if you believe in truth you will know it when you see it there can be no falsehoods when the truth shines through the darkness like a bolt of lightning

we all have that inner guide that tells us weather we listen or not is the question? when you come into focus how can you not feel in your very being that sense of DEja VU that you have seen this moment before and your insides is shaking with this erie sense that somehow you knew this was a big issue and the words comeing out all over didnt match the things your very eyes and heart were telling you so many getting their conversations shut down with some crazy insistence that you are not allow to say the truth or even share it i remember this great movie called Equlibrium and what is going on now is no different these total hyenna’s have taken authority and assume we are too afraid to share the truth and even worse they believe you dont have the reasoning capacity to see through the giant lie that they have played to a human population that spans four continents and huge sums have traded hands to ensure that they lie was not only shared but backed up with bogus information all you needed to see is that all around the hospitals are empty the navy emergency medical ship spent three plus weeks docked on the Hudson and no patients were ever transfered to their hospital beds instead Coumo shipped them to nursing homes and then told the media i dont care how can this be not a statement you would insist he clarify why is it this politician elected to serve as our government officers can state without reserve he doesn’t care about those who died but now they insist everyone will need to face a very uncertian future as the vacine they ramped up is not something ever tested on people not even lab animals since this is truth how is the statement not worthy of sharing on a communication platform designed to allow people to share events and share information in a supportive social media network of free americans who live in a country where they are guaranteed Freedom Of Speech how can any social media owner deny free speech and be allowed to continue to attempt to run such a platform designed to share free speech sadly they are pressing the lies and insisting we must obey and listen only to the lies this should offend all free people of this nation and world enough with the kid gloves time to force the truth out and give humanity the fair chance to grow and overcome insanity adn the lunacy we see now plaguing our networks who long stood for freedom and liberty in there papers and the very principles that they held sacred now they are the mouth peice for eutgenits groups who have decided its time to reduce the population and that means anyone but there family and loved ones to think they are injecting peanut butter into human beings how it will flow like blood but since its alien to the human genome the damage it will cause is irreversable and once absorbed and bonded to your DNA its over there is no way to repair remove or resolve any alterations in your genetic make up talk about forever that means your grand and great grand children if they are even born will have had there very dna changed and we have no idea not even a clue how it will effect life on earth for humanity and the rest of creation as we have no skill in the God Particle not even able to create even a bug a simple house fly and have never created any life form just isolated some parts and tried to change and alter the way these alterations affect life in humans even the sheep dolly only lived a sshort while and died the fact is we put to much faith in the skills of bluffers fakes i would ask let one scienttist actually create from nothing zero a empty space of matter a living breathing sentient creature even a less advanced one like say a sqirrel or a raven we have no such ability and as such should not be messing with the very life force all humans live with to change the genome changes everything even one small strand one individual cell cannot be replaced or grown from nothing the fact is our body has a built in map that shows our microscopic universe within how to connect attach join manage develop modify and give enlightenment to any creation how to insist a lie and tell us they can do anything with human dna but break destroy it


the magic and beauty of life how can you forgive yourself if you dont go out and live it

The truth is always a comfort i am not special just a smart sentient being who has learned through both amazing and horrific life events i have been at both ends of the spectrum from being rushed to a hospital when they didn’t know what the end of this part of my journey might be? We all face challenges some so significant and life altering its hard no impossible to not look past and say what next?

