Developing the plan forward

first thing in the morning its important to look at the goals of the day what will you accomplish depends on so many things but if you put it in play odds are by the end of the day regardless of the tast dificulty its clear you will make effort towards some goals. I tend to think for large difficult challenges they provide much more value over the long term, refine your goals into focus by taking the time to make a clear list. while you drink your morning coffee lets face it the daily grind since last march has been pretty oppressive that is clear.

for my heart and the dreams i have this is a site i greatly enjoy while i drink my coffee and think about what i can accomplish today.

So i have my cup of coffee and admire one of natures most amazing creatures she is amazing across the board her existence is the reason i wake up each morning that i live on a planet filled with stunning amazing women young and old who inspire fantasy passion desire hope and a strong will to make sure the world becomes a place where such beauty can thrive where her values so far surpass a mans value in the scale of humanity a woman has a high status on the scale of inteligent life. Bringing to bare the qualities that a woman is born with in measure far above a man. Not a bad thing but clearly womans inner modes work well for compassion intelligence dedication and the outward ability to define the life around her by the efforts she applies; open your heart and think that in the universe you are born on a planet where your rights and the gifts so outway hardships its a vital task we keep striving for a better world. Where freedom and liberty are collectively used to enhance the lives of us all and protect those who are weak and be willing more than anything to stand up and fight the injustices you see. “the only thing for evil to thrive is that good people fail to act and strive towards the sublime that place where trust is values above all and that children and our woman are the true treasures of this planet and to allow society to keep nosediving and destroying the world in the process of ignoring the true value of woman and how they can impact society as a whole.

the entire earth shines with such beauty the curves of nature and that of a woman can not be underappreciated.

When you go out to work or strive to provide for those you care about it works better to do what you love why spend the entire day struggling towards a goal in frustration when doing what you love passes the day and provides satisfaction for the efforts put out toward achieving such.


get alot of sleep if you can but do try to accomplish the goals set forth that morning i know it seems like a huge task but not really i would rather spend a day working hard and striving to a satisfaction that i only get when i put into action the efforts, i must do that day lets face it not all the things we do are fun or pleasant but you know that your going to complete them regardless of covid.

there are so many ways that you can accomplish great things just like you did before march of 2020 like spend time with friends or doing things you love to do weather work or play its part of the great value of living that you can go out and do what ever you desire; and no one has the right to stop you especially when those acts are just part of being human. what about your friends have you contacted them lets face it you can’t continue in the state of shuned or isolated much more.

Even families have become astranged and struggle with opening up the door and getting even in proximity of each other: why would you continue to avoid those you love because of some media station telling you that life is no longer free and you must live in fear because we tell you that covid is soo so dangerous, so is walking on to the train tracks during rush hour but you can choose to walk thru life with intelligent choices and being afraid of some microscopic creature bug virus magic tap worm regardless i spent sixty years living on earth and although i have struggled thru very hard difficult illnesses i know to the core of my heart that my life is profound and each day i am more amazed then the day before; even in hardship and life in general we find amazing truths along this journey, the kind that you will share and never forget.

As simple as a smile as warm as a touch;

the magic of humanity rust is grasping at your soul,

will you find the key to open it or lose another day we walk this life a short strand of time, living with love and compassion trust and faith happy caring loving nurturing as a dynamic force. living all together sharing amazing and profound learning growing loving and desire; to walk in blazing coals of dispair yet knowing that inside the lesson will define who you will become strong and copassionate a whisper of the sky; the kiss of love the touch of desire, feelings shared help us to grow and change, we are social creatures bound from birth to be exposed to life at its peak leaving fear out for the damage it can do yet life will take us teach us and share give us natural cures to almost anything that we could suffer true but the AMA has long decided to forget about natural ways of health because we make much more when you get exposed to the pharma candy store regardless of the suffering and death it might cause some the fact is herd of sheep or herd of people same value to them abuse dominate steal destroy sad the road that these evils one walk taking your mine and ours they have no right they think there intelligent well if the present situation is to clarify there intelligence then its time to fire the computer and get rid of the education system that is giving them so much wrong information,

the world is so amazing but if you stay inside you will miss it all sad is the life wasted living in perpetual fear be bold and brave for

the world can give you so much but only if you show up for the journey. think about the early travelers who went to Africa on Safari wandering the jungles with animals huge dangerous and even bugs smaller then a house fly that could strike fear into the heart of Big game Hunters. but if you could talk to any of these great exploring adventurers none would have not gone and did all the amazing things that they have done, and unless your out there pushing towards your dreams how can you hope to have a life the best is a life worth living,

its funny as you continue on your couragous journey memories race back of the things that all establish a journey of depth and definition where you r worked hard and do good and share love and laughter caring and sharing how can you go on not being human

the vaccine is not designed to help you its designed to alter your dna i guess thats not important but think about it the politicians are pushing to force you to be altered like what some pet owners do take fido down to have him fixed or clip fluffys nails. all done as they say in love.??????

