so once more the media tries it best; to convince a population of 300 million americans who have lived in the greatest nation on earth oh dont worry we will take care of everything with Biden

sadly the truth is Americans are far past patience and trying to comply with insanity its long since need to rise up and force these animals out of the offices they covet so dearly and to inform their foreign bedfellows that they can not expect to keep getting there monthly pay off from the great nation of America.

The fact is Trump has shown great patience and i hope he is really up to the challenges coming in securing the nation from the criminal element who has continued to rule with lies and a subserviant media being paiid daily to feed the lies and deceptions needed to destroy what? Freedom liberty safety health and put us in the bottom of the heap of nations in the world one that had liberty and justice but let it slip out from under our very noses, before long it wont matter where you want to go you will need a special pass from some majestrate who will decide weather you can or cannot.

the calm before the storm what a world

Given the present condition of Americans around this great nation its clear the anger is far beyond walk it off. To many have lost everything from the savings and family members now jobs and no support from our government not because they can’t but simply because they wanted to oppress us down to a point of weakness and allow the bad weather to come in with even more aggressive rules and regulations.

Under the present situation there is more expectation of radical events not because people are generally decent and moral in nature the indiscrete moments for most during youth is par for being young; but here we come to the real problem over the last month its starting to sink in that the deep state is not playing for a trophy they are playing for all the marbles you rights the first to go if you didn’t learn the constitution then they dumbed our kids down with poor schools mediocre systems of old outdated education demanding our smart educators work in huge pressure with little or no resource and no backing in providing them a amazing chance towards profound.

What im talking about is all of us reaching that special point when we understand the simple truth and ramifications the system will never accept you getting all your freedoms back its much easier to use a hammer to drive a nail and they believe in thier heart of hearts we are nothing but a bunch of n nails.

U all understand the human nature of going out and seeking a life we dream of and face the unknown unafraid driven the succeed and overcome the challenges before you and your choices. Building this future over many years the struggles 0f out parents and generations who questioned regulations that why were they there and who decided what we were allowed to do it was us the hippies and the young soldiers and familys who made choices to grow up find good schools and raise our children to be profound.

To watch parents walking there young children around with masks over their faces is not a sign of family safety but a alarming image of fear our children depend on us to be brave and fight the good fight to give our off sprine the life we dreams of full of hope and opportunity great we are all on the same page but there are those who cant accomplish these things there not bad they just have been denied the opportunity to grow and learn the skills that life requires.

We could just ignore them and pretend they will find their way or as a community and as a society both locally and nationally we have a moral obligation to provide the best life for all no matter the cost we all must contribute towards humanitys magic miracle of amazing and accomplish profoundly the dreams and aspirations that we as sentient humans deserve. not because of some government or politician but because its our right on earth this is not a debate its fact the truth for years since getting out of the Navy i knew that each day was a gift and that i should strive to excel and create a life i could be pround of and one that tried to help others to the best of my talents and skills.

You and those you love deserve no less; what is this a life where you get three meals a day and have good health where you know you will be respected regardless of your differences and that society as a whole was better off when we all participated; Bringing our skills talents and the life we have to share to the challenge of life on earth. There is no room for fear in our daily lives in Africa you life near a river and train your children not to go down there without people because you literally can become food to some amazing predator not to hate that but its a risk of being in a place where the wild world drives us to excel weather the aborginies of Austraila who created tools that provided the edge against it food source and provided them the ability to survice and thrive until the world began denying them and the world they knew was destroyed not by their freedoms but by the power and domination of those who have guns and felt there rights surpassed all others so forces and might make right.

The Amazon river is the same even worse as the animals not necassarly need to be large like a panther or a snake even a small spider can kill you without even caring. so you learn to keep your eyes open and go about life with not fear the the understanding you live life on a planety with many great creatures that have their rights as well as we do.

the world must continue but with fear as your food its already over and only the death is coming slow sure we all die and we all cry love laugh and strive to reach our dreams and care about those who we grew up and lived with over all these years. You cannot protect against the world and aver the time it take you to live our lives with fear as the main food the journey is a drop off a cliff and there is no bottom. Yet i have come to realize in each challenge is a test and lessons some hard some easy but you must go thru them just the same.

