As life kicks into high gear! are you ready for the country? eyes without A face

in the name of Sanity what will be your legacy to those you love and care about will they see your out being amazing and going after every dream you had or living in a self imposed death shroud a box without a window or door or even a clue to the cruel joke your being played as is said in the getto

When you wake up in the morning or afternoon for some its important to take your game to the max find that inner strength and dont allow fear to dictate your moment to moment existence find the drive to go after the dreams you made long ago when you saw the world was your OYSTER and the relax lets buggie when you want to do it.

so get ready for a white wedding when daybreak comes and your getting ready to be that profound creature that i know you can be and go have a great breakfast and reflect on the goals you have for the day then go for it weather that is a long run to start your day or a hot shower get in the grove

I got pieces of April keep them in my memory burgade and its a morning in may.

another great one is

“Put some whiskey in my water sugar in my tea whats all these crazy things that are happening to me this is the craziest party there could ever be dont turn on the lights i dont want to see cause MOMMA TOLD ME DONT GO

dressed to kill you head out the door ready for your adventure to begin and you have promised yourself that you wont get tripped up by lifes everyday insanity being bold and take your skill to the place where all the good happens and you have surrounded yourself with others who have the same drive and determination and everyone is on the same page that we have no time to be afraid of what is not only so small you cant see it but you know that no politician has the inteligence to give you good advice on health look at Bill gates he has no degree in medicine or even biology hes winging it at our expense and millions of humans have died by his careless attitude towards human life except his own we dont need more like him infact if that impresses you that he has alot of money i feel sorry for you there is a deep moral fiber in humanity and each of us has been given equal share to have compassion and try to make the world a better place the universe is so massive for him to decide there are too many humans on earth and take his huge fortune and start to advance acriculture and how to grow more food to provide hes gone the other way to destroy all that the stats say are unworthy or worse just in the way , what gives him the right to choose life or death for you and your loved ones for that matter who gave political employees the power to choose to force citizens or real human beings to be driven like cattle into stalls and then get a poke in the arm who died and made him god ?????????

the real truth is that all of us face a judgement day and we are valued against our actions and deeds to help advance some medical agenda rather then find a solution that works for all citizens and human beings especially they have ignored the amazing knowledge humanity has if we just work together the advances in biology show us that if they focused on positive things like advanced farming which is simple in nature and we can vastly increase our production instead of wasting it to insure a bigger profit and rather then a few living a life of magnificient and excess we could help each other and change the status quo and bring the level of knowledge and efforts towards a world that can eliminate hunger and lack of water but we need to stop charging for these gifts all humans deserve and help bring them to the vast majority of humanity living on the edge to choose to poison them and kill them steralize them is not a solution its the mad hatter at alices table time to come out of the rabbit hole and see the true vision of how ugly and horrible what is going on is and all those from the very top to the bottom of the poison chain of command that feeds bizarre news reports that do not even come close to the truth and instead they keep pressing the poison into your heart not to help you to keep you in fear hoping you wont get fed up and say enough is enough like the old show radio network go to your window and open it up stick your head out and yell as loud as you can im made as hell and wont take it any more that is it go out and express they anger and disallusion your feeling to politicians and pharma who have bought the entire government and are now telling our leaders what they must do yet they dont have anyu such rights and you need to know that and stand your ground humanity is not a bundle of wasted energy and groups and cultures without worth infact each is beyond priceless and only together can we change the paradyme and shift the entire civilization to a place where heaven and earth are not some abstract idea but a place where everyone young old male female all come out of this insane lie and shine as there very best self this will change everything the small group at the top only continues to do what there doing because your following there guidelines to hell and that can stop you need to stop and out of the two things that can happen regardless of which one comes you will defend your sentient nature and the rights you have had since birth

we all know how it feels to wake up and be shocked into reality correct; well how about this heard a strange sound beeping i listened and looked then raced into the main building there the hall was filled with white smoke; the basement was white and acrid a bad smell even in the middle of the warmest day but no think i could ignore it and pretend that what ever it is doesn’t concern meand try to catch some more zzz’s

But no i knew that others lived in the building and they were upstairs unaware of anything best to be bold and empower myself to a difficult challenge right so i continued to search out the basement checking bx cables and then into the furnace room where i was slapped in the face by a three hundred pound ancient US furnace smoking at the center down port to the tank and furnace,

OH shit this could be really bad im all alone in a basement in a winter storm and no one can help me i kept checking to ensure no flames and then checked the panels and the electric shut off the master switch and looked at the smoldering furnace the pilot tube was empty and the auto fill red not sure how or why but right now needed to get the smoke out check the others in the building and search for any other issues.