The facts and true nature of life is to be born get up and go race towards the end of your journey some of us have huge accomplishments after tragedy and others rise up and challenge the world at every new day as its clear we have no gaurantees in this life yet in American we do have some such as freedom to grow up work hard and live an amazing series of magical and fantastic events from love to sorrow how can you know one without facing them and being bold and personal responsible to rise up and use the amazing skills you have been blessed with and go change the world, sadly people are racing out to let some total stranger inject your body as some sort of bandage to protect you from the Cold: really the injection is not water its a synthetic compound that was created in a lab out of pre existing materials and designed to alter not your ability to recover from the common cold but to literally link into your Dna chain with the scientist behind have no clue what will be the long term ramifications to such a alteration to your genome is that the worst no the fact is the shot doesn’t protect you from the cold or flu infact the horrid truth is when you again meet the yearly cold and flu season the worst could happen that your body believes its world war 3 and star destroying your own being shutting down organs changing the smallest parts of a huge billion dollar creation that was done by advanced sentient beings that traveled here with technology and knowledge we might never have in another million years yet these so called professional scientists and politicians have decided regardless of the long term effect we will use the entire population to run a world wide experiment one that is worse then the amazing movie “the Constant Gardner”.

for many years the world has suffered in equality and becuase of greed and pharma they have chosen for the last fifty years to give these never tested vaccines to indogent poor peoples around the world since they believed that if they test it on poor people they will not be able to complain or even do anything except suffer and die. When or where these people in PHarma went so far into the devils playground and start to believe that they had the right to risk all these peoples lives because they were poor and maybe they might find amazing new treatments but worse they choose to do it by risking millons of peoples lives young and old poor struggling societys that have never had the amazing gifts bestoyed on them like western world such as America Europe even in India many of these richer nations have treated the billions who are poor as guinnepigs for every kind of strange experiment designed to be a low cost lab

That they have started to give to western world is so shocking not to fix anything but actually the results can be so horrific even now the thought of how many who got the EBA will life or suffer such adverse effects they might not want to live beyond the shot.

when you wake up its so important to realize that you are a biological treasure far beyond a price tag your mind is the most advanced wet drive computer its ability and capacity we have not even figured out yet. for the right reasons the facts bring truth and some amount of comfort and the faith to go out and continue living my life with good deeds good thoughts and good actions i will not live a life in fear hiding behind hollow doors and wooden walls that life without the basic and real challenges that we must go face are how we grow up and become more then when we were born,

you were brought into the world on a passion a dream a spontaneous gift from your parents and the universe to grow up learn and become all you could be come to work hard have good values that respect others and a desire to work within the world to make it better and take its journey for all the magic and profound it can be,

Dont be on your death bed saying oh i wish i had gone out and traveled or even something major like that special person reach out and hold them without fear because that person might be the long awaited soulmate who is all of humanitys greatest desire its not money or power its life AND THE VALUE OF THIS PRESCIOUS GIFT not on any pricelist we have been given the most amazing planet and rather then respect it and work to make it better we allow these people to go in our name and launch businesses that destroy the rain forest take our oxygen from the air and put poison in stead that thousands of species go extinct each year the water we depend on is being filled with toxic incredients that the petro industry has long known kill everything but they make alot of money.

its so sad to meet people and ask if they have ever gone anywhere and when they say the have lived their entire life in one place i am so grateful for the amazing journeys and trips i have taken to far off places where i dreamed as a child to visit amazing places that have been on earth from thousands of years ago. what will the end of your journey be i love to hear of the amazing that people do and its worth your time and energy to build such a life that stands tall on the rocky shores of life to lose those you love and love those you meet to be amazed and do keep to your dream as the soul will live on for eterntity an only then when we can walk out and embrace the lives of those around us can we hope to gain the stars right now we are acting like a bunch of drunk high school kids not taking the real reality of what mankind is doing with the amazing besides killing it to make paper money and life a selfish hateful life at some point we all have to realize its not to remove others but to empower others to stand up against the tyranny that is always right behind the door awaiting a chance to sell us a bag of bad mojo are we really going to buy it and end up on a dead planet trying to barely survive or build a great society that allows honesty and integrity build nations to a place they have never been before where all children are the amazing treasure that they are not a bunch of young innocent kids being used by sick demented individuals out for a good time or worse why can we not stand on such integrity and build amazing not stationary buildings but a fabric of international commitment to change and develop our better side rather then follow a bunch of lunitics who are so off course they are trying to silence the truth and humanitys base right to freedom and liberty and a chance to raise a family that could alter the universe if we only take the high road.

