welcome to DeBlazio village where you can have a life of subservience and drudgery thanks to the political leaders, thankyou for thinking i wont mind losing my freedom:

after covid the majestic new York has turned into a empty metropolis filled with empty and sad rather then rich with life and tourists now the city streets are empty paths of fear and lonelyness

What kind of world would it be if there had never been an America the world would still be bowing to the queen and saying yes mam and wondering why life was so hard and where did i find the values of honesty and integrity that comes with sentient beings living life as they dreamed and sharing with love and compassion the great resources of this amazing planet Earth.

Bringing your freedom to america and trying to fullfill your dreams to have a family and the rights to take your loved ones to a better place in this world free to do and be who you want to be,

Where the rich and poor are not differant but the same and only by sharing the vast resources this nation can provide us. where we rise up and stand up for those who have less and to protect the masses from dictatorships and evil that have somehow spread across the earth like a bad storm. America is the golden treasure to most of the world a shining place where you can live your life and be honest and speak out about how and what you believe to develop a society that cares about the poor and needy. a nation where our young men and women serve in the military to provide protection to those in need and defend the rights of children and the ill. this is the nation i grew up in and before it is gone i pray the soldiers who have faught for freedom will rally around the principles and values of this nation and gather in number to develop the freedom principles to all sentient beings on earth enough with the criminals out to steal our rights and our treasure.


if you are tired from the last year of oppression and desire to return life to where it was just one year ago its time to take the tools you can get for your health and press forward towards the oppressors who think you have no rights except those they desire to allow. the British tried to take away the rights of the colony’s they tried to enforce the queens rules and we went to war for freedom and liberty to stop the atttempt to steal our land our children and our rights its not a topic most care to think about but its clear the only way you can stay free is to fight for these rights im sure you dont desire to allow some politician to decide what your children will be or if they are worthy to even have a life based on this so called politicians guidelines based on insanity where or who told them they have the right to deny us our God given rights to freedom and liberty to deny us life justice and the persuit of happiness to believe as we want in God as we see it and live our lives without restriction for noble and just causes to care and love our offspring and provide them the tools an education so they can achieve greatness by their own efforts



we all need the true friendship of love and compassion bare huge value in the scale of our journey. how can we exist without living our lives to the fullest;

its a new day you just got up your alive and feel fantastic you jump in the very hot shower to feel even more alive living in your amazing apartment within the largest city in the world.

So put on those old amazing jeans you love so much with the torn knee, wow exciting right now you decide what to do with this prescious day you have been given maybe go for a walk grab a coffee or enjoy a strole; wow good choice now to plan the rest of your day ok call some friends from my life before covid hysteria i mean really right?

well thanks to the wonder and amazement the political conglomerate who in there anything but wise have shut down a train of life that was beyond scope and shut it to the core; jobs lack of hope of new jobs further media hype designed to build the fear to a crescendo: one that was designed to destroy half of the lives in the world and beyond belief it seems that they didn’t plan for this; they thought oh lets shut down the world and see what happens;

I guess they didn’t plan this far into the future instead we are led to the edge of a cliff no money no job nothing what now well i guess go sit at local park bench and wait to see what happens next.

we are as a fragile basket of flowers floating miles above the ground

what to do next what will bring some closure maybe fall out of the sky realize i can choose to enjoy the sights and think how really small we are in the grand scale what possible thing can compare to the scope of this reality

Welcome to the Game so now what you can stare at the sky and ignore the threats which could be horrid or focus on how amazing the world is from the prospective of the heavens and earth,

“true life is the Mistress of Death always dress your best”

id ask the sky to share its warmth and the river to give pure water to life. bring the clouds in on the hottest days shade to pass thru light; magic is given in all we see if you and i are brave enough to see.

Wander thru forests green dream of warm summers living lifes loving dream brave enough to walk through the hardest day believing in the chances that can come and may, whisper of sweet nothings are shared with those we love and days spent doing amazing things all connected to deepest love, wait on the sunset its sure to be grand another day spent chasing dreams and desires the life we live and can,

Open your eyes and see such beauty above all around you is life and love be brave and unchanged by the challenges we all face be driven by your inner desires and hold true to passions you bare for in these special things is lifes magik shared.

