Welcome to Deblazio city: A time for creative disobedience:

its sad but true New York state is now the santuary prision for true americans you have neither rights or the ability to; thank God for tech tools that help us manage our own health i choose to trust my own health to myself rather then some political cabaleros. if you truely care about your health and are tired of the insanity check out my link below its amazing a phone that is military grade waterproof and developed with digital health and frequency balance Nicola Tesla was a genius and his insights have helped to create this amazing new tool for the individual to manage there own health and their familys without fearing hospitals and medical mistakes


make any move as 2020 stripped you of rights and now freedom as they worked to set up a new world a work camp for city dwellers and a new system to teach our children run by the police dept how cool is that the entire city has been shut down the high rise buildings vacant and lifeless jobs and outdoor events banned and now you literally can wait two hours to get into a bank to check if you have a dollar left its really bad thought my friend would like this satire attempt to discrib what could be next enjoy share and please send back comments we need to communicate our way back from this insanity freedom is not free and life is not worth living without freedom and liberty.

welcome its time to come out of the vault and face a new day freedom no longer exists welcome to Blazio City where freedom liberty have been removed with extreme prejudice and all city dwellers will report to turn in their children to the directors home at gracy mansion for distribution and health checks to weed out any genitic defects before starting there new life as wards of the Director and his minions,

So you have spent almost a year at the beck and call of some political clowns who believe they must protect you from yourself; since its clear they show by there actions that they neither have the wisdom or the intelligence to make these life altering decisions for us may be it is time we try to think for ourselves.

Every minute our lives demand us to make choices in life especially in a world where freedom exists we have so many choices and they range from the smallest to the most profound in nature but yet we still need to decide what will we do today what will we work on what will we eat and drink will we find love today or study hard for a test to better ourselves its our choice and these actions we take as we journey thru life will define us. We can adapt and change grow and delight in both the choices we make and the adventures we have enjoyed with those we love and care about.

but the ” you are hereby ordered to stay six feet away from an other human being and wear a paper mask and put a leash on your children, by order of so called mayor gumby it is here by decided that all businesses must close there doors and no one is allowed to walk on the right side of the sidewalk between 2 and 8 pm due to covid sterilization procedure, anyone who is caught laughing or smiling without a paper mask will be shot.

or forced into the mayors dog house where you will be fined extensively for disobedience and outright revolt You do not have the right to be out and about without written permission slips that will be issued at the mayors dog handlers authority and decision.

Further it is hereby declared that from this day forward all citizens of America regardless of age or nationality will be required to be chipped so we can keep you safe and protected in our new secure city we will provide you all the safety and life needs you will no longer be allowed to travel outside except as provided under our new director of planning who will delegate each persons time job and social gathering schedule which will be followed to the full extent of its description no deviations will be allowed any offenders will be further locked down in residential work camps to learn how important it is to follow city guidelines.

We are instituting these regulations as it is clear human beings are fundamentally flawed in nature and we the wise city managers have come up with a wonderous plan where you will live happy lives filled with hard work and abundant entertainment directed and provided as an insight to the values and level of hard work we expect.

we are the representitives of our faithless leader we will care for all your needs further no one is allowed to gather around the city without work order and proper manicles )(chains to keep you safe and secure)
we have banned the ridding of horses as these animals cannot be controlled

The Rules are Good! Disobedience is bad!

All citizens are required to help our good leader enforce the rules that help make our society great by turning in those who try and cheat anyone who helps the good men out to keep order will be rewarded with extra activity time each day at the mayors delight All children will have to line up at the central CC1 center to be evaluated by those in charge of youth and excitement;

this is done for your own good all children can be easily strayed into evil and poor choices made; but our good leader wants to protect them personally he will choose which ones are ok and those that need special attention further his decision will be final and never questioned he is the eyes and heart of our city and when he is happy we are all happy,

Be a great example step up each day and work hard keep your eyes on each other remember being the eyes of the director will keep you in his good graces besides anyone who is not obedient is due to be deleted at the local live cancelation center which was set up by the CDC; a fast and effecient path to take those who fail to follow the rules of his highness, when the director is happy we are all happy,

You were created to serve our fearless leaders who spend every waking hour trying to protect you from freedom and the evils of social connections lets face it if you were allowed to gather you might have sex and create a baby and under the new director that is strickly forbidden he will choose who gets pregnant he has a highly skilled staff who bring him young sacrificial virgins each day where he keeps them pure and safe in a secure place:

Questions can be directed to the office of insight and control all topics are available except issues of confiscated children and human rights these issues are directly handled by the director he will make guidelines based on his personal judgement and his word will be final.

