a crisis made for America and the red white and blue

  1. values and the foresight to build a nation on principles based on integrity and the strong belief we all deserve to live in freedom to be amazing and profound based on the education and skills we acquire as we grow up, in this wonderful nation.
  2. the value that those who had noble cause and well ment intentions would serve us with integrity and honesty and be allowed the priviliges of being paid by the resources we as citizens provide collectively to build both freedom liberty and a society based on equal rights and opportunitys for all of our citizens.
  3. one of the most profound rights thought of and much detail was the right to bare arms to stand guard on the values and principles of this great nation to oversee with knowledge and dedication to our communities and families could live free chase their own dreams and ambitions to be bold amazing and bring humanity from the past into the future with new ideals of immense value and productive outcomes ie you know for installing peace around the world to help other nations see and know our value system was not based on a pipe dream but on a system with checks and balances to protect us from corruption and greed and outright evil. A rich nation that dominates other nations not based on helping to provide a better life for its citizens but to steal and manage the resources these nations have and regardless of the damage cuased by the use of force convince ourselves that we are making the world a better place; but its clear war and violence only destroy the fabric of the amazing cultures and peoples who live here on earth.
a world of beauty and daily challenges developing with the hard work and dedication of those using there talent and skill to improve life for there familys and loved ones and the community that surrounds them will be blessed by the magic of profound connection we share as citizens of Earth,

I have traveled across the earth and seen amazing and horror before my very eyes i have learned that only by getting up every day and doing your best for those who are around you and sharing the talent and skills we all have buried deep inside waiting only for us to believe in ourselves and working hard to establish the tools and skills needed to accomplish these tasks of greatness.

To say living the vida loca or living life on the edge out being the best version of yourself and sharing the light and power you possess to build the nations of earth. we have spent far too much time hating each other for the most insane stupid reason; diversity and culture

A world without all of us is a sad loss to each and every sentient being; lets face it when we take care of our health and work hard on our dreams we feel great have more energy to dedicate to the goals we have each of us. Getting to the end is never easy and some of us live long lives others much shorter no Dr is going to cure that big Dr D it comes for us all and we all get a front row seat to experience it like the bible says we will all taste the sting of death, no where have i read that being afraid will make the journey safer or more profound infact everything i have read and seen says if your life is important that you get up each day and strive towards your dreams and goals help those you love go out and meet the people who will touch your life in profound ways as friends lovers coworkers or even just short acquaintances we grow and learn with experiences and the challenges we face build our character and help us become smarter and learn to do things with much more finese and ease of motion allowing us to experience life at its most profound like a beautiful beach on the west coast with the waves crashing on the sandy beach and the beauty as the sky goes into colour mode where you can stand there in amazement admiring the mural before your eyes and when the sun finally sets the sky draws out the dark cloak of night the twinkle of stars and the full moon the clouds dancing across the moonlite night sky,

the fear must go one of the greatest cities in the world is a walking corpse and on every level its easy to see that masks and lockdowns will not cure the Dr D it comes for us all and all we can do is strive towards our dreams like we are late for the last flight to the stars.

Myself i take probiotics each morning and night i also try to eat a kito diet based on protein and make sure to take my long walks both for keeping healthy and for the time to de compress its a great walk from brooklyn to Manhattan especially in the spring and fall fresh air people used to be filling the bridges and life was cosmic now its a cemetery and we are literally a zombie apocalypse, wandering around in fear of each other and listening way to much to idiots with both a lack of knowledge and more then that a real grasp on reality this great nation build on the best values should have a diverse community of intelligent citizens who can stay focused on the prize working hard together and realizing that no invisible bug virus dust or even asbestos which after 9/11 was floating at ground zero for years there was no mask to protect you so new york went on with life some got very ill and died wonderful citizens who gave there all to help this city and nation at a time of great hardship yet they did it willingly standing in the smoke and dirt sucking in the micro sized particles that were a result of atomized building debris.

So now the new year has begun no fan fare no family get togethers no dance clubs no concerts no gatherings except a few small venues who realize life goes on and we must rise to met it, boldly and with profound intentions.

In Washington DC on January 6 its time for all americans to be heard on that day: no more lies our President has worked hard and its time to turn out the bad seeds who sit in high offices stealing the treasures of this great nation the treasure we have all worked so hard to bring forth like a long growing season and the wealth is being squandered by those who neither know or care as long as they keep the money and we do as they say, our president has done his best that is why at election night everyone saw the criminals attempting to change the voice of the citizens of America the land of the free and home of the brave.