Water rolls across canyon floors and pale orange and yellow flowers tinted with deepest red as winter aproachs and life unfolds a new chilled by winter and morning dew, as my heart reachs to touch you hold you close to care hear your heart beat load against my chest the special connection we have shared best being bold and driven by the passions we all share to see the sunrise and share the day until the moon rises in the eastern sky the sun sets lowest in the winter delight of dark and shadows of the winter moonlite.

be profound and awh at delight to see the amazing sky and breath in the earths cool air realize that your time so special freedom a gift few have known life for thousands of years filled with sorrow war and tears to live a century in freedom where no war has been expended the land the people not truly aware of the open treasure freedom by design a special treasure few ever find.

take my money talk as if i cont care but know from this moment that my freedom isn’t there for you to take its not a game or something i will part with wait until the attempt is made you will find that most Americans will not surrender without deepest struggle and fight to hold freedom close and feel the moonlight as a free man indeed not a gift i will allow to go away until im dead and gone its a base line of every freedom i have free air live to love and grow live to experience life and its many wonders never letting go

mighty mouse will save the day !!!

so what can i say we are here in the once Great New York city the center of the american wall street where money never sleeps funny though the government has not missed a pay check they continue on with only restrictions on us the citizens who pay the taxs and support the entire network of America this great nation has long stood for the justice the rest of the world only dreams of; built on the hard work of immigrants who came here for the freedom and the dream of a better life but what the hell is going on we are being coraled by a bunch of criminal politicians who can not care for themselves and would never care about us they go into politics to look important and be in front of the media spot light,

the major change over the last 16 years was not President Trump who has tried without surrender to take this great nation back to the panicle of what it once was. instead the democratic deep state wants it to be like it was supporting horrible dictators and criminals around the world for the promised favors they would recieve for selling the American dream to non Americans. how can they even look in the mirror after the truth be known about who these rude humans are and what they do to their own people and these traitors have sold the best nations to these criminals ignoring the sights they saw when visiting these places like china and the fact they have removed over 2 million urgala people and gave there lifes and there assets to the chinese who have gladly stepped in and took over the once peaceful urgala peoples entire communities without even a kind word.. along with the random vanishing of falon gong practitioners being forced to medical facilities and force to donate there organs to the rich and criminal doctors who gladly deal in the human body part industry you can have a heart in less than one week how is that even possible unless its true they are knocking out these falon followers and cutting them up like a fish in a assembly line for greed;

the magic of the universe in the deep eyes of princess from far across the sea, in a land where such beauty is not seen by those who search for it only by the blessed who walk with good intentions

be profound and amazing go out and in great effort change the world with knowledge and wisdom ignore the fools who think they are smart and focus on your dreams and those you love and care about we cannot allow our freedoms to vanish while these animals lie cheat steal and then hold us hostage with fake pandemics and cruel jokes really pay to go sit in the gutter and eat food because some bug might be exposed if i am closer then six feet from another person are they insane really to see houses built in the street in major business areas and know that nothing is legal by the same standards as a year ago New York would have arrested anyone building in the parking spaces outside there businesses and now not only are they doing it but they pay rent to have a business that they are not even allowed to use to its full potential what kind of idiots are holding down the political offices in these santuary citys its scandelous and sad but im sure the solutions once trumps valid election by 80 percent of the american people validates his hard work and honest intentions toward us the citizens of this great nation i pray he puts these treasonous criminals on trial public so all the americans and the world can see that justice puts them to task as no one is above the law of a great natoin based on freedom,,,,,

freedom is what all young people dream of a life of love and happiness

famous chavez quotes to think and know; are better than to guess and wonder.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.””Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.””Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.””Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” Hellen Keller

Mahatma Gandhi quotes

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.””An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.””Nobody can hurt me without my permission.””It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

profound life can come as lightning from heaven and through to day turn to a deluge from heaven; before you can catch up to the moment,

its a new day: be profound humble devine in your thought seek the center of the universe where you will touch Nirvana and become the ah!

all the tools of freedom are right in our hands but we need to decide to use them

it is so important to not get caught up in anger for there is nothing gained by such emotions but confusion devise a path forward based on intelligence and dedicated effort.

Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.Mahatma Gandhi

the profound truth that a nation of a billion people removed the dictatorship of the queen of England not by gun but by steadfast belief and sturdy conviction to principles of power.

the life of choices we all need to decide

breaking the back of the elite requires steadfast dedication and hard work standing our ground to the clear principles of liberty and freedom an armour that stands against the most lethal weapons with thought rather then gunpowder but without action its just a pipe dream; and cannot change anything,

freedom is the tool of the mind and it cannot be controled by hook or crook only by removing knowledge can it be confused and decieved.

to steal from a child is easy as they have no idea the value of something yet to steal from a sentient adult educated and driven by his or her own goals in life can not be accomplished unless the knowledge is forgotten and the will to fight for the freedom you possess.

funny for years new years eve was a huge plan and event it took thousands of police and official officers spending weeks planning such events this year forty second street was vacant trains were vacant bus’s vacant resturants closed and life shut down city streets barely alive with a few staggering individuals or small groups walking with a face of fear hiding behind the comfort mask designed to show solidarity with the fools who are afraid when one person sneezed half a block away so they run down the road holding their breath how wonderful such a great life they must be so happy not a care in the world except the new fake magic bug covid 19 plus one maybe they will just keep doing this every four or five months the new covid like a fashion design where you have to not only wear a fase mask but also give urine samples to enter a store and worse when getting on trains and buses get the gustapo to frisk your girl friend and children to make sure they are properly protected according to political policy makers.