Freedom is an evil word it allows the average to have rights and cause kayos it has been forbidden by the director and his friends who find the waste of time trying to control the herd far from perfect so any one who raises his or her voice will be deleted and removed from society to a wonderful place where you will work 19 hours a day and sleep in specialized internment camps designed to give you easy access to work and justified punishment for speaking out,

NO one will be allowed to gather any groups of more then two will be shot by our special insurection team who have been given freedom to dispose of societal justice at the directors disposition.

all animals will be destroyed as the director is allergic to pets and the whinning they will not be tolerated any animals not wearing there official cage certification will be shot on sight. all children must be tattooed and between the age of 9 and 19 will be owned by the director and his minions anyone who is not wearing his official arm bank with NYSS will be killed on sight without due process only appointed individuals can wear these sacred arm bands and wander freely unmolested anyone else seen out and about will be detained and sent to the work center for retraining and possible punishment or deletion.

The great city we live in is clean and empty all real estate is vacant and available to be used by the chosen ones those who have worked with the director to establish this wonderful system where the massed exist only to serve the leader and his friends and work staff. all others will be expelled to the outlands far away from the city and will be marked with a large lemon on there foreheads to show they will be deleted if they ever return to the city, we made these changes as it was clear you humans have no insight or wisdom about life and needed to be cared for so we have out of our great benovolence decided to manage you and the difficult action required to keep the city peaceful and prospering a person who is not part of the team will be expelled and marked. Remember you make this work by turning in those who dont follow guidelines you and the staff of his holyness decided it was better to turn in your own children rather then be deleted and unless you follow these tennants it will be a big mess and we dont have time to waste managing a bunch of animals.

You will get fresh food only once a month and it is expected to last you for three weeks no exceptions allowed anyone who wastes there allotment will be punished and sent to reeducation center to be beaten and whipped into line what kind of city would we be if people thought for themselves again; we are here to help you live a long productive life working for his highness and his goals your children will be blessed if they are beautiful as the director loves beautiful children who are well behaved, another critical tool of control is he will choose which of our children are worthy of his seed that he uses a team of highly skilled bio engineers to make sure his genes are perfect and all other children being born will be destroyed as he has decided his is the only worthy genetic make up worthy of being born. dont worry its ok we will make sure your children are safe and secure in there custom living quarters near the directors living quarters so he has time to attend to them personally in his great wisdom we should all be so greatful he has taken it to care for our offspring and protect them against any evil except his, what a great guy.

All personal will be given two pairs of work cloths and they must be kept clean and pressed so they work and appear neat and well attired as representitives of the city and its director.

Further on the once a month meeting between his holyness and his associates from other districts will discuss swapping genetic material our children between them at the amazing party they throw were all service is provided by the children dressed only in white robes barefooted and obedient as this provides the gathering directors ample time and visual stimulation for there meeting to discuss the population controls they have instituted and how they have been working regarding building up food stores and controling the elements of society not happy with work camp life.

The big question is why are they unhappy we give them food and a purpose the simple fact is there lives mean nothing unless its in service to us and the children have all been confiscated and absorbed into the collective of directors who work together to manage and control population.

the carstarks knew that men of the north would never submit to Jamie lanister;
king of the North

War is not a good thing but if you have lost your freedom its the only course left to follow to fight for your rights and that of your loved ones its better to fight and die free then to live as a beast of burdon for some fool in a shiny white coat who thinks he is the gift to the world.

What can life be if you spend it under a yoke pulling a plow while the fuel available to run the tractor is put into the directors dune buggy so he can go have some fun with your beautiful young daughter what value is life is those you love are burdened with great sorrow serving a selfish fool who uses everyone and demands more then possible to be given failure from lack of courage is the worst way sure you might die or suffer but if your efforts are true then when the tyrant is finally removed the freedom achieved will be valued because of your efforts and sacrifices.

when a person could choose to go for a walk and talk to a friend without fear of arrest or being sold into slavery America well santuary citys are the start of slave cities where millions exist only to serve the wealthy and bare the burden with no rights or freedoms not even to choose where or how you live…..
the universe watchs to see if we will give challange to the attempt to steal our freedoms will humanity rise to remove the Reptilian run deep state out to eat our children and destroy our very existence,
the world is filled with ancient monuments to ancient civilizations long gone and freedom was the downfall of these powerful overlords yet blindness is no excuse to know there is a sun in the sky and looking up is not a crime infact its those who hide there head in the sand who have commited to worst crime afraid to act they hide there head in the sand like somehow it wont affect them…..

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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