AS the sun sets and the night moves over America the citizens are deeply involved with understanding the rights and rules of America finally they start to see its their country and with it there God Given rights to Freedom and liberty

Enough with the political fools insisting now that Trump has caused the down fall of western Civilization right he has cuased the world wide covid experiment he is the seed of discontent right but lets be honest its is he who has insured our lives for the last year the democrats were happy to leave us to die in our apartments with no money no job not food and worse the system they oversee failed before our very eyes can you not see it even today the solution of forcing us to be vaccinated by strange new injections that we know nothing about hoping this will kill the fear we now live in but the simple truth is like the movie Dune fear is the Mind Killer;

shazam you are cured of your fear go out and be profound and amazing

and we must get a grip to overcome the insanity before us America is our nation i cant speak for other nations around the world but do know the in Europe the citizens would have shut down the nation so many examples like the miners from London the Bastille day in France where almost several million were out in the streets demanding from there representative their rights not caring about how many cops were lining the streets they simply brought out thousands more citizens into the street to make sure there was no miss communication what America needs is to shake the earth our lives are priceless levels of privilege’s from the founders of the United States and they knew well the oppression of mother england well its time in America our President Trump won the election by a land slide literally but because of deep state faction you know the black lives maters antifa and Sorross together stoked the riots and pushed our citizens to the edge but funny with covid we were told no gathering to meet family six feet apart and yet for protests we gathered tens of thousands why the double standard .

Ironically now the leader of the monster class Mrs. Pelosi herself what a patriot right born of political family and spent here whole life being groomed to rule us like wild sheep but if you take the time to look hard enough you will see the truth like George Bush Jr he did so much wrong and walked thru the crowd of despair with a smile he was so happy with his efforts and most of us said what the hell did he even do then Obama the man who promised so much and stole the pensions of millions of hard working American families to pay for the nightmare Obamacare it is good he put his name on it . now suddenly they will wipe the slate clean by blaming Trump for every wrong in the world and then try to erase all the good he did for this country its wrong because the last year has been caused by others and they should ware the cost of America’s march on the washington establishment absolutely.

rather then put the blame on the President of this great nation when it was the lock down and policys of state and city officials who through there neglect and lack of concern caused all the issues that brought this nation to the brink of revolution and its not over because Polosi thinks it’s a good idea because as long as he lives Trump will try to drain the swamp and be paid huge sums for doing just that America is tired of lies and calculating criminals who drain our nation and then write it off and declare corporate bankrupts and demand baleouts for there intentional selling this nations richs to any fool willing to offer enough money funny since Biden was vice President to Obama he took a pay off thru his son for 1.5 Billion that is what i said to sell us a bad shipment of communism at the cost of our freedoms and liberty America needs to demand full disclosure no more need to know what is our money being used for absolutely must be shared since they continue each year to waste invest and throw our national resources as its there own personal wealth to do with as they want I hope Americans start to look hard at the choices being made and those who always seem to have an answer the Capital was not attacked an attempt to reclaim the rights of sovereign citizens of this great nation who have worked hard for generations to build this majestic place to live healthy long prosperous lives without the incrochment of our rights by those who we elect to serve as our representitives like the media being paid to sell us poison and lies and getting paid both for the printing of the story and the right thiefs behind the media direction of topic and what to say the covid is a good example it seems over the last nine plus months anyone who died was writen as covid related and by which they got a bonus from fema for raising the hight of the numbers along with sticking sick people into nursing homes when they knew like fish and chips that this would increase the death toll but nothing has been said and even worse our President never insighted anyone he told us the truth that this was our nation and our government and as such if it needs a face lift that we were the people who had the rights to do so>