maybe we can expect the random stop and frisk if we are cought out side without a permit that we have to pay money for saying we can go out at certain times only with writen permission by local magistrate come on really and still the brave Americans sit silent and pretend the world is fine just another year and that cannot be even close to the image i see each day empty streets closed businesses and profoundly angry and sad individuals running around being afraid of things based on how many times they have been informed about the dangers of such and such dont eat meat its bad for you watch out for people who are not following the rules given nightly on the media for they are enemys of the state and will be arrested and there rights further compromised and confiscated.

as beautiful as we can be collectively we are not all the same and never will be what makes the world magical is the differeneces we possess and the beauty in unique

its so important to understand we build a world by our thoughts and deeds but more important then any other aspect is the Intention of your actions and deeds so much chance comes through a vibration that spreads around you like electricity we can all build a better world by making amazing intentions each day; this in itself will drive change all around you. if you strive to build an amazing world and show by such hard work that you are inspired by the love trust and companionship those in your community live and share,

before your very eyes will the change begin to unfold before you try to grasp the value of each link and connnection you face from who they are now to what there connection to you will be in time all of us grow and change as life chisels away the old and brings out the inner magic we all possess if you surrender or give up you destroy yourself no one else has such a profound gain or loss as you do so dont lose sight of the goals and dreams you have be persistent and committed to not stop until your a little closer to your goals,

This great nation can be so amazing and we all can reach levels that are not possible any where else in the world but we need to stop isolating each other in clasifications cultural social sexual personal racial none of these things help us grow and mature as sentient beings until we can sit in the same space and share our dreams work towards common goals that will bring all our lives to the highest levels of social and universal connection a invisible chain that bonds us all like music waves and the ocean waves as they pound on the shore we can chose to be profound and develop our inner goals and strengths we can be amazing but there are some real problems we need to ensure our government reps are not making use of our treasures for personal gain which is one of the reasons we are right now in such a complex anger filled place for almost a year now the fires of doubt fear anger loss social isolation media over saturation with bad news and even worse false info to be pounded each day several times about all the fear you required to exhibit so they put tons of this on the tv and on your smart phone on utube but what needs to happen now is as American citizens we have rights and the truth is one of them we have power of bond to this nation which bonds us to America and we in return bonded to be protected and provided for to keep our lives happy and safe where our children can go to good schools and get great opportunities to be amazing inhancing the world we live in each day bringing the technology and tools of a modern society with built in support systems designed to assist and help during crisis so as this makes clear the last year has been worse the politicians have felt that they should argue and fight like little children fighting over the power or the gavel or the last word but in the end the American people need to come first always there is not time to have weekly wrestlemania between republican or democrat there is no gain in theyre long drawn out fight costing billions while americans struggled with no jobs no savings no ability to see even the bend in the road subject to wait and depend on media and political reps to guide us but instead they just tryed to isolate us as a species three billion humans have had a bomb dropped into the social fabric of life as we know it ,

Justify the true facts and decide will you spend the rest of your life locked in a cage you built yourself by believing everything you were told and following there advice even to your own peril;

Or quite simple will you now find the important information to find the facts so you can develop a new strategy of life. The kind that takes your health the facts the truth and what really is going on next make a plan to bring your fantastic gifts to bare and use them to start your journey up again its like you have spent a year in a airport locked in the international waiting room everything you did was overwhelmingly difficult you needs became a issue in it self as now most of the things you did or wanted to do were no longer possible you could not enjoy walking around your back yard naked you could not go to the local bar and have a beer with your girlfriends or go see a concert go dancing even snow ski all the rules changed and the media has given a dozen different stories who to listen to who will tell you the truth; so find the truth yourself have faith in your ability to understand all the info and derive your own answer one that you can live with one that allows life to be worth the effort.

I would love to see the world start moving agian but the covid rules are the real problem for those who never got sick who have stood throughout the crisis and never got sick worse is the goal of those who live in total fear is make everyone get covid vaccine so they can assume we will then be able to return to life as we know it why should you be forced to get a vaccine when you never got sick from the virus or bug or bacteria or cold season its not practical or inteligent to force healthy people to take a vaccine for something that has not affected them i have been around alot of people without a mask and i have niether had or gotten a cold or flu infact i have not been sick in over five years becuase i decided when i almost died in 2014 that if i was to live life i needed to focus on my health and strive to upgrade all the things that i did revolving around health such as types of food types of exercise how much sleep all very important to us.

So again why now are the political leaders thinking by making everyone be exposed to covid somehow brings about a solution where is the solution in ths vaccine ????????

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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