Now the new issue that you and i face collectively Covid right the monster in the closet? right you are walking around buzzing like a killer shark is outside your door even in the chair four feet away oh my god this person might have a bacteria or virus and i will die a horrible death and i say well if your spending all your energy trying to not die then clearly you are not living what is life to a prisoner A CHANCE TO GO OUT AND BE FREE TO LIVE THEIR LIFE WITHOUT DAILY LCOK DOWN AND FRISKS BY THE GUARDS OR WORSE YET YOU KNOW IF YOU STAY THERE YOU MIGHT BE TESTED TO THE VERY LIMITS OF YOUR EXISTENCE?

We all have to think about this and make our own decision not listen to a fool outside who never met you doesn’t know your loving family or your children and he cares not about your fears and anxiety he orders you to change your life so he wont have to change his. Funny how our President has worked so hard for us to ensure your country and the nation built on the principlles of freedom and liberty remain and infact become a shinning example to the rest of the world how hard work and faith that you do your best and those around you will also do their best, But what has happened is since day one none of the Democrats have allowed him to do his job we dont talk about hurricane Katrina or the millons affected but suddenly we spend our minutes being angry at those around us for not complying with the new rules of the kIngs with no cloths. Freedom means just that i dont care if your gay straight bi black white green yellow orange american or some other nation in the world but your very freedoms have been shot in the chest and the fact is life is hemmoraging not in a good way a way of must fear and anger. I didnt grow up in a communist nation or under some dictator around the world but in AMERICA.

TO this end i will say my dreams and the life i choose to live are based on attempting to be profound each day do constructive things and try to help the small group of people i love and care about with honesty and integrity doing my human best to be a shining light in the ahorant dark we are in now. MY freedom life and the pursuit of happiness is not a joke or imaginary mirage or vision i have grown up and done profound surfing working on Chinook CH 47 in beautiful San Diego at Coranado NAS what a blast traveling around the world across the pacific traveled far off to india and Pakistan; got to ride a white arabean stallion on the Arabian sea; a two humped camel,

Keeping to the goals of my dreams as a child i studied in school and loved to learn daily trying to grow in knowledge of this amazing planet i am on. another example is one day putting on a cedar shingle roof a small yellow jacket came out and stung me in less then twenty minutes i was rushed to ER and told i was deadly allergic to bees . so what did i do stop going out stop walking near trash cans stop wearing strong smelling perfume helped but to stop doing the things i love and wanted in my journey were not something i was ready to give up got a epi pen and went on with life after a while i realized the worst reaction was to fear and to act hysterical when bees were near as that only excitement provoked them and strong smells; i dont share to instill fear but to share that how you approach fear can be profoundly differant and open your doors to a life amazing but you need to rise up and do it what is the worst that can happen lets be real all the movies about viruses and contagions what they are not a vivid truth they are some over explored scenarios that will test your metal, to the movies its more dramatic to hear lots of screams and tears but lets face it like the movie “As good as it gets with jack Nicolson we all have challenges to face but facing them with bravery and diligence allow you to be amazing in your life how can you look back at the last nine months of being locked in your little apartment with none of your friends and loved ones to share it with what did you do read a good book no you literally threw away almost a year of your life now the scary part in the last five weeks they have stolen the election in the most dinamic amazing nation in the world not with positive ideals for America but to destroy it and give its richs and resources to thier new bed fellows in china and other countrys that have no moral leadership are controled by the whims of madmen,

IN life we must choose our own path and i am not teliing you to do anything but as a human i would ask you to think about all the things you did before last winter remember high school sports vacation love amusement parts the beach the sheer pleasure of meeting someone and before the next full moon you are deep in love racing hearts and all. Now ask yourself what will be this coming year no Restuarants no community events everything will be isolated into small pieces meaning you will not have any more barbaques or outting with your friend to meet that girl you want to have in your life or kiss your mother or grandmother because she has compromised health and you want to protect her or them right. I was talking recently to an elderly woman in my community and we were discussing the tragic reality of how people are reacting and she told me she goes to all the churchs and keeps her life full with friends family and important things no time to waste on fear we all will get first row seats to this time in our life and its hard most dont have huge retirements they struggle to keep themselves busy and fed.