Now for find solution call becca and let her know that everyone is alright and that i was doing all i could to resolve at least the present danger of smoke and fumes out of the basement and rest of the building; now to get access from hatch to get fresh air well thanks universe now the first job is get snow shovel and go out and shovel the snow assured that nothing would happen worse now and get in touch with a skilled plumber which i did.

We all face challenges fear doesn’t provide any positive results i needed to take care of this no way to insist i must not get exposed to the fumes shit they might be toxic in nature.

Americans are all stressed and out of sort; what can we do right i mean to know something is right and true might make the challenge even more difficult most people like to live in a bubble especially now with the Cv 2 but trying to even manage your basic daily life can be impossible already. but we still need to move forward and looking around for answers that provide smart choices based on life and the daily risks we all face shit i could have burned to the ground today and others died as well but thank God the time was given to react not in fear but in a profound responsibility towards those around me and secure their reality before mine.

lets face it Dracarous is a horrible way to go look at the spider in GOT

its important that we stay focused and live our lives to the very fullest we never know when the end will come but to waste all your time energy and passion for life be stolen away but absolutely impossible demands and even worse expectations time to put your life back on track and search out your goals devise a way to move forward without so much fear divide your day and night into passions and things you love to do the things that make life worth it.

sometimes what you fear is trying to make your life worth living again be brave bold and dynamic in the time you have here especially towards those you love what a poor excuse i was afraid you might get covid? so i ignored you myself and all those that mean so much to my life now all i want to do is make it up but the past is the past

if you have been told this morning you would not live thru the day what would you do go hide under your bed; call someone who you care about

be brave enough to go out and be profound and do the things you always dreamed of as a child. make it a point that even if its the last day you will fill it with wonder and amazing to press forward towards that most supreme and profound future you can achieve only if you push yourself far beyond mediocre

for more then eighty years these wooden escalators have carried generations of free Americans into Macys they gathered by the thousands each day to shop snd gather in settings of amazing never fearing the things we have no control over they rose up the stairs towards destiny without hesitation and not with apprehension and despair

i remember going to the flagship Macys store in NY the only tragic thing is the covid experiment has crippled not corp america who we bailed out less the a decade ago but the small family businesses and those mom and pop stores ,

how can you compete with someone who buys inventory by the train load we cant and America is one of the only places such a business could thrive by working hard risking much and dilligence we all know how much you sacrifice to keep your dream alive right.

Now what how can you where will you and most of all be able to rise from the ashs of what life was in America and begin again to rebuild the uncalculatable loss from nine months locked down using the small savings to push forward. and keep the dream alive as best as possible and show a kind and resilient face to those who you hold close and dear correst but truth be told its clear all of us have been mauled by a political dog pack out for blood and destruction.

be profound search out your inner soul and develop an idea who you want to be and what you want to accomplish in this brief moment in time as we all know our lives pass like the wind across the sky above and drive us to love happiness sorrow pain all lessons in lifes grand scheme of things be bold and brave challenge yourself to be bold and choose to be the very best version of yourself.

a long journey thru time and space will you get all the brass rings i hope so take what you want dont ask anymore its a absolute waste of time to try and change the past but you can stop avoiding the future what is life without spontenaity and lust passion fun laughter and caring for those who make your life worth living that is the point i know i cannot change the fear of those around me but i stand firm on the very nature of being human i need oxygen and i want to be profound learning and growing becoming into a vast limitless future where i can choose my trail my destiny and my tomorrow i choose to love and share passion develop strong friendships and inner peace by sharing the same with those around me.

each day i try to expand the knowledge i have learned like the aoscan mobile phone its profound filled with amazing software to help me balance my inner health and remove stress and dispair because i cannot do anything about these idiots pushing us to concentration central did you know tht in china the urgal people have been driven into concentration camps there homes and businesses stolen by the wealthy in china no call or even a letter was sent just suddenly they were dragged out and forced to leave everything behind and be delivered without concern or care for their loved ones for doing so humanly;

i always admired how women can excel in the hardest life changing experiences they have an uncanny ability to adapt and grow with each hard test to define each day as a new step towards her goals to love and cherish her children and bring the world back to caring and sharing building a human existence that can be admired around the universe because we choose to be amazing and get rid of the bad to allow those who strive so hard to grow and change the chance to do the things you only dreamed of find that special love that spark that gives you balance on the extreme side of life enjoying each moment with no regrets id rather life a few minutes of happy amazing fantastic then a hundred years of tears and sorrow for the things i cannot change,11

be amazing and profound grow and develop a dream so real it can be touched long before your hand can reach it shazam

well let us get down to it bring your best intentions to this magik show as it will change everything!

a homage to love to lust and desire. more the passion the moments we share the heated hearts beating fast the magic of our shared delight a moment so special a deep touch of my soul; open the door and come in without a fear for all i have for you is love and desire passion and trust to share in a life we can be so profound and build a society beyond our wildest dreams .