The Insurrection act:

we have this amazing constitution filled with wisdom from much wiser men who knew that the wealth and treasure are always a temptation to those who dont have the moral fortitude keep our nation healthy and state of the art technology being used to provide a better life for our citizens and the other nations of the world in such the insurrection act is a last resort for a president to demand justice and a fair election for us the citizens of this great nation. the wealth and health the military industrial complex alien technology and what is going on behind the tall doors to our government offices being ransacked by ill prepared individuals who didnot go into politics to serve us with integrity they went to steal there piece of the pie .

across the star filled heavens life and humanity share a common thread one of profound beauty and desire to live an amazing life raise your famiiles with honor and the opportunities to be bold and provide humanity the tools to become more than,

the act states that our president has the right when foul play can be seen with clear evidences dictates that one vote by each of the eletorial college agents will take a final vote and it will be monitored and oversight will be at the highest standard to protect from fraud, why the media continues to dish out lies is beyond me except they are surely part of the problem when the major networks ensure daily transmission of fear mongering its clear they are on the payroll. i had a argument with a long time friend he started to insist that four hundred thousand people died in the last year in america from covid and that it was as bad as world war 2 because 400 thousand plus young american men and women died during our three plus year involvement. i told him look eighty years since ww2 and the fact is over six million were killed in human kennels designed by a so called smart man and his thugs no more like twenty million died between the war the hatred and the famine that followed and it was not the war that killed people it was the actions of a few who didnt care about the many our world is too small to think like this and our political leadership needs to represent us with honor and integrity as they were elected to do.

President Trump won for a second term and its proof is being ignored by those who work for the deep state out to deplete our national resources and sell us into slavery where you will not even be able to choose the life you wish to live instead you will live at the mercy of a small group of families who dont ask and believe their rights are mandatory but yours and mine are not.

Forcing vaccines is not only illegal but against the Geneva convention no human can be forced into vaccines lets face it only those on death row and that is rare indeed . the vaccines dont work as the illness we are seeing can be atributed to poor diet poor health a corp farm establishment that cares little about making the food of our citizens safe and secure and the farms that provide us such protected and developed with the best intentions rather then the greed button and all other issues the cheapest fix always;

like my new phone sure apple and galaxy from Samsung are good phones but the thought behind was real shallow indeed the fact is we as sentient beings deserve to have tools that help us on our life journey and that these tools can be pleasant and fun but must serve us in important ways health is one of them and for over fifty years we have studied and researched the technology and finally a software system installed on your smartphone that provides valuable tools to keep your body and the lives of those who you care most about be helped using some non invasive tools the Russian government spent years investigating and isolating the varied frequencys of the human body down to its smallest particle and found which frequencys were the most optimum for the human body even with all the unique differences we have as a species the fact math and music are profound tools that help us balance and regulate our bodys major and minor organs and pumps stimulating our bodys to stay at there best long after stress is a daily reality and we all must find coping tools my blackview and aoscan has helped me emmensely over the last four months.

i use it twice daily sometimes even more to play back the frequencys on my phone using state of the art transducer headphones that virbrate a small bone at the center of my ear and i can fell it working the sounds range from bells whistles waterfalls all conducive to cancel out the inbalances in your body and then provide you a full report in your email and i must tell you i read them and find the connection to real to ignore out of ignorance each scan is a bucket of vital info for myself to keep at my best much better then getting drunk and angry about life i choose to go out and live my life fully you should too i wish all happiness and good health my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones but life is for living and it cannot be compared to death that is the end of a journey hopefully an amazing long life filled with love and laughter family and friends baseball games and camping trips as you can see if you come to this site i love the gift of sight and use it often this world is my place of ah!


what has long made america great was its diversity and constant change you are born to it with the dream of your parents it begins making your life amazing is about;

if you live in Mumba, London, America or France, China: AS citizens of humanity we all should rise to that question am i hear to chose my own path and live my own dreams or here to drudge around depressed and overwhelmed by something said by another person in fancy cloths with a lofty title ?

i guess in life you all get to choose how to live your life especially in America;

that is because of the rights afforded each of us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights yet they have gradually buried it under a pile of intentional convenient paper that was planned and executed to alter the original its worth the read also the preamble puts such value into this worldly intentions when a group of individuals decided after running across the ocean to escape the rules of lofty lords with feathered hats and cute dogs.