Do you want this to be the end of your journey or do you want to keep pursuing the life you dreamed of??

break the moldy covid insanity and become hyper sensitive towards finding out the real truth not blindly following someone paid to tell you a story truth is not in the vocabulary of corp. media the bottom line is one that ends in deception;

When the story has changed a dozen times a day its pretty sure to be pig shit and if you are tired of walking in it and living a life less because of the policys of foolish unknowledgeable political caballeros

one hot august afternoon Woodhaven NY

i remember this day i had been painting on one of the long island train station platforms and it was getting late in the day the sky when i finished work and looked up to take a sigh of releif and this heaven grabbed me by the heart strings,

Be bold, go out each day and make a new friends share some feelings with an old friends play guitar take a walk in the park be brave and meet someone new and define a future of amazing fresh complete compassionate full of young intelligent people out doing profound things with technology and the insights of there dilligence and efforts. be bold and embrace the amazing gifts we have been provided here on earth your freedom is not a broken tree branch its a powerhouse of knowledge and rights that give you a change to be profound and define your life based on your dreams and hardwork where no one can tell you no you cant do that. Let your loved ones know that they need to embrace life and stop putting their heads in the ground the covid is no reason to stop living your full life its like suddenly your diagnosed with terminal cancer really why stay home why stop being amazing and going out with friends and loved ones to experience life its no way to experience life from a movie theatre oh shit they banned that too, I mean really when i was young i went to the movies to smuch with sally and eat popcorn or go to the baseball game and have an amazing time with friends, go to fire island and enjoy the amazing beach and get sunburn; wow surfing i am sure they have some rule trying to stop me from swimming with sharks to surf in southern Cali too. these politicians have no idea how hard it is to stop doing Crack i mean really life is an addiction and i cannot shake it the most amazing memories the best days the most passionate nights and afternoons full of love passion lust desire weather im painting a beautiful naked woman from a life model or holding her soft warm body in my arms in bed or the hot tub life is not something intended for spectators its a competition match that can be hard as hell but the winning moments are worth all the hard tests and challenges faced.

  • things to do
  • 1 get up and be amazing take it as a day you will never get to relive again
  • make sure to get some energy in your body as its hard being amazing and changing your world ‘
  • go to visit your friends like you used to do before covid hit the airwaves in last january;
  • get in touch with your friends and find something you can do that will help change your life
  • build a network of like minded friends who you enjoy spending time with as life is not a much fun alone it still is great but its better when you can take it all collectively
  • make sure to do something profound for someone i mean simple to go and do something for someone with no expectation of gain or payment your doing it for karma for the return of good from the universe it works taking these small steps opens up pathways you didnt know that existed
  • be caring and supportive of those you know who are young show them by actions that they count and you value there ideas
  • Americas greatest asset has long been that no brutal war has destroyed the infastructure and its not a joke we have an amazing nation of earth we live on and its provides so much for us and our future but we cannot let it be stolen from under our feet or when we are sleeping on the job its been entrusted to us.
i have been so blessed with creative skills that not only give me great satisfaction but the ability to build and create is by far the best way i spend my time beyond love and making women feel the worthiness that they deserve life without women would be death to humanity ,

i have many friends who feel and believe as i do that we live in the greatest nation on earth and President trump was elected to do a job and he has gone far above and beyond against the onslought of abuse by sad losers like the democratic party which has literally almost destroyed America in less the twenty years George Bush and Obama have sold us a ill bag of goods starting with wars across the earth scandel with the promised rebuilding of Iraq and on top of that the attempt to sell the great wealth of America to dictators and war lords from across the earth its time to get their attention and drive home the message KNOW that America is not for sale and will never be so. those who choose to steal and lie which hurts this nation as a whole must be put on trial and face the consequences of the long list of illegal and criminal actions that they have commited,

why ignore the facts its not easier it just attracts more lies and deceptions.

will we wake up to a war well lest us forget we live on the only piece of earth that is owned by us its one of Earths most amazing continents North America is beautiful beyond discription i have traveled across this great nation and seen some of its amazing treasures its a life you could travel and never leave north america, freedom and liberty to go and be who you want to choose to follow your own path towards the future you want not what was ordered by someone else and forced upon not only you but your family and children the debts our politicians are running up with evil plans in far off places would curl the hair on the back of your neck the richs and wealth we all own is not for their party its ours and unless we wake up and shut down the most obscene attempt at stealing all your rights and treasure right from your own homes and lives they dont care and will sacrifice you without a tear even your children are at risk think about it go on line and look up vanished children in north america?? no im not kidding the fact is 500,000 children vanish in north america each year never to be heard from again and im not even talking killed death compared to some of the lives they will be dropped into have no happy ending infact as soon as their projected value drops they will be thrown out like restaurants throw out left overs. boys girls young men and women all vanish right from the relitive safety they took for granted and sadly the people behind it are the same ones who are attempting to steal your and my America.

I guess the question you should ask each morning is fighting for this great gift of freedom worth everything you have or will ever have? or will i sit and allow my loved ones and children grow up in the only nation on earth that rose to the leading free society only to allow it be stolen by thugs and criminals or stand strong with PResident Trump and drive these criminals to the slaughter yard for processing like they have attempted to do to us,

dont waste time being afraid as it will be there regardless its important to look past the storm and feel that nice summer breeze we all look forward to a walk in freedom with someone you love an care about.


Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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