I want to touch you softly and caress your golden hair feel your passion as its unleashed and i battle to hold the fire the pleasure we share is so devine we walk together and open our heart to share to keep our dreams alive and live each moment together one thought one desire to hold you close and hear your heart beat loud, knowing we are together sharing such special time touching each other with our hope and passion share our love lust exposed and delivered how can we ingore the fire inside the passion of your heart when its with mine,

Bring out your happy dive into the deep end dont be afraid of things you cannot change walk without fear and strive towards the sunset of delight a place where our memories profound the goose bumps on my neck as i feel you whisper into my ear such delight how o i love to pleasure you and spend hours giving your heart such delight open to make you happy and fill your memeories with golden sunshine and fond the time we can strive to share with each other.





its amazing how well you feel as you enter a room and no one is wearing a mast all the eyes light up and long caring friends and family are gathered we dont care about political warnings im part of a tribe and as such believe we must strive towards the profound and in each step we open up and share our hearts and care about the little things such as a warm smile when you have needed it so much for so long.

working within just one small apartment we all gathered and had an amazing time sharing and talking most of the conversation is the outright anger about this foolish political lockdown and attempt to steal our nation and deprive us of our rights this can not be accepted we deserve and have earned the rights to freedom and liberty to stand on the top of a hill and be ourselfs free from restrictions and burden based on others fears .

it was amazing all of our friends smiling and laughing we shared a night of pure debotchury all of us cuddled up close at the table telling each other how much we missed these get togethers to share and be connected its time my friends for almost a year now you have stopped living basicallly struggling with daily distress and fear about the media and lies that were being jammed down your throat. then the open attempt to steal America from our citizens a blatant act of treason and these individuals need to be brought to justice.

and life surely continues and abundance comes from the efforts made by those right actions based on good foundations and the effort put into the journey

Well in the wonderful six or seven hours we spent the truth be told i am so glad i know what freedom and knowledge are worth my friends also search for truth and have come to know that all this covid economic collapse all brough compliments of our political leadership and there daddy warbucks Pharma lining their pockets along with media we have been water boarded with lies and deception no truth in almost a year now they continue to feed the lies even as their great ship falters at sea and they begin to realize that when the majority of people wake up and realize what you have done they will destroy your corps and take them apart piece by piece the anger is ripe in America with the lastest attempt to give us a knickel as long as we forget about the last nine months did you know that every officer of the three depts of government have never missed a pay check ??????

That we have been not only starved out by the fake policys but they continue to press towards another lock down to insure we dont expose the lies any more if you stay in and watch there news you will start to forget what you thought you saw going on your getting sleepy when i count to three you will be in my control you dont need friends you dont need to be loved you dont need to feel good or eat good you are not important ; its par for giving for the team and we want your lives and your property and you can get sick and die with some new valued vaccine we created with alterior motives,

extinction of a way of life is a tragic loss the struggles we must commit to keep freedom alive and our rights intact time to arrest these forked tongue politicians who have profited off covid

If you desire to be amazing then its simple you decide i wont hide anymore i will go out against the world and drive my passions and skills towards the dreams i had long ago and live each moment as if it was the center of the universe taking the bad as lessons and the good as blessings trudging on towards the infinite when life kicks hard dont grovel and complain get on your big boy or girl pants and go out to get the tools you need and the empowerment hard work gives you when you drive hard towards your future its such a good feeling to know that your efforts bring great fruit to your heart and all that you believe in these politicians have no say in the amazing creation you are they cannot right one stanza about your nature or the incredible gifts that you have been so blessed with .

