grasping for the stars

the beauty of this planet is profound and its such a loss to ignore what is here for us to explore and live

define your choices both individually and collectively we need to face the facts everything we have been told is a lie and if you dont take the time to investigate it you will be decieved. open up your heart and drive your dreams towards their inner goals develop the valued and desired future by your actions and efforts.

Reach deep inside and realize that unless you get involved you will miss the boat the journey of life is beyond your wildest dreams and your journey will open up both profound opportunities and given the choices we can walk as the Gods did using the tools that have recently come to the market the next Apple in fact it dwarfs the technology of this line of wasteful fun phones in all respects and provides you tools of digital health and dynamic frequency balance and allows you to take back your life why live in fear over things you neither have any control over or concept of the true depth of deception the political leaders have taken full course to decieve us and deprive us of freedom and the liberty you were born with they didn’t do it to help you infact they took this path to destroy you and your children waking up can be a real bout of anger and resentment once you know the truth; will you allow them to chip you or give battle to fight for your rights and that of your children,

if you fail to act it will be over before you can gather and unite to face of the attempted complete distruction of your freedoms and liberty to live without freedom is worse then death fearing the sky falling or that somehow your not able to breath oxygen or raise your children with the values that you believe in what will happen next is clear once your locked down and rights removed they round up and official branding will take place they will force vaccines they have created with a tracking chip and other diabolic abilities to alter your DNA and its over.

there are no easy ways out but you still have time to rise up and drive the truth home that we as free americans will never surrender our values or our rights without a all out war this great nation has been the shining light of this world and if it looses we all love humanity as a whole will be lowered to beasts of burden and used cattle your ability to work and do what you love will be removed and life will be drudgery and dispair, already we can see across sub saharan desert the desolation and violence that exists in war torn countrys across Africa its tragic children bought and sold for use in horror filled rituals by those deep state elements who were behind the likes of Epstein he was judt the pimp the powerful behind this have hidden for centuries and thrives on eating the souls of the poor even spirit cooking what will it stop the rituals of hell that destroy our families and the very base of humanity its clear we are being corrals and driven towards the edge of the cliff; where the only way forward is either fly or die

Be brave and race the sky towards the profound you will be if you only decide to stand up and live a life amazing without fear.

be the dragon live the life you want and raise your children to be anazing and profound tell the poloticians to get the hell out of your life and stop trying to define our lives with your lies,

lts strange indeed now the great wise mister rodgers has decided to create a full line of sub covids oh my god lion’s tigers and Bears well it is time to get off the merry go round time for something much more you know kind of high fuel life in your face being afraid will just destroy any of the high points in my journey and i would much rather continue on my journey thru life then to lock myself inside some immaginary box do you think this so called virus asks permission before floating across the world country city or neighborhood come on there is no sense to hide from something that has been around millions !!!of years like us mutating and changing by natures design not some scientist: who thinks he won or she won the intergalactic F.U.B,A.R.

what can you do really take a few minutes to think hard about this one the paper mask the silk the dust particle mask all have one very clear truth on package it states in clear language that these masks do not protect you from any microscopic mater and they are designed to be worn for short periods of time lets say what an hour so with millions running aruond listening to the major network garbage they wear masks for 15 hours or more.

Consequences that after a short period your sinus canals all four chambers become filled with the exhales particulate allowing further damage from colonization in your head by the constant rebreathing of exhales waste gas.

You are literally destroying your health there has never been a need in America for mass mask insanity to happen never the fact is they needed to make half the population angry and they did oh boy did they; lit a fire under humanity i guess the best example would be go out into the deep amazon forest and destroy a fire ant colony you will not get away and the pummel and desamation they will do to the threat alarm being spread like a scent on the wind that the entire population can sense.

  • so lets see de list!
  • eat good food go out and get fresh air
  • have laughter love and friendship over the holiday and live each moment of this life amazing and profound
  • eat good food laugh and play have fun experience this life with full throttle and dedication to all you believe in
  • try to be compassionate to others who all have been dealing with life full tilt from covid but still its time to move on and press forward towards your passions and dreams,
  • get the tools that will carry you through the hardships ahead because of those who will not let it go drowning and trying to drag you under AS WELL search your heart be amazing and driven towards the goals of your live especially now after this year from hell we have missed so much!
Beauty in creating something has great reliant frequencys that touch the viewer

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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