gathering storm

Wandering around new york and knowing what is coming is a strange place to be sometimes having forsight is not a good thing but in this great nation its the most important thing. We have a small group of political lunitics who over the last thirty years have been building up on a plan to take over america they decided to steal our resources and install their friends into positions with lofty titles and make the decisions that affect all of us from behind the curtain. I would say had more people woken up sooner we could have stopped this insanity long ago but salave , with dozens of wars raging around the world in hush tones while the citizens of this great land have been feed lies and deception only to insure that we become numb and emotionally blind the long line of movies where violence is the main staple of the entire event brutal visual effects as if you were there cutting the throat of the bad guy in the movie or worse yet being applauded as a man with a mini gun rails in on a crowd and cuts them in half with cheers and applause when did it become so viseral that movie producers decided rather then sex and love happy and enlightening we are drowned in death violence rape and abuse of our children both physically and in their young minds.

How can we look these young children in their faces and lie intentionally to them to see young children three or four years old being led around with a paper mask on being fed fear as a daily staple is horrible. what happened to this nation where people blindly follow the media machine as it pumps out violence and despair to the general population personally i got tired of it and no longer participate in such skullduggery

while most people were locked in thier homes by political decree i was out enjoying the beauty of earth from the amazing to the profound
this life was ment to be lived not hidden from how can you imagine looking back at a life wasted on fear when all you need to do is realize your immense gifts and that you are to go out and be amazing search out your dreams weather love or excitement its up to us to choose a life profound rather then follow the fears of ill prepared leaders who base our future on their personal fears?

before you throw your life away on fear think about this you cannot get moments back there is no do overs and regardless of things like illness or virus bacteria regardless of these and millions of unknown having life is a gift and if you dont go out and dream or dare to dream its worthless spending time hiding under a rock or locked in a cell of our own creating or one that was planned and designed to deny you this should make you angry who gave them the right and power to control your life and to dictate what you are able to do or can do, they are deciding what your children will learn and where they can or cant go this is not freedom this is mind control and domination by sheer evil.

Im so grateful to have traveled and seen the world where you begin to realize that people all over the earth strive to life full lives and raise families not to feed the monster of government but to pursue happiness and laughter love and desire beauty and contentment non of these can be gained in a cage or a closet only by going out and having the opportunity to define your own destiny can you say your doing right by yourself.

Covid or what ever else they desire to use as the excuse to deny you and us life we need to stand up and speak out no even more stand up and scream out i am mad as hell and wont take it any more. There was a movie when i was young and in one of the scenes the announcer is telling the audience to go to their window open it up and scream out i am mad as hell and wont take it any more its time to reset this great nation with truth and fairness not lies media forces down deep into your psychic soul. how will you explain this to your children’s you cant really you are going down a road filled with traps and deceptions designed to control you entirely will you wake up and fight for the rights so many of us veterans have died to provide America to remove the criminals from their lofty towers and force justice to them like giving medicine to a child its time and step up rather then lay down. rise up to face the unknown as an amazing sentient being with knowledge and skill defining your world and that around you based on noble principles and just values where the best of society reachs down and raises up the poor and ill prepared to achieve a life society is based.

The time has come to make bold moves President Trump enough deep state politics how can this continue with rats in the cellar and in the kitchen America is a great nation it has showered the world with kindness and protection from evil thru the last century we helped end the second world war supplied almost 80 percent of the miltary supplies to the allies and our veterans risked all to bring us back from the concentration camp insanity of a group of people who were inner circle to a mad man a melomaniac and we did it with conviction and determination.
Now its time to make a great and noble move to rebirth this great nation founded on the principles of justice and integrity. time to bring these devils up and make them stand trial for the crimes that have been brought upon the world by a few obsessive compulsive hypochondriac indiduals who feel they have nothing to worry about stealing americas resources and the total sum wealth of this great nation and giving it to strange bed fellows around the world who have no morals and ride the gravy train using any and all methods to decieve deny and abuse those who depend on the miracle of life hope and a just world where you can grow learn and raise a family and live the dreams you value since early childhood.

Bring them to justice before its too late time is running out and the mass humanity sitting on the edge of a cliff like lemmings hoping not to be pushed into the abyss of hell on earth a world where you are dominated by a cruel group of idiots with weapons and violence its time to beat them at their own game? TEXAS WAS AND IS RIGHT THIS GREAT NATION WAS NOT FOUNDED BY CRIMINALS BUT BY VERY WISE MEN WHO WERE TIRED OF oppression in all forms they believed in the rights of the preamble to the Constitution and worked hard to build not only a document but the tools of a great nation its time for you to go with full force and arrest these criminals Domestic devils real terrorists out to take what is not there’s and sadly they know its wrong but don’t care because they believe you will never make those bold moves needed to round up the wild ones and put them in the spot life of a public trial like the Hague where the whole world will see and understand who and what is evil personified.

George Washington and those who designed wrote the Constitution did it to insure future generations would now there rights and the value of freedom and seperation of church and state the police work to protect the population not control it they are paid by our tax dollars the politicians have neither the right or the consent to sell us and our people into bondage to some foreign dictator . Americans would be wise to look up recent horror on earth the concentration camps in china where millions face death at the communist leaders who like north Viet Nam parade the masses around on a premise that if he the god on earth sees you and has a bad morning you and all those you know and love will be murdered or worse captured and reeducated with his mental illnesses

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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