If these idiots spent a hundred years in a 24th century lab they do not have the capacity to understand the space between mocules of oxygen and yet they assume they are gods the damage done by a child with matchs is just as tragic and a man thinking hes flame proof while takeing a shower in gasoline. regardless of past or present deeds he or she must drive hard the major ideals of this life and understand the best wisdom is to stand with humility towards the many who they have wronged.

its hard to more angry at the media who for hundreds of years preached how they told the truth and stood for giving information and knowledge to the masses and exposing criminals i never thought they would sell us all out to get a few pieces of silver yet the example let us see their true intent the bottom line is greed and the truth can be a matter of telling the lies so many times people cannot see the clear lines of what is and what cannot be truth is not a omlete but when the truth folds up its winning hAND ALL THE THIEFS AND LYERS WILL FACE THE BRIGHT LIGHT OF STARDOM FOR A MOMENT AT LEAST.

the millions of people who have had there very sacred human genome ALTERED BY MAD SCIENTIST’S they will wish there efforts were towards finding out the real truth before volunteering to be a human test rat it is unconscienable to think that the FDA had authorized human trials at any level since only one real test was every done in 2004 AND THAT WAS A DISASTER USING WEASELS AS SOON AS THEY COMPLETED TWO DOSES THEY WERE RELEASED INTO THE WILD AND DIED WITHIN DAYS ; there bodys had a anphalactic shock type event and there bodys shut down catistropic failure and never since havev any animal studies been conducted its beyond wrong the purpose of world war two was to stop the evil of a dictator in germany and in so doing chANGE THE WORLD TO A BETTER PLACE; instead we took all the scientists stole billions of dollars of natural resources from war torn europe and then we BECAME THE ROME.

The levels of deception done over the last twenty years was a thousand times worse then world war two and now the attempts forcing billion to be used as human lab rats for an experiment of epic proportions regardless of any bad results or suffering since you cant sue the pharma the damage done even if apocoliptic in nature will be hidden by the media like they are doing already with deaths and horrible side effects now you hear nothing the ramp up to deeper control with assigning stars of david to those who get vacines or EBA shots will be allowed to shop and go about life but those who refuse to take poison will be given bright pink badges and be locked down from all live needed services shoping food water health these criminals are so far over the ede its time to wake them up with mass shut downs lock down the world and stop servicing there cheap lip service of lies and deceptions we insist that you all get shots first and we will evaluate your long term effects on you then we can move forward with life you will start to experience some of the horrible side effects and realise this was not a smart idea and begin to expose all the players to the just do coming to them in a local public place you cannot support and service the mass extermination of human beings without facing a day of reconinganother interesting news that since november 5 2020 the face mask executive order has expired and i am wondering when the rest of the state will realise they dont have to wear these paper masks anymore so get some fresh air for a change it will make you feel so much better.

i wonder of time and space will open hearts return to this place will young lovers be bold again to reach out and share a hug or a kiss with a friend will time not move forward and people begin to understand that its all up to you to chose how and where you will make your stand

for love or life trust or desire will you open the door and wander closer to that fire the fire of power freedom and life without fear will you open your eyes and find love my dear, over and over life will challenge us most when we isolate ourselves and put on the cape of fear finding so many reasons why you cant do a thing when the truth is only by going out and doing will you make your own life shine finding friendship love lust and friends that you never thought could be near but they will come close and you can enjoy so much if you go after life and choose to take the high road and trust trust in yourself and be healthy in choices you make and drive the passion of your dreams as if they are the jet taking you far away from this insanity of fearful moments we can choose another way far from the tears and fears that built up so very much with the media poison pumped into your life in every avenue that exists its time you turn it off and focus on positive that is the gift dream big be bold and brave live your life without fear as fearless is like wings that take you so high like a golden eagle high above the land below with its peircing vision hovering above only these noble creatures high in the sky will swoop down from high in the clouds and use there amazing skills to find and capture there prey you and i are human and far above that menu of life but the choice we make to go up and fly high or hide in a dark cold cave the prisoner of your own concentration camp built day by day stacking up walls of excuses why you shouild be so afraid but if you look in the mirror there is nothing to fear when your free life is full and complete you were not raised as prey but as an alpha sentient being with compassion and desire the power to change your stars and i only ask you have you waited long enough to reach high above that place in dark cold space where fear was a constant challenges to even make it through the day and a year later the fact is you have wasted so much time not its the moment to take control go out and be profound dynamic in choices that can reset your life build a new community of friends who live there life full and complex choosing to be magnificient”{ujnique and devine weather a strong willed young man or a stunning beautiful woman true that be all you can be and never look back only good memories will last the time and carry you through the new challenges you face as you race across the sky on your journey through the heavens and across the land finding ways to change the world its all in your unique special hands find truth and drive hard towards the sunset each day remember there is so little time in this journey a moment is profound and if your wasting them in the fearful inn then you will miss all the glorious things that god has given you to express and share being part of society not a shadow of pain and empty shell but a magnificient creature unique to all others who even live take the moments and reach for the stars be that amazing creature that can not only touch the stars but build a community of peace and friendship where all can believe that in each other the miracle is shared indeed

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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