I am sad that anyone was hurt killed injured but lets be clear the Capital Police handled themselves with dignity and justice they are american patriots who defend our nation and its treasure but have no control over the idiots who are working inside congress and the senate to make laws they build up equity for themselves these officers my hat goes off to them and President Trump needs to say such as we could have had a real blood bath like after WW1 when american veterans were gunned down for demanding what was promised them before they went to the trenchs in Europe to help defend freedom and liberty, likewise our President has stood up again and again to fight of the hyennas at his ankles and that has been the case since he took office four years ago why not walk away because he believes in this great nation and wants to open the doors to truth long locked and under control of a militarized police force who refuse anyone into the offices because keeping us out protects them from facing the lies they have been living to serve is not a cash cow but a chance to step up and support our nation with good deeds as a representative of this great nation to help those around the world suffering horrible injustices like Africa the Congo the MIddle East justice is a huge issue no one will trust us if we continue to let thiefs go across the pond and make back door deals with evil people who want there piece of America we need to study up on the Constitution and bill of rights the preamble to the constitution all valuable gifts from the original wise men of this nation not after personal wealth or notoriety.

Nothing the deep state can take away from our President Trump and he should at once pardon all american citizens debt this would strike a blow the the bankers who think only they can steal from us but never answer for it i would say to wipe out Americans personal debt after this year from hell would be a great action even if he is tired of fighting Those who voted again for him know he is making this nation great again and nothing makes the democrat’s more angry because they believe somehow that its there money.

America needs to show the world like never before what our values are and will be be beaten at the first attempt to steal our lives and freedom or will it be the cry of help by the poor deep state for all the crimes they have committed in the last twenty years lets see war crimes in middle east Africa Afghanistan not the soldiers who followed orders but the pharmaceutical company’s who paid to own the warlords and poppy fields for greed.

Yes by all means lets blame Trump for everything and when you come forward and admit all the evil done over the last twenty years even longer and take responsibility for such evil as stealing billions from Bagdad under the guise of rebuilding this nation or the war torn areas that you profited off selling weapons to those on both sides time will show and then once the deep state comes clean we can blame everything else on earth on President Trump right oh wait not covid that was Germany and china who ran set up and propagated this covid hysteria and the politicians in America just wanted to lock us down so we would never know how bad they were .

so question dont you want to know what our government has been doing with trillions i mean hundred of trillions of dollars each year and why we have spent the last year with basically nothing but lies and deceptions all to do what not covid it was about locking us down and forcing our lives into a quicksand trap designed to destroy our saving and then take our lives by isolating us from each other its easy to destroy a lone wolf but as a pack they survive right king of the north it is VAla Magulas freedom brake the wheel and liberty live a profound amazing life in a nation built on the highest tenants of human capacity and liberty sadly over the last year all the disabled people were shut out completely they could not get around or did they have even help for months while the city and state officials decided to force lock down and put bus’s and train’s out of service.

the genitic nature of earth and its inhabitants is not something we should allow scientist to play with for any reason

The treasures of Freedom America unwrapped

its clear so many of the things we do in life can be altered enhanced destroyed by the kind of efforts we make in life the opportunity of freedom mean so very much to go after the dreams you have and reach the goals that you desire by hard work dedication and a social support system of family and friends who give you the faith in your gifts and how high you can excel and how much your ready to reach your dreams weather that is choosing to love who you want and wear the cloths and share your life with those who you choose not based on religion culture cast or social standards aside further its only with freedom can we grow at all as sentient beings what is life if you dont go and try to be amazing and do the things that mean so much to you when you wake uo in the morning to get up and call a friend go out for the day spend the night at someone’s house based on your mutual desire not some political officers design on how you should and will live your life.

When i think about life i remember all the clubs and dances parties and events i went to in life from local concerts with small pubs to huge dance events on new years eve all amazing events i am so glad were allowed me in life the effort made to work hard and strive to be a profound human in my own right after years in schools always being judged by those who wanted everyone to be the same wear the sane cloths talk and walk the same way wear my world by following instructions of those in authority. When i grew up and saw first hand my life was amazing based on the choices i made and when i would rush into the journey intentionally such as love meeting an amazing woman on some bus and be lustfully involved within a few hours and both of our lives were touched by an amazing feeling and long felt admiration of those spontaneous individuals amazing women who passed my life and touched my soul a world without a journey profound is a flat out bust no reason to even get up and go out if you are not ready to be amazing talking enjoying life reaching out to help friends and stand for values that mean alot to you and which you share with those you care. a community that grows through its open and common goals working and living together .

