Generation Sloth? When will you wake up and smell the coffee and insurrection that Polosi and her crew of Hyenna’s are attempting to steal your free speech and they have already taken your jobs and ability to provide for your loved ones!!!

I remember when i was a kid there was those other children who never seemed to get the big picture. when the sky filled with clouds and the wind began to blow they were the ones who insisted that it cant rain because the didn’t like the rain. well today is another amazing example where we have over fifty million people racing out to get there first dose of mortal distruction mean while the media and politicians race out chanting go team go team rah rah rah did you not hear that these shots have never been tested on even rats yet your really ready to throw out the arm and hope for the return to normal; So lets say you survive the shots both of them and six or eight months from now your exposed to the cold cu2 #7 which is a yearly event all across the earth, the Doctors who have been very vocal about the issues of this vaccine or so called vaccine.;

when its simple a lie to help them get you on board before you know whats really going on here the experts who are honest state that since no tests of any kind have been done this takes months to years to do the mRHA genome strand they are injecting people with is totally new tech but the mistake was in how they grow it on the liver of a Dog never before has scientist been so reckless and the fears as i was saying is that with this shot you get no protection from future exposure and there is a extreme chance that your body once injected with mrha strand will have a hyper response like anaphylactic shock;

that your own body becomes the enemy and suddenly almost instantly your body starts to attack itself shutting down your natural ability to define a source of potential health problems and start to create the anti bodies to fight it off not just once but for the rest of your life you body will always remember what it has been faces with in the past a perfect memory but the new shot doesn’t do that infact since there has never been a vaccine for the common cold the tests all failed as soon as lab animals were exposed to natural cu2 the animal died a horrible death.

So say one billion people around the world get the shot and second booster and face another cold season the odds one in three will have catistropiic failure and that means there is nothing that they can do infact odds they wont even get to the show on time to try and help the human body was no created by human scientist and as such they have no rights or understanding of how to approach it except to kinda explain what we are and pretend to be smart.

Fifty million people have been given the shot lets say they have a adverse reaction and the odds are one in three will just die. so let us look at a possible outcome from the new mRHA injection that has never been tested even on rats; so we get all the soldiers and doctors and police and lets see the clergy who are i hope loud mouth Polosi gets a triple dose i would love to see her go off the proverbial cliff like the lemmings do in there quest to the edge of the cliff and get pushed off by the stragglers behind forcing them forward until up there it is.

Bright intelligent humans can see there is something very wrong something is not well in Mudville as Casey comes to bat

So 50,000,000 get the m/RHA injection and the worst happens and one in two die that means that in less then three to five days almost 30,000,000 million will die catastropic death so who will take the job of protecting American citizens and who will be working in emergency rooms maybe we can get some of the deep state politicians to take the same triple dose so we can hopefully get some of them out of there corrupt offices where they have dug themselves in like Alabama deer ticks into the houses of our government.

Still they continue on the witch hunt to try and destroy Trump yet hes not the president so how to do this you cant impeach a free american citizen there is no law or regulation that even allows officers of our government to arrest and bring to trial an American citizens and since he has now moved out the entire circus that Polosi is on a macabre hunt to defame President Trump and destroy his name.

Why you ask well its simple over four years Trump has worked diligently too restore our great nation and rebuild our military securing our borders and stopping the scandels and criminals who have long slept under the chairs in Congress and the Senate bribing and destorting out great nation with amendments and clauses designed to make the Constitution less effective in its magnificient content. A marvel that a group of individuals got together in the early 1776 and created a set of laws designed to protect freedom of speech look at Polosi out trying to silence anyone else’s free speech is unheard off the comments of white supremecy is insane. absolutely bizarre anyone who casts a stone at another because they feel there values are not up to there standardsthe saying a man or woman who lives in a glass house should not throw stones at others so also they should stop stoking the fires of hatred its bad enough when a police officer presses too much force on a American citizen and this is totally wrong. a racist is anyone who feels that other people do not deserve the same rights they have like lets say a black man or woman who hates white people not for there moral fortitude but because of prejudice that they were trained with as a child.

its time you put the full armour of God on this new technology is so smart and valuable to you and helps you protect those you love and care about enough with crooked Doctors and POliticians enough with lies and why should anyone get a so called mRHA injection since it doesn’t protect you from future exposures and can cause extreme over reaction by your bodys defenses worse its like anafalactic shock and your body just goes into meltdown

the real statistics show the survival rate for covid is above 98 percent for all humans except those who have pre existing issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure lung issues such as asmha why not just face life with faith and trust your body is the greatest creation in this solarsystem its a wet wired miracle and no human has the capacity or even the foresight to understand it let alone change it the miracle of life is that at the end we face death all get a front row seat there isn’t a get out of death card in the deck so rather then act irrational and chase fake cures gather truth around you and stop following people in this world who insist they have truth and you need to get it.

i am hoping that in a few weeks as Polosi and her crew of misfits have a front row seat to Biden being actually impeached for his actions while vice president under Obama where is it and how is it possible that this man with his son went to china and collected one point five billion dollars from the chinese government ???? what didi he offer them that they would give so much to him and his son appointed to the board of directors of a notorious alagarke who with his sadition to Americans of all colors and creeds sold us out to a ruthless criminal wealthy beyond measure what deal was made by Biden and how is it possible the Obama allowed this to happen on his watch now we are being forced to watch them chase and acuse our President Trump who from day one has only tried to do good for America and the United states. from the third day in office the nightmare of radical Polosi and those in deep state pressed at every door to try and destroy his creditability not because he was worthy of it but because they wanted to get the power back in there pockets because they literally believe its there money and there position of power what the hell…….

there is not right way to communicate with hate it doesn’t speak a language of understanding in fact no matter what you can say they will never believe it and will become violent because your showing there boat is sinking and that hatred is just that not based on A COLOR OR CREED BUT BY THE MORAL AND PERSONAL ACTIONS THAT DEFINE YOU TO THOSE WHO KNOW YOU AND ARE SUBJECT TO SUCH REAL PREJUDICES. the simple fact is no one should be allowed to serve us in government with deep seeded prejudices and trying to deny Americans the rights guaranteed under the constitution and bill of rights is so illegal i have no word for it beyond macobre

the tech in my new blackview 9100 is fantastic and helps me keep my body and all my organs in optimum levels of health i have realized its not smart to trust strangers who call themselves Doctors and the Media is the ultimate enemy when a lie is accepted and the truth is scorned time to wake up America and the entire world have been decieved deeply.
it is time to start this world up there are certian truths we all need to accept life is complex and keeping healthy is vital to your longevity and capactiy to over come challenges and other life forms we can not see or control life is just that a complex road race across the universe.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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