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so who needs freedom the fact millions across the earth have never known freedom and seldom get beyond dreaming of it. We as Americans have lived our lives free our children growing up without fear and a life controled by those who desire to do nothing but destroy you and the very basic goal of life when will you choose to rise up and force the needed change of removing these animals with extreme prejudice we must,

before the covid scandel we lived lives racing towards our goals now the brooklyn bridge is abandoned maybe you see two people on a busy da

take back your life your freedom your faith in yourself stop listening to dictators and politicians especially those who are outright enemy’s of this great nation. you deserve to raise your familys without fear and with love and trust where they can go be bold and dynamic to build a profound world based on inteligence and insight rather then fear and lack of moral fortitude we must step up to the very edge of life and realize that the values we hold dear freedom in most parts of the world is just; a tunnel vision they will never have the rights we do.

for all the right reasons we must rise up to the challenge and im sure with hard work and strong determination we can destroy the enemy of America and our freedoms and gather together to bring a bright future to our children but it requires us to stand up and force the insanity to stop to force the evil being done stopped and those responsible for it both actually and with the profound support of a corrupt media need to be put on trial who do they think they are free speech is about the right you have but to lie and drop millions on the hot skillet of fear with daily updated lies and deceptions must stop free speech based on integrity and honesty is vital but lies and deception and thiefs do not merit such freedoms media corps need to base the info they share on honest disemination not deception and defamation

so where did all the americans and the tourists go???

its the end of the year 2020 and its long beyond time to force the hand of these animals especially in santuary citys where they have stripped america to the bone to support a system that caters to the very rich and on the heads of the poor and middle class how many millions have lost their jobs and now face more than homelessness its bizarre and cruel that they continue to undermine our great nation and President Trump who has done such a great JOB WAKE UP AMERICA WE ELECTED HIM AND HE HAS DONE HIS BEST LOOK AT OBAMA AND BUSH JUNIOR THEY neither care about you or even did there job look at Jr he brought us sept 11 war in Afghanistan and Iraq his crew launched the slow destruction of the middle east with war a daily event for most of us veterans.

The thought of life without freedom lets see lockdowns lack of safety due to desperation and lack of basic needs being met a world where wondering if you will have enough food for your family and will the demons march into your house and steal your children for some new medical research program designed to give a new weapon to these animals a way to do like the firs phiser vaccine that is laced with HIV wow that is so cool NOt but they dont care and sadly all around the large urban sprawl people in desperation are lining up for the injection to begin the process of extinction you and those who you love thrown into the fires of these animals like world war 2 but must broader scale where billions will die or become tainted by the attempts of medical and pharma trained henchmen out to find new creative ways to kill you without worry for you will be too ill and die too fast to complain.

wake up smell the coffee then go out to see if you can even get into a store or business without the Gustapo stepping in the door and insulting and trying to shame you into compliance across the world evil has been done. here we are and the foul smell of their games is strong and offensive.

Before you go to sleep tonight its important you take a few minutes to ponder the future you will have if you continue to walk towards the execution block as America is on the brink its hopeful that our president will declare the insurrection act with full intention of catching these criminals and forcing them to justice we will not get martial law that is something different we will force the vote to be recounted only by verified and true citizens of America those who didn’t have the right or deserve such a privilege’s will be thrown out America is not a illegal landing pad on earth and citizens who choose to do things correctly will be welcomes with full kindness those who steal across the borders will be ejected like magma from a volcano America isn’t here for those who do not value the principles of this great nation.

Take into account because of the lock down the education system of America even with its short comings was based on noble principles not under a police state yet in three months in the spring of 2020 they designed an entire new education system managed by Poblic Safety which is basically a police control and your children will be raised by them to be perfect clones droids who have only one purpose to work and serve the collective good of the small group of rich evil deep state vested criminals lets see who are these people

Bill Gates and his foundations many Rothchilds for funding people like sorros and other enemys of this great nation.

What is your future look at chevez and what he did in south America there is no greatness in a society locked down by devils in three piece suits meglamaniacs taking that this world only is here for them and we are just fodder for there abuse and disposal,

So hear is the big question when did you give authority over your life and that of your offspring to a politician based on my best updated information i know i never signed a release to allow them any such privilages we all have rights and except for those who choose to hurt and detroy others lives we call them criminals they are denied this amazing journey based on there deeds not only the principles founding this great nation. Really important to understand being American you have ordained rights based on the ;Constitution Bill of Rights Ammansapation proclomation and two hundred years of a thriving world where we stood at the very hight of freedom and advanced technology long before other nations even recovered from world war 2.

Breaking the backs of humanity has long been a principle to these thieves in sheep’s clothing and now its gone far beyond criminal people have died lost there homes children loved ones as well as the community that was thriving around them has been stolen without excuse,

profound and amazing this world is to be lived on not locked up and stolen heaven where you look thru iron bars hoping a gasp of fresh air comes in.

Rules of engagement

remember to grasp towards the stars each day and live your life fully and profoundly. dont waste it there are no rainy day options.

Bring full measure to those you love and care about and work hard towards the goals you have set and the dreams you have to live.

what are your goals and strive hard towards those dreams remember to dedicate time to your loved ones and remember this is your chance to become profound and be both amazing and drive your hopes and dreams to the stars/

dont waste time on the media hyper lies and deceptions as they are not telling you the truth and will never do so until they get paid alot of money for this to be shared they are the gate keepers,

Bring your best internal efforts to plan ahead with the preset notion that your efforts will be the security you need to keep going not some Totally uneducated individual who has decided to try and force you to live by their rules denying you your’s before that day comes stand up and develop your skills to not only stop wasting time on fake news but to strive to enhance your life thru action and determination not fear and anxiety, Bring your family together rather then letting them slip apart and feel safe by your actions not by others excuses its time to know that if you and I as Americans choose to fight injustice and political greed we will win and success will be that lived for centuries by yours and my children in a profound world full of the brightest minds living out there dreams by working hard and going down the straight path of good health smart choices and not support or help the lame politicians choosing to work for our nation and sell us out by the back door deals they make along the way

amazing profound the heaven is full of such magic a universe where life is a race against the stars’

if your tired of being left behind when it comes to advances in technology designed to assist you and your loved ones as a inteligent tool for optimum health and designed to bare the daily abuse all phones must endure its design as a military grade waterproof phone provides you the very best in technology and tools such as multiple sim cards can be attached to this one phone the camera provides dynamic choices to images you take and what outcome as well as specialty tools to allow such things as infa red scan to see through layers of skin and provide valuable tools to help those you love and care about as well as all the social and time wasting games this tech is for the next generation a valued tool that provides almost instant dynamic information regardless of the time of day or busy schedule you might be in this software loaded phone can do more then you think so much more go to

some of my original art compositions light has a profound effect on visual reality freedom has a profound effect on real life freedom is so much more than what the eye can see

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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