the first kiss the first swim in the silverlake resivour making love on a bank in clove lakes meeting a young amazing woman and before the night we were passionately embraced in affection and lust desire and passion what is life that feeling you get when the person you care about walks into the room after you had the hardest day and reaches out to touch and hug you life what is freedom without life and without love and passion adventure challenges and amazing sights meeting new friends and going sking for the day or hiking on some park trail playing some music or going on a boat ride with a group of dear friends what is freedom to meet on a crowded ferry and realize that your long lost friend is actually walking by on their way home after not seeing them for years life is profound amazing to run into an old lover and have the same fire as when we last met years later making out on the radiator ledge on the 86th floor of the empire state building hoping no one gets off the elevator while we were busy being free.

I built this resturant bar it was a huge job lots of hard work and even the bar top custom inlay with built in led lights all Brazilian IPA and a stone coat epoxy top

be amazing in life dont fail yourself choose a big dream and work hard towards your future remember your health is the ultimate treasure and they dont want you eating well when you go into any store look right at eye level for your children the most amazing selection of a candy addiction education that was set into place to give you and your children the worst food so you needed the most health help and then offered doctors a jumbo bag of goodies to make you eat that cause more problems to be developed and still no one has banned sugar

but you have the right to eat all the sugar you want and when you get ill they will make you pay them part of the hard earned money to get help with this same issue Diabetes the body can cure itself if you stop putting poison inside and start to choose the right fuel for your body that is clear when you eat certain types of food your body gets leaner stronger healthier and doing amazing things is not difficult when we are at our best engines purring you know what i mean sad seems most want to buy quick fix from fertility to endurance but never spend there time doing the exercise needed to keep at that peak.

choosing the right tools like non GMO Pro-Biotics from “Grainfields” from Brisbane Australia or choosing to find natural cures rather then some strange concoction from a pharma lab with a thousand side effects even if you life a long life who wants to spend four hours a day to take and monitor the medication that they must take because of the life style they volunteer for made from tinctures used by ancient peoples for thousands of years even in Brazil you can see in the Amazon forest not company that there are thousands of plants and extracts used for every possible illness from nature and these plants and barks roots and fluids from nature fill the full spectrum of health we all need rather then use chemicals designed to alter or hurt you natural plants if chosen to serve the purpose long used for can be amazing and give great gifts in life health wisdom and health knowledge pizer doesn’t deliver to the tribes in the amazon no not the store but the jungle in south America maybe we can blame Trump for the rain forest and yearly flood and monsoon in India and Bangladesh if your freedom means something to you then there is only one option let these servants know that the gig is up and its time to be taken out on a rail like in the south they would load them on a lenght of timber and carry them out of town America Freedom Liberty passion beauty rights above any other place on earth,

So sad all gone lost forever how nice to see the stagers of four years of venemous abuse of our sitting president trying to not move forward but beat him up while he is still alive to stomp him into the ground for exposing all the scandel these same democrats have used to steal all the treasures of this great nation.

now the threat is armed oversight by military and capital police advising us to stay home in lockdown and watch by virtual in your home what part of this should beat you to senseless a fact that you are being directed to not only stay away from inauguration but watch at home on your couch maybe they will show the old movie its a wonderful life and we can think about why Bailey was so heartbroken to want to throw his life away at the small bridge well we have a day like that now as your know the evil property master from its a wonderful life how he owned everything and force those less well off to suffer cruel lives because of his hatred

Limits of perception a great movie on amazon prime reasons to make your life amazing and understanding fear is a cruel master in any moment of life covid microscopic mites so many universes live within us watch the movie five stars even family rated how cool. we all need to focus on the bigger picture our world is massive on the universal scale and we are just a part of it the kinds of creatures that exist even down to the size of a dust mite life in a world with billions of creatures so small we didnt know they existed until we got our hands on electron microscopes in the 30’s the new Ascope or atomic lets you see down the the individual molocule of carbon which is 1 /10000000 of mil in size our live is a vast journey of billions of creatures all vested in life just as we are and all you can do is try to keep healthy and live life by the minute and hour why worry about the end it could be fifty years away we dont know,

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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