Just a few inchs of snow

it was nice to go out in the blizzard there were alot of people walking around in those Dr masks i can’t wait until the standard greeting for strangers is hello Dr yes how are you Dr what a sight that will be. maybe people will take the time to read all the great truth coming from lifesite.org and start to take the thought of getting injected with Experimental Biological Agent and wonder is it worth it since we have never even tested it on animals that is just wild i bet PITA is so happy but the sad truth in a year or less the next cold and flu season when those who took the lets cooperate the chances of there body having an allergic reaction like those from a bee sting or food allergy; and the reason they didn’t test on animals was it would take time to run studies and they want fast action so inject people young old and all those in between and hope for the best right NOT

The truth is finally being shared and thank God most people are smart enough to not rush out to be a ginnia pig for a new mRHA a new technology never tested on anything the track and trace is not some parinoid thought its simple fact you volunteer for the vaccine EBA they have full rights to inject without fear of even lawsuits this is really not something you want to subject those you love to i know i dont know you all but i do believe that you were made perfect for earth and as such the problems with mad scientist who want alot of money to try crazy things as experiments and find out the end product of such tests of course using humans and if there is a bad misshap from the shot we will know when they start to flood the news and fact is there is no take backs on this shot one you have it injects designed to latch on to your smallest source code the chromosomes at the end of the human strand like a new tail the problem is simple since they have never tested even on primates and the mRHA cannot be removed the end product is catastropic failure of some major part of your body

The math is simple to the survival rate of Covid is above 95 percent even for the eldery but the causes are usually other such as diabettes or pre existing conditions that make your body have to fight harder to keep healthy

Why would you risk such a loss and worse if you let them give to the young healty people and they end up sterile and or the young women lose there babys due to the problems associated with any future exposure is not protected against with vaccine and the advanced trouble with the bodys over reacting to the exposure to the cu virus outside can case huge problems

There is no need to rush out and be the first in fact you should be so angry that they have been bribed what a evil reward to sell us out and allow the injections to our loved ones who trust the dr’s will keep there hipocratic oat and do no harm infact they are being paid huge to just go along with the program. The media is feeding the bait and most cant imagine American Media lying to us for any reason that they somehow care about us but the fact is they want fame and money and parties so they will sell us down the river and watch from the high towers as people start to drop like flys worse when it happens they will be the first to turn on those wealthy powerful few behind this crime against the world and Humanity

There should never be any organization or group above the moral values of this world but especially in America the United States is not a place that those kind of animals get into public office and the sacred values of this nation are not for vultures picking at her carcass.


why is the new government putting a free American citizens on impeachment trial. and worse then that the highest ranking speaker Polosi is on a personal Vendetta she is literally foaming at the mouth because Trump exposed her for who she was and that is unacceptable right now the tragedy is that rather then restore our lives and jobs and focus on getting us back to life they are shutting down millions of jobs in the energy sector stopping helping Americans to go Open the Border like what happened in Europe wake up OMG it is not even being hidden anymore even at the election with all the cheating the truth is that the only way Biden won was with a illegal population voting when they have no right even Convicts with felony convictions cannot vote how is it that millions of illegals across the south and California are out voting not once or with a new proper id that shows they have earned the right like naturalized citizens just state a address and sign the board oh how crazy is that I would hope people wake up and start to gather information that can help you see through the pea soup and the fog its really bad cant see three feet in front of yourself but everything your doing is based on fear installed like a poison the fear is like a slow steady build until your paralyzed the facts check them out its worth your time and your life.

oh one last thing before i forget check out the facts for 2016 how did the vice President under Obama get paid 1.5 billion dollars by the Chinese Communist Party its not like China liked him but i bet it is clear he sold the Brooklyn Bridge or why else would China give so much money to him and then even put his son on the board of Directors of the petro conglomorate that had a shady past. well just questions it would be funny to see it all backfire and Biden getting impeached for selling out America while serving as VP under the last president OMG……………………………………………………….kaching

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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