the most expensive Creation in the Galaxy

So ah ha here we are out searching the universe for our “Be the Ah

the fact is my anger towards the politicians and the doctors is quite simple in case i am angry that rather then make a positive plan based on fact rather then fiction we have been put through a deep gorge of high cliffs and complex issues of how to do the basic things we need just to survive.

but let us put the universe in to proper perspective our world is not a thousand seperate nations but one giant community that is divided into regional tribes as such we spend the last hundred or more years fighting over resources and power to control the people who live on earth, Our bodies are not some human experiment but a glactic quest by advanced species from billions of years ago who choose to create a species using the best of all they could control with the advanced tech the kind we could not even imagine.

So the truth is finally being opened up the knowledge of ancient societies that lived here long before present day and as such we can believe that over the millions of years the earth has suffered many catastropies and recovered each of them vanished leaving only minor traces of the technology and knowledge of these peoples some have huge archieves of knowledge that has been given to us to build a gradual advances in science and tech we all have been designed in a profound amazing format to be born grow learn and advance as we learn from life we experience the great joys and sorrows . to love and lose those we care about is part of the magical mystery of life as we know it. as such our future can fall into extinction through careless acts or mistakes and our knowledge lost forever due to carelessness and bad judgement.

I know that i am only one of the billions of amazing creatures who can call themselves human and stand as a community of decendants of ancients thrown into the daily challenges and life experiences we can see some of these ancient societies and yet here we are building our own cages out of fear of death not the enemy but only a bridge we all must face and as such its not how many years you get its about the time you have the tools you carry and your ability to adapt and change grow and learn.

Young or old smart or challanged we all have great potential weather a savant who can walk on musical water but unable to hold a casual conversation we have brave smart communities that build every greater technology and we must decide if our goal is to choose division and hatred or compassion and caring all choices give call to the future and how we can adapt and grow and learn as a community searching to achieve a common goal and build a sentient society where humans can share grow and care and none are left to be wasted by greed and contempt we all have nothing but the choice to reach out and be part of the magic where we grow as a society of the universe and part of that is to understand that life is something with no guarantees like in the wilds of Africa we can watch over some of the most profound life or death struggles in a vivid attempt to survive as a people and over the millions of years we can learn to grow or continue to fail and collapse as a society; adapting to change and working to make the world kinder healthier safer and focus our energy on great advances in civil and social community based support systems.

all we have and see all the connections we cannot see the Universe is profound and amazing and that is what we need to tap into our world is larger then you can imagine and once you open those doors your abilitys will grow and your journey will touch profound. but first you must approach it with real understanding that the Universe is all around you and even more runs deep within you connected to millions of micro universal connections which can be reached using your psychic abilities and your inner self who is more complex then any computer we have every created our mind and soul are infinitely diverse and functions across both time and space using the quantum entanglements that continue far into the distance and future our consciousness is not a small part but actually a gateway far above basic reality and we can combine all the most amazing things using our mind and focusing our reality and time through space and time but not controled by these rather it controls everything like how water can be liquid frozen or even a gas we can bridge the universe only by looking inside rather then trying to change the world around us we must manipulate the laws of physical matter by defining our conscience reality and this spreads far beyond what you see or feel,

You are a bold dynamic creature who walks and thinks and grows based on enviornment and the knowledge we are given and taught our universe adapts and alters our world by the moment even micro moment and we can alter everything only by focusing our consciousness on that which we desire and develop the inner foresight to control waves and spin this world on a moment by moment dynamic pulse,

For about three months i have been actively using the amazing Aoscan mobile network to keep my harmonic frequencys at there optimum and learning about the amazing body i have and working to build my health to its most effecient place. the Phone is amazing fully equipted and works on the Tmobile network and the huge frequency library loaded and working only through our network using some of the most amazing tools like Radionics and Rife tech that has been used since before NIkola Tesla began to define the universe and our magnetosphere using the gravity and our unique frequencys as humans we are connected through this very earth and over the lifetime we learn and grow define our world and struggle to achieve great things by interaction and interpretation we can build our health to such levels using the tools this new company has provided to help us individually and collectively keep our family and loved ones at peak health considering how many millions were spent by the Russian space agency to learn what was the optimum frequency for all the individual body parts such as pumps valves arteries muscles organs down the very smallest blood parasites toxicitys even your DNA.

even colors create sound and speak in the magnetosphere we need to realize the connections are so profound you can bring the world full circle and its bigger then us we need to start bringing the best from inside and open the special doors to amazing in your life this new Blackview 9100 is fantastic and gives me things that are tangible and function to keep my magnetosphere and frequency’s harmonically balanced and develop my own world by thought

the reports i am provided after various scans is amazing included are visual and discriptive detail to help me understand the very nature of mysterious parts of my body things we long went to doctors to ask there advice but we can only guess if they have the correct info to give us important advice and guides this tech does all that and more from infa red scanner to sonogram aoscan packages include a monthly premium membership to get all the tools available and we are always increasing these as our company grows/

the phone is amazing i love using it and find that everytime i show someone the tools and cool tech they find its years ahead of anything else on the market real smart phone filled with so many tools including a sim tool kit to use more then one sim card on one phone this allows you to combine the listed numbers onto one phone which saves money and provides you advanced usability and adaptability, the phone is an industrial miltary grade phone that is water proof and has multiple cameras and included voice recorder finally a phone that provides me important health tools and not only fills all my needs they just came out with the industrial tablet which is flying out of the warehouse.

another amazing find is to see and experience the amazing in your mind that brings these things to life watch the great amazon prime superhuman the invisible made visable what a clear representation of all the things i share we make our world by your thoughts and intentions honesty and integrity bring positive change at the smallest level of our being

the ao scan is fantastic in its design and the huge resource of inner health using the voice and and how we create our own universe by our desires and design made real through our firm belief is EVP electromagnetic waves such as induction coil

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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