chose your own path but realize even if you live a hundred years things can and do affect you and there is little you can do about it like when i lived in Oakland Ca in early 60’s we did earthquake drills every day at school under your desk cover your head all the prepare or incase

that is what i think needs to be done be healthy and choose to make the hard decisions about diet and exercise and bringing a life full of harmony and happiness built on strong friendships and a community given goals and its attitude towards those of worth around you.

wow in this world we are small indeed yet what makes us amazing is our ability to grow learn and adapt overcome those challenges we face and the time we are given with intelligence and personally i don’t think my human genome needs to be altered because its a book learned fool dictating what he expects its respect the mask is not a fix and will never satisfy the need of humans to manouver life i can imagine the giant ant hill and they had to stay six feet apart and the ant hill dies we all have lives to live and its time to begin again we cannot continue down the road of fear another covid oh a life long pandemic every time a new microscope is created a new bug that they want to play with at our expense.
be smart about your choices its time to retun your life to busy fruitful and full of family loved ones and friends all driving the journey of life;


So what now????

get up take life by the nape of the neck and be bold; don’t waste another minute being in a bird cage of fear it doesn’t help, only by endeavoring the gift of freedom and challenging yourself and accomplishing the dreams you have some people have just knuckled down and taken every opportunity during the covid if you die you die i’m not ready to throw away life: hiding in a dark lightless room and i love to met and talk with others my friends we don’t shun each other because of fear life can return to some simmalance of normal but only if we make it happen restart the engines of our lives and have faith in your abilities to stay healthy and focused through this political blunder that will be in the history books how a small group of idiots motivated a media giant to become the mouth piece of outright scandel billions of lives were effected and none of the outcomes changed the covid the numbers on the scale of billions is small were talking nine zeros. 8,000,000,000 check the stats yourself dont just listen to the local media mouth piece they read from a teleprompt. half of them can not even read the cards as they put on a pretty face laugh when prompted show fear on que what part of this is not a tv show, did we miss.

Make your battle plan choose your alleys and begin your epic journey using wits wisdom faith determination and drive committed to the goals you seek and those you care lets face it being human means living in a community of strangers making friends through hard work and fun times socially connecting to that which makes a city a city and a world a world embrace the differences and challenge the hardships to reach each plateau forever driven by your hopes and dreams comfort in those who you care and trust the journey is the reason life is the tool and in the end we all die but how we chose to live our lives will be remembered.

“even our children are watching in absolute fear when will it stop what is life how will we live it at war in death fighting starving or a giant boom well if we continue to let the idiots who are hiding trillions of dollars each year on mothballed programs from dozens of years ago when finished they decided why stop taking the money no one knows what its for but us and lets just keep taking it who cares about the slaves of the world who work so hard and have no life anymore,

entitled fools with deep pockets what about the high facts regarding the hundreds of confirmed alien crashs around the world the ancient advanced sites hidden by the deep state.

the most important facts are this our great nation has been the bread basket of the world for the last forty plus years and sadly our treasures have been given out at the discretion of some horrible people who somehow got elected by charm or lies and the fact our citizens have not taken the voter privilege’s to heart and left it as not vital just something we did every four years or or two years depending on the offices up for grabs.

The most vital fact is being a soldier we all know when its time to go to war we know this task as our training prepared us well, but the problem is the gold standard is not fighting but financial the goal is not to fight and argue about mondane things but to demand the control of our financial destiny rather then leave it to those who have shown there great desire to spend it for self gratitude and gain.

The walk on the capital was not a violent one it had actors who were infiltrated into the peaceful crowd of american trump supports who came with the intention of violence; they were doing what those in deep state like the violent protests from the summer. lets look at the picture clearly the marchs and protests were not violent people fighting to cause damage there were those who came for that but most came for the freedom of expression and freedom of speach demanding our police and officials know that we are not going to stand for abuse by those who wear badges and say they represent our government because its clear each city town state has thousands of members who serve as police and other vital jobs for us as Americans and we all know they have families too.

