out the life you dreamed of or that your family decided it was the direction for a future and you worked hard to go to school learn and get good grades live in harmony without prejudice and abuse by others for your gender your look your size colour your language ; one rule above all was to work collectively in your small group and save learn and strive towards those things you dream of and want. for yourself and your family
  2. that as long as you did your best at all these social community responsibilities and worked hard you could choose the life you wanted without restriction and strive towards those goals honestly and with hard work dedication at some point it would all pay off towards your personal level of happiness with a gradual comfort and peace which you gain from hard work and reaching for your goals in America.
  3. that the organizations and companys that provided various resources would work hard and honest in thier business as well and together we could make the World a Better Plane ; one where peace and family values harmony and acceptence and social awareness would drive society towards a unique metropolis, sadly that is the oppisite of what is happening here
  4. the right to FEEL safe in your home and when you were out doing life to know that you were valued as a hard working member able to choose the things and tasks your life was directed to free to live with who you want be married single gay straight tri bi live with whom you choose share love enjoy laugh and struggle towards the most profound the goals that you dreamed of as a child im sure it was not grow up and work all day and all night and find a few hours to read a book or talk to friends or better yet find and be in love.
even millions of years ago people gathered together and lived in a social harmony across centuries

the right to fall in love go to school and learn grow and follow your stars free from orders and police control or direction that you could choose by minute the life you wanted to live and no one could or would interfere unless you are hurting others or being evil intentioned such as robbing stealing bulling fighting stealing or just outright anti social behavior and a intentional abuse of all the ethics our society has long lived under since before Jesus walked the earth the curch was a place of comfort shelter guidence fair judgement and more then all these a place where you would be welcomed and protected and sheltered under god and religion, but now its changed viral meetings social reguations denial of your freedom all across the board

6, you also are afforded fair treatment in the system of laws and reguations by impartial jurys and a police force that works for you they are armed and provided every tool to do their job by your and my tax dollars they have no rights to become a henchman for a political or organization that break those very laws designed to protect the American people from all the bad things bring a safe secure enviornment to raise our children and llive where your elderly were safe and protected and veterans returned from honorable service and where given both the opportunity and tools to provide a good life to their families and have the best medical support system that was based on the Hypocratic oath

instead we have a long list of those who sold out your and my health to a greedy corporation that both provides the medicine and evaluates the illness and health using student teachers and forcing us now to wait hours in life to be tested for a bacteria with a test that is false 80 percent of the time and it only shows that your body had a run in with the cold or flu that come each year Covid 19 is a political false flag event weather they admit it or not simple said the proof is in the pudding

7. you have the right to be able to travel and go about your life un impeded by crazy or insane rules created by hypocondriacs and fear dwelling individuals we all knew them would not touch the bathroom door handle always washing their hands obsessive compulsive i think is a valid diagnosis they get a phone call and fear comes into thier lives and before you know it the entire city is in a bomb shelter awaiting word from this person is it safe to come out what about not really and never will the earth be safe from bacteria and viruses just as it will have humanity struggling on the surface and poisoning the oceans regardless of the politics of a individual the so called smart people are not even on the same page as to what how why and what needs doing we must resort to not beachs and cute drinks with umbrella but to take the time to look with our inteligence and see the real issues and choose ourselves what is the way we wish to go forward not expect some guy who is just like you ordering you to stand in line six feet apart cover your whole face wear a mask stand outside in a line around a city block becuase you cant go in as each person needs to have full lockdown existing floor space between transaction or shopping,

that you must stay indoors and inforce this fear on everyone around you using shame and insults.
“I choose to walk under the sky, breath the air,, smile and laugh with friends, cry and live my life without a political master, and enjoy this life to my very best, and struggle towards my hopes and dreams surrounded by those i love care and cherish,

I served America like my father before me; as i was told early in life freedom isn’t free and i served with honor from the day i was born into a military family at a military hospital in Hawaii i have loved this great nation regardless of the hurdles and challenges i have cherished this nation bled for it and struggled my entire life in its greatness. freedom liberty to enjoy love life without fear of attack or evil intentions of bad people free and safe with the best schools for my children a medical system that is par above half the world.

8. To go out and play sports surfing fishing hiking a life with hard work and amazing adventures to root for my favorite team football baseball gymnastics martial arts MMA regardless of my choice it was mine to choose and as long as i earned the money and did my part i could reach for the goals and desires of my heart.

