gathering your bucket list for the profound journey of your life bold dynamic and amazing

so walk the long walk feel the wind touch the falling rain and impose your will on the universe be amazing take the tools you have been given freely and inspire greatness in each breath, walk within your body and mind to achieve the dreams you have held dear to your heart since early childhood.

wake each day with no doubts of your journey but be firm and motivated to impress your efforts on this great universe be profound and dynamic be bold and blind to fear as its the greatest enemy of life the atoms dont complain about the fact they might get slammed into by another atom and the bugs dont complain oh my god i might get eaten by a giant bird from above life is that amazing journey when you open the jack in the box what you will get depends on the choices you make and how hard you strive to achieve them.

the dreams that pierce thru the conception of your dreams and burst into view before your eyes are but chances to be amazing and depending on your design and efforts will gauge the rewards and accomplishments achieved,

reason is a valuable toll to change and we all should take the time to dance the dance finding knowledge and skills to fill our tool box and help us reach our bold goals for if not bold why even bother waking up in the morning.

I am not a God but a sentient being with the spark of G inside every breath i take and with each effort and dream find paths through the garden of life which lasts only a moment in the span of eternity and which i will have many millions of separate opportunities to achieve and learn at this school of life a staircase to heaven, a wooden boat, to carry me across the deep unknown sea; filled with the dreams and nightmares of those who have passed before.

a journey across the heavens on a spinning blue planet called Gaia

The journey can begin as soon as you are ready;

so get up each morning and make a battle plan one of what you will do to get where you desire and what tools will you need today to reach said goals, within the early minutes of morning know what you will do today and how hard you will struggle to achieve each step of your climb into the blue heavens above.

There are no easy tasks in life from waking to walking to growing up and learning these tasks take years of life and provide you a skill at patience and understanding to allow you to overcome the difficulties that will lay ahead, open each door like you were ment to be here and with all your willpower strive hard to achieve your highest understanding of each of the foot holds on the mountain you are now climbing. Choose wisely the friends and alleys you will call upon in this part of your journey those who are both in like mind and supportive of you as a person. be sure to get all the hugs that you can as i have said before the broad value and greatness of a hug or show of human compassion and care can not be values in dollars nothing comforts us like the warm embrace of those who love and care about us willing to stand as our alleys and build a future working towards a common goal the world of Uh be that sacred place where your actions and deeds collide towards the miracle that is life profound, dont choose to fear life as someone else afraid to go out for fear of seeing the sun but boldly strive out to meet the sun as it rises each day in the east. Behold as sun sets the moon will rise in the eastern sky and traverse across the darkness on a blanket of clouds and mystery over the millions of years life humanity and civilization have found a broad cosmic connection as humanity struggles to embrace the world full tilt with dreams that cannot be suppressed.

knowledge from a flower

don’t complain about a bee landing on your petal be bold and realize we all are connected on a micro plain the fabric of space and time roll out towards a destiny we cannot explain or understand but we do know its up to us to strive without rejection of those around us because they are different by gender or creed culture all life in a kayos that blends together before our eyes and builds a ever changing world to enhance our journey and build that which will help us boldly move towards wisdom and knowledge when the most valuable asset is not money but your knowledge and skills they have great value and provide us with skills to assist us on our dream path. The Aboriginals of Australia called it a walk about to go out into the wild parts of central Australia and journey for knowledge and understanding at each breath we can alter our trip reach higher then even our goals but it comes from being in the game going out and working hard to establish the required skills of achieving your dreams.

regardless of your location its entirely your chose what journey you will take some choose to settle down with the first partner that makes them feel and have children without thinking about the consequences of this choice yet others dabble in a thousand such relationships with no commitment as it has been decided long ago to make the journey without a caravan of luggage and emotional baggage.

some choose to rise on a great white ship out into the deep ocean never even knowing what lies beneath is shimmering surface

we must try to enjoy the trip making full use of all the tools we have even in America where so much is happening even knowing the truth is vital and can alter all the choices we make and will drive us to a totally new direction, opening up to find that we need more information and knowledge is a good place to start we live in a nation built on laws of freedom and liberty not corp greed and ambivalence.

At some point those who chose this path find it is barricaded by so many obsticles because of the direct neglect of our social responsibility towards others and to always remember building a great nation requires us to have full truth and knowledge about the issues we face collectively and hard work to ensure these values are kept to the highest standards.

even when he heavens will fill with clouds its not a sign that its coming to an end its a door to change and we all must accept the altered direction as a chance to expand our knowledge and learn new skills

the best tools are the ones you work the hardest for and they prove again and again if you have doubts in life the tools you have collected in the journey can open doors unlock deep crashing seas of knowledge and understanding but we need to participate and be dynamic in our struggles to achieve such great outcomes from the efforts we put forth.

The Government believes that they can scare us with military tanks and i say look at the democratic spring in Egypt where millions refused to stop demanding there rights after centurys of colonial rules and oppression it was a sign that chance will come weather peacefully or violent its depends on those who can read between the lines what is freedom worth and who decides when you have crossed the line not really a rule but simply a gauges one that defies logical thought as we are all diverse in nature non are the same even Twins carry a separate sentient soul inside these differences can catapult us higher and farther but can not stop random interactions from being pre ordained to enter our lives and make the challenges much more difficult.

Important share

We are all faced with huge choice here i have learned well in this magnificient journey with amazing delights fantastic opportunities and also horrible sorrows and challenges some i feel still drag behind my life, but with the last year all the past experiences good or bad filled my arsenal of lessons and struggles the victory’s and failures. I have travels road motorcycles.