The fact the Capital police handled themselves with restraint is such a blessing to there training we are exhausted from a year of lies and lockdown failures of businesses and the removal of our livelyhoods based on a lockdown designed to destroy us collectively and intentionally the money is the bottom line like the small token crackers were being given now to barely stay alive they fact is each Citizen has attained wealth that our treasury holds in a locked box and refuses to open or give us any share of all they have made from each of our families and its children the stock market catch is so out the door with billions each year collected and sent as loans to other nations and warlords around the world we seldom even know why or who these politicians are paying and for what reason; clearly we can see so many examples of corruption at the highest levels how can a vice president collect 1.5 Billion dollars with his son from China what for what was the payment for its a fact Biden is not a manufacturer or amazing creator of some new tech he was acting as a vice president to Obama and even He has cashed in.

to blame Trump as they have been doing for over four years shows there is absolutely another motive here why direct so much towards damaging him the democrats have spent trillions to fight every attempt by Trump to bring positive change to this great nation and they acted like hyenna. biting at his heels.

Bottom Line

to bring the simple truth to focus we need to understand the answers although difficult still are possible we can reverse the negative impact of the 2020 disaster it left two thirds of the world struggling to survive the lives businesses destroyed entire geographic populations have been frozen in time for things that were a result of others actions.

The freedom of speech part of the United STates is now under full attack by the wealthy directing parties of twitter and facebook along with a dozen other platforms we now see to speak honestly about what you see is beyond wrong and can get your stripped of your rights to speak or express your thoughts at any level, We need to push back with the bottom line money stop supporting them financially and we will see they are not as powerful as they think i remember in the seventy’s we never had smart phones in fact the only mobile was a giant brick like in the series Miami Vice: Tubbs and Crocket. throughout all our lives we can see and choose how we wish to exist; families loved ones he communities we thrive in its a choice if you walk away to live isolated the reality finds you that its the choices we make on a daily level that guage our success and difficult existences building by learning throught failure lets face it no one every won a gold medal without failure we all must fail in our attempts at success to learn and grown gather skills to achieve greatness.

Time to return to life and sadly now they are trying to drive the needle home forcing millions to get an injection of some new biohazard called covid vaccine so what is it why the rush to force your last stand of freedom for yourself and those you love? forcing healthy people to be injected with a covid that according to their own research is a deadly plague on humanity regardless of location or culture so now the gig is to force mass injections and what do we do in six months or a year when the issues start to surface like a tactical submarine rising out of the depths of the ocean unseen yet sitting there all along to cause havoc on our lives death or worse destabilizing our very DNA.

always keep looking up be bold and beleive in your own skill and ability to achieve greatness in all you do

developing your inner self is critical to a future you will enjoy and find the inner peace you deserve for hard work and diligence under pressure. We all have special skills each unique to us and when we strive towards our dreams we find both the courage and the determination to develop the skills to there utmost levels and this is that place of AH!

but lets be clear its important that you return to your life before covid not willing to give up or live in fear will open up new dynamic pathways to success weather its work or play we all have that inner ability that inner child who always sees life from the innocence and fearless place. When we were young we didn’t say oh i might get hurt we didn’t doubt that what ever it was that sparked your heart to beat faster also was a driving force of change. Open up your minds eye and take a deep breath find that calm we all have and start your journey first make the plans to achieve your goals like climbing a mountain we first decide in the route of our assent using knowledge and wisdom of other climbers before you once that has been established we can begin to gather the supplies of this journey don’t be lost in a strange place without the necessary equipment you need to achieve this inner drive and determination. Over the years i have seen in my own life that its always difficult yet the test is how you gain knowledge and the skills needed to keep at the top once you get there. there is no time to take a sabatical or month vacation time is the tool the end the voice of reason the test of your endurance and even your desire for love all connect at this place. What is life without taking the time to experience that infatuation and deep felt lust for the company affection and approval of the magical it only comes when your not looking for it.

The world is vast and full of dynamic experiences all can change you infact they will absolutely alter the way you think and act; alter you routine and change your diet of life such as when you choose to eat a new kind of food make it profound and determine to reach as high as possible.

be amazing you are so beautiful my fonded memories are watching you do your stretching exercises and smiling at me from across the room

lyrics of deep desire a lust you can trust

Walking down the sunny shore all the beautiful women golden tan strutting there beauty down against the Pacific ocean cool summer breeze.

so much to hold you touch your smooth skin wander together along the boardwalk as the full moon rises high over head as the light of the beach houses reflect across the face of the waves.

