the night was hot the love so fun

the knock at the door my sweet Russian princess arrives and with her a close friend we both knew a bottle of russian Vodka and a bag full of snacks the door closed and we went into the front room and began without a plan a night that i will never forget no regrets could be found the time the moments the things we did the happy feelings we shared and the love we dared to express deep our desires and play truth or dare and push the limits of what we could dare, both of these women amazing and fine Sabrina a tall muscular beauty blond hair blue eyes and a body of a chizeled goddess

and my girl /larissa she was magnificient petite but strong willed and a beauty to see everyone wanted her and she chose me one day she walked out to my car when i was leaving campus and she stopped me and asked a few very personal questions and i could not resist she took the lead and i loved it all the pressure was gone and she took all i could give and never took our love to that possessive place where you think you have the right to control others infact she only controled me and did express all the passion she felt for art and life music and cloths she always looked amazing all decked out in beautiful cloth and she did it with such style so this night we went to the very max and had such an amazzing time.

life is too short to not reach across the line to see what life can be and how making new choices can alter your very moment to moment life in profound ways touch someone you care about hold them close at night watch and share trust and live full lives as friends open the doors to change and new adventures and battle the world full of hope and faith challengings the world moment by moment towards the door of profound place of AH be amazing reach for the brightest moments of life

you can open the doors and check out what life has for you to experience its sad to see so many hiding in there shells of fear thanks to the political criminals and yet they still have not got the clue that all this for a year now they have lied and decieved almost three billion humanbeing destroying lives familys businesses and walked on the dreams of hundreds of millions Americans and still the solutions is so bad its like do they really think we cannot see the poison writen on the wall to intentionally start injecting sentient Human beings without even basic info of the strange new technology and how the human body will react to a new splice of synthetic genome material that was not even created in humans but on the organ of a Dog this is insane and crazy to imagine the Lancet had to retract the so called five continent study of over ninty thousand people and the stated there was so much data but no one else but there own people knew anything about the test there was no evidence or even proofs that any test were done even on rodents they didnt

they took the jump to the highest level and already we are seeing the problems begin to show up in our lives and many will never know for years the damage done there are so many examples of such the pharma of fen fen or redux to love wait but in the process it destroyed the left ventricles of my heart and caused huge problems. life is to prescious and dynamic to waste all the time and energy on the past or the sorrow of loss as soon we all will be a loss take each breath and be amazing and profound things can come to pass we all need to not waste the time but imbrace it fully,

what we need to know is you are a complex creature with an entire universe inside and once you reach the truth its all open to you the universe a ratio golden ratio 1.618…….. it relates to music and harmony and your health it is amazing i found this truth when i found the new ao scan application at my perfect time to express and connect to the entire universe check it out it will amase you the ratio at

you can finqlly understand the magic that is your universe and how you can connect and change your life by understanding that within you is a complex galaxy that thrives within you and that when things get off the body like a universe starts to move and change bringing your life back into tune is the creative source of all of us and within this simple rule you are and can be amazing open the heart and understand that if you and i become our best then the growth will provide us amazing but if we continue to act like spoiled children and watch as we destroy the earth and all that lives in it but we do have a choice why keep waiting at some point we all must look within to understand without and being in the matrix you have no idea how far or deep the rabbit hole actually goes we are in balance around the universe conscious by multiple demensions of time and space to connect to others far across the universe connected by billions of other organizims that live in us and around us weather the earth or the galaxy we are a microscopic life force that lives by the billions of other life forces within us and how we treat them becomes the outward universe happy growing developing and maturing from one to a billion


to be is God

you existing and living life to your dreams and desires loving and caring sharing and driving towards the dreams you have had since you were so young we all must realise that life is the magic and we are an entire universe built on smaller more dynamic universes that live grow die and are reborn a million times a second and your exisitence is only that which you chase with all your heart and become only because you work so hard to achieve these goals being a caring universal being able to understand that we grow when we help others grow and we become as we help other become within the magik of the universe its a base of eternity and we are the spark before the fireworks once we know and feel the inner connection all our lives become vital and valued both by ourselves and those who care and share our space in this journey,,

time is a prescious gift given not by some powerful other but exists because of the powerful essence within us that is alive and boundless to a microscopic scale we cannot see or almost imagine.

Words such as love caring forgiveness compassion desire beauty all discriptive words of what we are and what we can be given to understand the nature of life when you waste a day you deny yourself so much amazing but when you find that door and open it to realise you are the center of a magical kingdom of you when someone asks who are you its a simple complex question as it is all that you are where you were born who were your parents what kind of life did you experience as a child who were your friends

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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