The fact is I was paralyzed in my 20’s this was a bad one lost family children and then thrown on the streets only three years after a major spinal surgery that gave my ability to function. This was a test one that i continue to fight to this day but i have to use my skill set to solve issues of health and even basic things like where to live how to support myself with no jobs and a political system that is absolutely toxic in nature. I wanted this election to be fare and just these politicians have gone far beyond the line of American integrity and loyal representation of us the Citizens of this great nation. the covid insanity must come to a close so life can return to some practical level of normal.

As far as the construction industry how can you fill a large job site without coming into contact with both other workers employees staff and residents all impossible except outside construction and limited crews; the world as we know it has changed and as Part of the Greatest nation on earth we must stand to the values all the citizens of the world hold as high mark for humanity and creating a civilization that will span the solar system with wisdom inteligence and hard work:

we could be in the stars already! but as long as we focus on differences rather then individual values we waste our time fighting, and arguing. over foolish things rather then getting busy together to save the earth and each other from our insanity its true gothic what is happening here seeing the gutter antics of political leaders foaming at the mouth. This is over others mistakes not there own wake up call America is not happy we work to hard and have gone thru too much to watch our nation fall to the epic pile of collapsed civilization yet this time it will be all the citizens of earth.

Where to start level one as representative’s for the Citizens of America

to serve in offices befit to there talents and skills and represent the voice of her Citizens honorably like an old saying “Equity Given for equity Returned

we allow them access to the treasures and resources of this nation to accomplish certain tasks and duties yet for over twenty years now they the MIlitary Industrial Complex has done just what Americans were worned of under Eisenhower that war is a great money making tool and they have been making money now where is all of the treasure our nation has collected why are American veterans homeless on the street how do you justify the sheltering of illegals better then our own legal Citizens this and the sadistic loop holes that imply that some americans have no rights because of reverse Discrimination we all should be equal and our hard work and skills used and appreciated fully the last year we have been locked in our homes lied to after several poor judgements by medical professional and politicians who wanted to be just that a loud and commanding voice yet they didn’t seek the best and most appropriate advice.

the world has grown smaller and as such there are many new realities we must face working together through language barriers geographical cultural yet if we would grow up and start acting civilized and try to be honest and have good intentions maybe just maybe we can mature on the galazy reaching level and a profound new shift in knowledge and advancement thru collective efforts building on knowledge and those in the high seats guiding the gears of making the Earth a fantastic centre of life in the Galaxy seeing all the stupic alien movies with us kicking ass are you serious our best was in there ancient history books long since faded into dust and stone.

The Government employees have never been denied the resources and wages throughout this last year now something fishy is going on and both sides are screaming how the other is the criminal and should be destroyed backed by deep pocket execs and corps that have everything to lose and nothing to gain by the truth and what they have done collectively.

Have they provided the real truth to Americans have they given full accounting over what was taken and accomplished and also what was wasted and lost why are we so disconnected from the wealthiest nations on earth both technologically and systems to oversee and coordinate all that is required. But here now the one side has launched a huge image to us as Americans a total lock down of all capitials in the United States why because of what a few very angry citizens when to far yet they are still citizens the American Prison system is huge

Besides the fact one small factor could have provided comfort to our nation by allowing the full correct votes by a senior delegation members in good standing supreme court and Senate and confirm without a doubt the truth American cannot have election fraud.

The march for all info i have been allowed to see the gathering was peaceful except a few angry intentionally bad upset citizen but the Police not only managed the situation well think about it millions of Americans lost jobs no hope of new one and the lack of any financial resources for over six months people have exausted everything coping with the covid along with fear and mass media pressing there sharp razor to the throats of Pround Americans with dire consequences both to the fabric of this nation.

shutting peoples first amendment rights a whole bunch of rights have been redacted here what about the right to gather and be with your friends and family’s work and provide for your loved ones Well all the disabled people in the United State’s were totally locked out of life the system failed them .

So for the majority of Americans who stayed trying to find a way to survive those who had the resources and ability traveled to let the leaders here our voices enough lies and restriction of our entire way of life and now we demand to see the truth and this sentiment runs deep in the desert sand

Billions tens of Billions vanished without any oversight they walked in with moving trucks and left with all they could carry the American people i hope still press hard for the truth what kind of figurehead will lie and deceive the citizens of this great nation and not even feel guilt or shame how horrible .

Best part is we have sight now and see what is being done and who is doing what for the Citizens of this great nation we have no room for lies and deception forced vaccines is a war crime and i take great offense to being told as a healthy citizens i must get some new injection to be safe whos safe????. moreover its clear American citizens have spoken out in every city young and old rich or poor there is no need to lock the world down to keep us safe the fact is when government cares about its citizens and worked diligently to serve our needs the people of this great nation stand as brothers and sisters we all deserve the principles and values our nation was built on and no more hiding the facts and full truth about all issues relating to our lives as one of the largest inteligent species on earth and having by devine implantation been put on earth and deserve to seek a life without foreign forced interjection and abuse based on rules of others.

having the moral fortitude to live work play and be amazing based on the values and efforts made to get along collectively with the sentient beings living here on this amazing continent. there is no guarantees life is what you make it and how you race towards your dreams all this can be possible yet there are things on earth that can hurt kill destroy us beyond sciences intervention and attempts to alter our genome


Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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