10. I remember my oath ‘”I swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and protect and defend her from enemy’s foreign and domestic”

America a place beyond compare

Taking the time to think about freedom i am reminded of such events in my life profound to travel to a far off city and while working over the summer doing government roofing i met a dream few of us can claim and she was a beautiful woman on vacation from france she was like no one i had ever met before and to her and that amazing accent freedom “liberte” our time was a journey of amazing beauty fantastic moments lost to time when freedom was worth everything to a young woman and a guy like me to kiss hold love share and dream without worry of some stranger running up and demanding we stop being alive because it offends his values well as i enjoy saying that is your right to say what you want but the simple idea of ordering me to follow a rule designed and created by fools on a hill thinking i would not use my brain and every ounce of my soul to stand for the freedom i have lived all my life, i have seen in other countrys that the value of these precious gifts and i will not surrender them not in my life and to those who would think that Americans in general will lay down go silently into the night have lost touch with reality i think the political associates who work for us in those nice comfy government offices fail to realize while they kept getting pay checks and living abundant lives because of our efforts working hard and being the best of people they continued to bark out new policys to slowly turn of the power and shut down the world to steal everything; take into account that most americans now are soldiers trained and served this nation with honor in hell holes created by policy driven fools who did not even bother to consider the reasons or affect of the actions we have been again and again ordered to follow for the freedoms of this great nation the millions of Americans who have spent nine months struggling with draconian rules designed to formost lock us down from our life our loved ones and the very base values of the freedoms us veterans have faught so hard to provide America.

When you wake up tomorrow?

will you still be able to go out and enjoy this life which up until early march was your direction to chose where to go how to get there and with whom it would and could be done. now the almost year passed and most if not all of us have exausted our savings that took literally years to build up; now there are one tenth as many jobs in fact to most of us there is no way we can even return to the kind of job we did as the new restrictions place impossible rules on all business owners ability to provide even basic services they can not use the restaurants or store fronts that they pay thousands of dollars each month and there no longer aload to even bring more then a few limited customers into provide patronage literlly paying rent to now have to build outside facilities to try and eak out a living how can this be done more over the question i have???

How is it that your not livid to see your lives and the dreams of your children sold out to foreign scum who bribed their way with there greesy hands into high places and politicians with no moral scruples sold us out beyond measure. Be no fool your time living in this marage will come to a real head very soon millions of families stranded with no way to move forward a government that seems full hearted to destroy both our way of life and the children we have brought forward in good faith to strive towards being amazing and profoundly elevating our society and our species not by vaccine injections by fools who think they are gods but literally orchestrated by those whom work for us and represent our wishs???

this was taken on one of my walks across the Brooklyn bridge early april on a cool spring morning since then the bridge is vacant and billions of dollars in tourism has been locked outside the nation because of the fear of a few we are a global community and should understand that freedom to travel love live and be all that you desire are not tempered by the furnaces of dictators and criminals

America facing the grand test

is freedom or isn’t freedom how many more mentally unsound decisions will be forced onto the airwaves to increase the control of our lives when will work return how can we ever hope to get out of debt and a life return to normal without a total overthrow of the local and high ups who believe they can demand anything of us and we will follow out of fear; Infact its not going to happen as they plan too many American families can see the lies and deception being used shutting down schools churchs and almost every other form of business in half the world accomplished nothing the facts do not even confirm a PANDEMIC A LIFE THREATENING GLOBAL HEALTH EMERGENCY WHERE TWENTY PERCENT OF THE GLOBAL POPULATION HAS OUR WILL DIE

So most recently we were struck by the attempt by the democratic deep state to steal the elections of America using machines created by Chavez a cruel dictator from south america who didnt like to look on his attempts to change the nations constitution the same machines now being flooded into other nations that helped criminals stay in office by rigging the election.

The very rights we have the belief systems of how and why we strive to secure freedom are not for vanity or elevation over others its about the human experience of humanity to grow and learn develop new ways to change and empower our future generations to greatness without the evils of war and hate violence so man examples of horror on this earth to think that these same fools are attempting to bring about another modern holocaust in the modern world by taking our rights injecting us with tracker chips and enforcing illegal laws on human being using corp statutes and policys designed to regulate a stock of a business i am not a ear or corn or a bag of barley or even pig belly so i will always demand and expect my human rights respected and protected the hell that exists around the world in dark places controled by mobs and criminals where life is cheap and health only a dream where you can be kidnapped not for money but to cut out body organs for the flesh trade around the world since a kidney can be sold for huge amounts of money for those who refuse to accept their own mortality they will steal it from others such evil on earth children sold and put into the meat grinder of hell in sum slum around the world and the rich go there to play where there are those who will do anything for a few dollars more America needs to wake up as the slime is even here and in those places where most ignore or never wander its time to bring america back make america great and America the beautiful will change the very fabric of the earth only by leading by example and helping to restore the values across the earth where life is prescious and sanctified safe and children never worry about a meal or who might steal them and how horrible that life will be our could be

an important update it seems in their infantile search to control the world they have insisted that HIV has been put into the vaccine and they will not tell you until you are later diagnosed for Aids and on a short times list to meet your maker with horror and sorrow watching those you love young and old die of Auto Immune related illnesses do you think i am lying well why would i lie to you as Americans you can force them to expose this don’t expect the media to offer any wisdom or insight they are too busy selling you the Brooklyn bridge, do you care about your health ???? well then why are you trusting those who sold their soles out of greed or the in deep agenda designed to depopulate earth quickly without asking your permission im sure they will soon offer free gassing to help end the sorrow your struggling in i would rather see a revolution a full changing of the guard as they say its time to throw out these criminals who scurry around the hallowed grounds of the capital and strive to steal your very future and that of your children away fighting for America even our president has been striving to keep this nation alive an even now he won the true election and they continue to stall us its time to force the broad strokes to stop these enemys of the state

look towards the sky and see that life goes on your rights as sentient humanity is to strive towards a future beyond your wildest dreams not drown in the foolish games of these animals who call themselves experts because clearly they are not experts about anything

Latest updates to Modera trials and oh my God what kind of positive results are these how many really died????