I have faith in those i know and care we all work together never judge each other always trying to help each other without judgement and hatred not based on any class or culture but on the great and noble fortitude of nations of individuals who work together for the greater good

yes even at the great Pharohs society delt with the seasonal floods cold and flu many died but the human body is a billion dollar creation able to recognise any thing it delt with before

there is so much that you can do when you choose to be fearless rather then wrapped up in a giant blanket of fear lets face facts something is wrong here the only truth is just that truth people die everyday some tragic accidents others illness or something like longterm health compromised by poor diet or limitations on their health for years or more health is the priceless gift we possess if we choose to use it find it adopt it and provide your billion dollar Bagoti with the right fuel and lubricants to ensure long amazing travels and adventure for you and those you love,

how can we not look at the world as a trust a place we have been provided that is amazing and profound with magic and mystery a place where you can attain enlightenment and knowledge to adapt and overcome any challenges but it takes team work where we all come to a place of caring enough to try our best to build that society of profound amazing delightful sentient beings who have been blessed by all that is around them. dont throw it away or buy a bad box of goods thinking you can come back later to get something better

Earth is a brilliant life filled planet with a perfectly proportioned star in the Galaxy and on it lives a collection of billions of human beings all different and unique that bare children who could change the very fabric of eternity given the chance to grow up learn and be amazing when we take each child as the treasure they are and stop isolating each other into definable groups colors languages geographic locations but as our team our huge society of living creatures with amazing gifts of such value instead we are sorting each other out choosing to be in fear and wander around in the dark time to turn on the high beams and go out to make your life amazing to take those you love and start living again there is no time to lose each minute is a chance to do amazing weather work at what you love or play music dance sing run parcor or martial arts study the stars travel and envelope your life with new friends and go places that you have only dreams for what is life if its not going somewhere we are not rocks or mountains we are living vibrant creatures who are filled with questions and desires to find the answer dont wait for someone else to tell you what your life will be choose to make your life all you want it to be. its so amazing to go out with no expectations and find new people go do amazing spontaneous new things and build a fantastic library of images experiences sounds laughter love lust desire beauty friendship so why are you still sitting here waiting for the next news report i doubt they will come out and say ok your great go on with life that is not in the game plan first its important to know your in a giant game

the next order will be now you wear two masks and cannot gather more then three people anywhere do to the covid new strain number 400 that you must walk through a sterilizer that will sprray your entire body before you enter a building then to ride a bus will require you to have a id card that says your now safe to exist and check every few months that a new one is required and with it a new battery of these injections to keep like a Dog or Cat with a vaccine record showing when you got your shot did you have any illness in the last month and where do you life and what place do you work can you not see its already a camera in every street and transport hub watching everything you do i am sure if you kiss your girl friend they are watching on one of the millions of cameras designed to do facial recognition and keep a data base on each place you go who you talk to when you call anyone who you called its clearly easy to see so why hide anymore or stay isolated pretty soon you wont be anble to leave the classroom without a giant piece of wood and a key to go to the bathroom a hall pass right that is to do anything whenn they start telling you that you cannot talk to someone who lives on a certain street or neighborhood and have to ge special [permit to go out together when will you see that its time to go take life serious and stop wasting it wearing a three hundred pound fear coat.

A Fear Coat

so now you have your fear coat and your making appointments to get your new injectable safty blanket not really thinking about what happens later after you have had your shots and suddenly a NEW COLD SEASON COMES AROUND THAT HAPPENS EACH YEAR will you be one of those who had both shots and your body suddenly begins to fail or worse that you develop long debilitating side affects what and how will you continue to live will you go ask those in charge what is going on im pretty sure that they not only dont have a clue but they have been paid to inject you not protect you so fear coat two double masks six seperations at all times no affection of kissing or holding hands that this can transmit the new strain of yep cu2 number seven that is the strain of cold that has been found.