The world needs us to be our free best to strive to change the bad things with profound things where children grow up and have the best chance to change love and happiness.

in the gulf on Baha they call them Diablo the giant pacific Squid what a monster huge and fast like the lion of the savannah they are powerful and stealthy you can not see them until they are wrapping their amazing tentacles around your mask. when the local fishermen go out to catch food they proceed with caution not because it could be there last day but because they have heard the stories and know how powerful and prefer to be safe and being dragged under where we are not skilled in breathing under water or moving fast so rather then hide on the land or be in some boat its amazing to go into their element and experience this mysterys of earth first hand i chose not to fear i choose to remain free and live with liberty and not follow guidelings of people half the inteligence of my friends Dog he shreds masks when you put them near his mouth and nose funny right mans best friend is actually smarter then most of thier masters., its time America its time my brothers and sisters who served this great nation its time to rally with our president and not only demand truth but to shut down the criminals who have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and stealing your savings from your bank destroying your livelihood and bringing the world to the very edge of the worst event since the dropping of two nuclear bombs on Japan the Haulacaust was not even on the same level and horror it was millions died in concentration camps did you know in china they not only have consentation camps but have been using the falon gon community for body parts a black market kidney liver heart all ready for the rich and ill in a few days if you need they can get it for you and im not saying these people volunteer they are treated as a comodity is that what you want in America why has our nation not forced the hand of such evil like we did in worlld war two i mean fair question right why are we not even reacting why has this fiasco continued its clear there are enemys employed by america and they have made a deal and we are the meat hanging on a hook awaiting our turn to take the long empty journey where no one will hear your complaints and you will not care anymore because you dont have money no food no friends and as the line moves towards the oven no one hears your tears is that the America you want for your loved ones shit i dont even want that for my enemys i want the world to mature and strive to care about each other to see how amazing that person who comes from across the earth lives and how the values and lives they live are just like our amazing and filled with struggled thsi is life and we need to live it.

man or woman young or old freedom is the greatest treasure n earth dont waste it on impossible realities be bold you can be profound and amazing doing what you love living a life without fear of judgement or other attempts to stop your life and conbrol you for what ???
the cities were not built by politicians and in fact i doubt they would even exist based on contributions made over the thousands of years

Be Profound. Strive towards Excellence; dont live in fear i wont….. our great nation deserves better then that to have a society all working towards one goal a planet of amazing sentient beings working loving sharing caring and showing the galaxy that humanity has the capacity to rise up and take destiny by the coat tales and bring about a world of freedom liberty and no room for the loud lazy voices who insist they know what to do better then you do so stop thinking its a no brainer President Trump has done amazing by the standard of having a wild pack of dogs attacking his ankles since his election and yet he still pushs for us not the politicians that is why you can see the desperation here a Job needs to be done by the best qualified and hard working diligent professional who knows when its raining and the sky is blue. fear losing the time you have left its prescious think about if if you and i live till our seventys we get about 500 days to live life period be amazing this nation deserves nothing less the

World is not enough freedom gives hope and a world that cares about those less fortunate bring positive change for all its time America and American veterans we need to start to contact and distribute truthful information for our Citizens i can not tell those living in dictatorships to just enjoy life its not like that and i wont live in those countrys where i cannot choose to live my life to the fullest

Please do know i am not cold and callas i have great sympathy for all loss especially when those amazing and profound are no longer there to touch and love and care but the bountiful lifes shared is why you feel that in your heart living without those freedoms makes life a mundane drudgery

A treasure youth magic moments in time living free

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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