Love desire lust trusting do much you will always be there hoping so much that when i try so hard to express you my love desire so consuming and the taste of your warm kiss soft ruby lips and golden complexion as i wonder often how i was so blessed to have you favor me to love me and hold me thru the night to whisper the sweet things you felt when we were alone.

Night falls and love grows as you and I walk home from the beach to go inside and take a hot soak in the jacuzzi and drink a glass of wine to stare at each other and hold you close whispering the things you want to do as we play like children without fear or rejection living a life of open love and desire to walk holding your hand and look deep into your eyes girl your a star child and how much i desire to feast to hold you love and lust over you to keep you close and smell your rose oil as you walk into the room for so many years you have consumed my dreams you are the fire that warms my heart and holds tight my dreams

Going forward in America

well we can complain about life and all we face or we can put on our work cloths and start to press towards a better life and a place where we can shower those we love with amazing deep felt experience’s that will long stay fresh in mind.

Getting up each day should be a sign of greatful for another chance to be profound and amazing; to believe in your own talent and how hard you work towards the dreams you have if your an artist then you need to keep working at projects that can tell the story of your journey what better way to share life for others to see a canvas or a poem that drives their imagination and makes them think hard about their own lives.

Reaching deep inside to find what inspires you and using tools that you have worked so hard to develop weather painting sculpture or a thousand other types of creative creations that you can make all describing your life to others through abstract or realistic images on a canvas i love using mixed medium weather working in wood clay or acrylics even using semi precious beads to make jewelry; the choice of how you combine the colors or how large or small the beads we all can inspire through the smallest subtle ideas what is driving us in life and how we will deal with life at the most difficult times. take a few minutes to watch this its amazing and can provide you and your loved ones not only a health tool but a potential business that is ten years ahead of the rest of the market Remember Apple well Solex just launched and its been an amazing ride even for the first four months and the soft open i love the phone and the health tools are profound about time that we were given tools that can actually help us to live a healthy life rather then a social bug magnet to waste prescious time

sadly the fact is with all being said an done the election being over great to watch them spend billions to try and destroy President Trump is sad indeed why waste billion’s of tax payers dollars when they all have been lax with our resources hiding them in nice larger problems where they get there carry fee along the way, before we get smart and focus all our energy on solveing the horrific problem we are facing because of Covid right alot of possible answers exist but few will work to change the world for the better..

Sitting as usual and assuming the democrats or the republican’s the issue of putting life back on track is the true battle how to put millions of lives back on track like wiping out all personal debt since the government has continued to assist huge corporations and Banks but to the average American this is not true the wolfs of collection will soon reach around the policy’s and throw all they have invested at us on an individual basis how can our government continue status que it wont work we have to get past this group or that we are all parts of the society fabricly laid across the earth different cultures laguages and societys but if we continue to fight over stupid things shame on them they need to come together now as a world society that works towards solving the major issues to life as we know it

fresh Water

the oceans abundant with sea life of diverse and dynamic populations of creatures

fresh air that we must come together on using energy that is not killing us over the long term.

start to care about children rather then ignore the horrible things chilcren around the world are struggling through we must be a beacon of that spark of freedom and liberty the ones who help others and care about using the might to bring about an end to those horrible problems that have plagued society’s for thousands of years

Writing a book or the knowledge of right is nothing unless you and society collectively work together to solve them collectively as a universal society of humanity how can we continue to ignore the horrors that go on all over the world. lost in the sauce.

Worlds that have so much and yet as seperate tribes with prejudices destroys the magnificient things we can accomplish, as citizens of Earth rather then stocks in a corporation that continues to break the rules of life and compassion the race to dominate the world needs to stop enough war mongering really time to step up meet in the middle and do amazing things that others like myself grew up in to be a positive force in life and humanity,

working out on long island sunrise late july 1997

if we really want America great then we need our officials who work for us as representitives to work together and make positive changes so tired of the conflict its been four years of one side attempting to destroy the other what kind of a image are we sharing with the world its tragic rather we have the skills tech and a full abundance of citizens who wake up everyday to go be amazing do the job that they love and make the dreams of their families and loved ones come true. Its your job as such to stand up for our rights according to the constitution of The United States of America and when you go represent us that you do it according to our believes not your own.