21 one days myicardial infraction

57 days after dose died unclear multiorgan failure maybe since the computer has been altered and no longer can reboot the connections between brain the sentient being inside and the physical motor skill.

37 days after dose many we need to know that this vaccine is just the tip and since it cannot be removed once injected.

multi organ failures and sudden death what can we say well gee i guess you can sign me up right not a chance in Hell.

How did the FDA and Drug Admin race this crooked horse out of the stable funny they never tested it on animals u know Peta would have blown a gasket but its ok since you have scared the life right out of billions of families spending literally almost a year hiding in fear. do you think they hid the results intentionallly to get it rolled out before anyone would know the horror that these little free injections will do to you your loved ones and those who foolishly follow the direction of unqualified individuals who insist they are smarter then life it self really far fetched,

The best solution is start to research this process and see how crazy it really is in order to create or manipulate the DNA they break down another micro structure and place then together which creates something unnatural yet able to trick the human Genome for the wrong reasons there is no cure for death but speaking and knowing that the bandages being rushed out by the CDC and other so called virus manipulators is cause for great concern this is why at Nuremburg they passed a law forbidding the introduction of foreign strands into the human dna strand its crazy the mRHA is a splice a short graph of dna from some other creature like dolly microsized like ant man so its easy to comprehind and then it bonds at the smallest level and starts the horror process of changing the very base or corner stone of life and human beings.

the butterfly effect created from one of my photos and ran thru photo shop

altering the world we see in a beautiful way is one thing but altering the very base core functions of the human body is illegal and must be stopped by simply refusing at all costs the introduction of any foreign substance into our bodys and we need to stand our ground the number of deaths from vaccine is going to grow by the day as some people have very fast matabalism and others slower this is human nature its important to fight the fear and strive to get your family and loved ones health both in their personal choices and in the substances we put into our body only by taking back control can we find safety and a better world.

Sadly the medical or AMA could have stood for honor and integritiy and told the truth rather then implying somehow they could save the day with untested and poorly created quick fixs that will never work,

American’s keen sense of technology allows you to get a huge aboundance of knowledge almost daily and in such tap into your inner skills. and stop following the unfounded wisdom of idiots less then worth your time and effort to waste reading it its not truthful and neither provides any truth in either the diagnosis or the cure what are they curing life and death or just making death quicker and less dramatic once alot of people start to drop dead the media will go silent and knowing the truth they are not exposing their loved ones to such madness.

For the right reasons you need to learn about your own health for the best reason you need to realise that natural way’s too health work much better then you have been told becuase for thousands of years we didnt have pharma,

and who decided about life was not in the hands of people but in powers much higher in the chain of life weather microscopic or as large as a house.


I have decided to share as it seems more then most people i have never stopped going on with life and beyond that basic value i press each day to make my days amazing these images below will define some of the beauty i see daily in life and these are the info i choose to live with a care about.

I take the time each day to seek new knowledge and how better to continue my journey and the level of optimum health i use my blackview i run the software programs and always feel better and have more energy less stress and overall well being if any of my friends are interested i would gladly show you how it works and you can read your own report

to accomplish this i will have you provide basic info including birthday and email address. let me know and reach your own level of profound define your life by the choices you make i hope you choose to live your life fully rather then hide waiting on some miracle by these politicians to admit.

reach for the hights of your dreams and strive hard to be compassionate with those you care about and keep on track towards the goals you need to make this life worthy.

Call someone you care about and try to reconnect its clear covid stripped society of its social connections and also its professional ones, life can be profound by all standards but its only when you take the time to strive towards these distant seas of creativity and amazing with the things you love and care about; the total truth is the economy has been crippled and no amount of money will resolve the loses we have all endured.

so beautiful
make your life profound be filled with positive energy and fill your moments with love and passion all hte other things we do are just like a job life is so amazing and profound

look for the life you wanted so long and realize how important your choices are especially from the point of your dreams and deepest desires be profound keep your body at tip top health and open your mind to achieve all you desire with hard work and dedication be above the fear being fed by media and social obsessive compulsive people afraid of everything

Open your heart and reach out to people who you know and once cared about before Covid stole your life and removed you from all that we knew its time to stop the foolish rules designed on not to help you

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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