The other day a friend Les came by with a frequency meter that could play the noise background from 5G and other electronic noise in a place and on the streets of brooklyn the noise was horrible like a crowded train station when the train enters the station and this noise actually hurt to hear and we are being bombarded all the time by these horrid noises the Five g has never been shared the damage it can cause its all about smarter tech regardless of how it effects humans they will get used to it right , no not right the decibles of this static 5G noise is like standing in front of a giant speaker and the fact we are subjected to them 24/7 without any break the damage is hard to ignore his device said inside in brooklyn it was loud and dangerous for my health and these were the sounds you dont hear with your ears like a POOR DOG MUST BE DEAF FROM ALL THE LOW NOISE SLAMMING INTO THERE SENSITIVE EARS

its sad to have people who i have always liked good people but they are so caught up in the medias spin on the cold season and that anyone who died must of died because coldie was in the house or colie walked by or someone alergic to perfume sneezed and they gave you and everyone in one square mile colie no one is talking about the past hundred years infact its like this colie just fell out of the dark sky and everyone on earth is a possible could die they fall off there bike and colie took them they were having a barbaque in the yard with four friends and they all got colie

maybe in another place or time before there was a mass conscience of liberty and freedom and the desire to love who you want be with who you desire work at what you love share with those you admire and care about show and teach others in your community some of the amazing talent you have been blessed with take a trip to the beach or go hiking with friends in the foot hills or out in some state park where colie might be but its not a place you can blame on other people maybe a bat flies by or a bear crossed your path maybe you saw a great white shark on your fishing trip and he slashed some water from the Atlantic on your hand and now dammit you got colie so i guess put on ten masks and dock the boat and wait until the middle of the night when no one is about and race home hiding along side cars parked to ensure you dont get a drive by colie to ruin your day.

the mystery and beauty of earth the life you have been provided is a giant boon of universal magid be bold and brave go out become that which you and you alone can become this life is a fantastic gift and you have been given the tools to be profound and amazing to travel anywhere be with anyone and define your life the journey and all you do those you care and touch to bring good and adopt new ways of buiding our race of humanity to reach the stars as sentient mature beings who show by action and deed that they are ready to go into the galaxy and be welcomed for the greatness we can achieve not the hate and selfishness of a child but with the humle and kind hearted efforts of someone who knows that all actioni caused equal opposite actions somewhere else

Maybe you might meet that most amazing person that you have always wondered will you meet and your too afraid to remove your dozen masks or stand up and look them in the eyes instead you hide in plain sight refusing to say a work come on you know that when humans talk they spit on each other all the time its a regular slerping burping foul wet thing to talk to others i know its so sad that now you have to bring a bucket of sterlization spray to protect you from that maybe he touched the same bus handle as that homeless guy who has not taken a shower in months or maybe worse has no place to use a bathroom so he walks around with the great smell of fecies au pu cologne

at some time we all need to start taking off the boards that we nailed up to our homes to see if the sun is still in the sky and then maybe go check on your long time friends who have not spoken to in almost a year, well that would be nice say hi or maybe have a cup of coffee go for a walk on a deserted park trail besides i have not heard of any colie transmission from wild animals living in the large parks unless you get taken by a giant puma in Cali then all bets are off forget about colie your dinner. maybe go to a place you went when you were young but do step up to contact those you love and care about these political fools have denied you love friendship companionship and a thousand events each day that now cannot be restored how do you plan a day when the once simple task of hitting an atm or going to the bank now can take hours of standing in line on little spots on the sidewalk or standing in the rain because a building that used to have fifty people inside now cannot hold two or three its crazy and we have taken it too far the fact is regardless of any precautions you take if your ment to get sick you will theres no hiding from it but getting healthy will help you restore the long equipted human body to do the job its done since we lived in caves and chased or were chased by large carnavoirs.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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