Unless you people wake up and solve the huge problem that is here with us right now for almost a year our world has been shut down and the politics is nauseating to Americans i can tell you us Veterans are more upset than you see on the surface after all these soldiers are red white and blue hard working brave soldiers men and women who have risked all for this country, time rather then more plots and scandels to start doing your job enough with trying to nail President Trump to some vision of democracy wall by those in office who are truely rabit like a canine foaming at the mouth we need this country to start focusing on important matters jobs financial releif a support system that will help us solve the problems that wont go away such as oweing a years worth of rent or not having a job.

On top of that your policy’s are causing more problems why are all the isreali citizens who got vaccines becoming HIVpositive what the hell i know fauci has made his name with the HIV years ago i guess he wanted to spread some of his love right that some of us are old enough to remember things like that and good old President Biden life long politician hope he really learned while living and working in Washington DC ?

American Veterans are wondering what about us the ones who have put to the ultimate test serving this great nqtion im a disabled veteran and want to have some simmulance of a life a home a job a future i have done all that was asked and strived each day of my life to be amazing with good knowledge and skills education and experience why is it that i can be invisible to the same people who walk around so happy for there success was it really your success or that we risked life and limb against enemys with real bad ideas and did so to make sure you were safe and free and living the life you dreamed of not locked in a home by some policy that cannot protect you from life i am offended that a new digital camera taking a picture of the micro world around us come on imagine the hot humid weather along the east coast and Gulf the air is filled with moisture and droplets from miles of sky and from thousands of miles away so now they want us to wear masks for all our lives really i wonder to ask a stupid question do you need oxygen to life as a human i know that plants love carbon dioxide but im not a plant.

Find the whole idea you think a paper or cloth mask works it offended me at a deeper level as i have spent most of my life dealing with toxic chemicals with high VOC and i have OSHA certifications for most if not all types of approved masks and there level of protection so Mr Fauci please explain how a paper mask from those box’s that state this “mask offers no protection” the same ones you insist people wear?

I would ask aAmericans keep calling and asking the right questions of your reps they need to focus and solve the problems our nation cannot last another four years under foolish rules and unpractical expectation first of all as President you need to wipe out American citizens debt there is no way we can dig out from under Covid none most family’s and individuals have exhausted all there savings for the last year hoping some miracle would come long before know; Its important our leaders start compromising and giving us the systemic support we deserve as Citizens and also to do your jobs with team work enough with the demand Americans must listen daily to the abuse of those who are no longer there focus this wild pack mentality and be honest with yourselves the march on the capital was a population bombarded daily hourly by scandal and fear they have lost there jobs no idea if they will have another day of work or that they’re family is safe to return to life and Americans need to know that our government is doing there job and listening to the voices of the American citizens

The only way is forward and as such its time to see our amazing Constitution and those who have been elected to work together and build something amazing where Americans can live and raise there families in a safe and secure community overseen by honest hardworking professionals doing there best to make this nation an example to the world and beyond a civilization of humanity needs to finally stop picking fights and work together to solve the problems that exist sharing and working together is the only way we can solve this if the government is split and have want to waste billions trying to impeach Trump and he has already finished his term and left office enough is enough tell Pelosi to take a powder break and go rafting or something constructive but right now the government must work together quickly to open up this nation and allow people back to life enough of lockdown insanity the truth is people who were locked down got covid just as much.

what is the story with those how died from traumatic car accidents or ODs those who were healthy until hospitals sent sick patients into nursing homes to compromise already elderly and health negitive adults what and why not one word from the media.

Americans are tired of the lies and constant media barage of all the horrible things we should fear and worry about enough with this insanity its time long sense that the truth should be shared and the government who hated trump so much to work together to provide smart and positive action at this time of great fear and anxiety we dont want a circus or witch burning at the Capital the Capital police handled the situation with honor and integrity according to the constitution of the United States yes the election needs to be absolutelly fair to all parties and if it takes a few months the purpose it a fair and just election on top of that all the americans who have lost there jobs even purpose in life for some that daily routine was a cornerstone of there life now its been destroyed dont need to blame anyone all the offices of government have wasted years trying to intimindate and make a criminal of our president this is the real treason think about it President trump didnt storm the cabinet it was some depressed and angry Americans who have watched there entire world collapse before there very eyes most having loved ones children parents all dropped into a covid hell i think it will be remembered for the plague that was mass media block buster and the anger of the world exposed us to one real fact there are no protections against formes of life we cannot see that makes sense i cant imagine spending a whole life walking around in a space suit with Scuba gear it wont be the world i know anymore.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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