dancing through the snow

white and crunchy under your feet sweet the sight all white and cold soft and delightful as long as you never grown old.

bright the sunrise with the blanket of snow the streets are empty and cold honking horn to disturb the peace they are so lost in the dispair and the lease what can you do keep hiding away or realize that life goes on and your choice each day to choose to walk out and be part of the profound or hide in your home and stare at the TV or surf on the computer for hours and not get sunburn today

what will you look for its all up to you be bold and dynamic try to learn something new technology gives you tools that you never could have known a hundred years ago its gives you so much but you still need to be out and part of the amazing life show


take that papermask and look under a microscope it not what you have been told its sad truely so that they could or would lie so badly and never come clean it tells you something important its time to take back your life choose your own path do what you want to do and never look back its to the miracle of each moment you can find that special delight but first you need to open up and go out and chase the sky be the magic in the moment be the miracle before your own eyes you can be one with your creator even if you are new its simple trust in your heart and chase the dream you have

Bright and beautiful a magic fulled journey before you die we all need to chase it and reach for the stars be bold be beautiful and delight in the sky filled with stars seek for love and trust its these two that can open the sky and just for you. but until you are brave enough to ask, the universe for it these things will continue to be like fog; on a summer morning off the golden gate bridge

life is a journey be on point to your lifes joy choose to walk the path of the emortals those who throught caution to the wind and chased there dreams full heartedly never looking back and dont have regrets over things that could not be as the universe knows well all that is and can be

be brave in life choose to open the doors speak and share of kindness happyness and the magic that life has shared dont be afraid to open up as something special might just be waiting there

how can you meet someone special if your and there minds are lost in the booze dont you see looking for magic in soaked up sorrow filled places when you want to have amazing you need to look high above where you find inteligent and fantastic delights with even a smile the conversation shared is formed in a higher place and your heart will know when its right not the sound but inner space all the micro universe collide and join when its is time the secret is not hiding from life as the chances come and go and you life can be wasted if your on your special journey then you will find that special one but enough of the covid conspiracy they have used up too much time and space each telling bigger lies then the last one hoping the story to continue on until the end when you will not be able to call your loved ones or even get close to a friend the sorrow is what they have decided to do to inject millions of people and wait for the clap as the bodys start falling and the sounds can not be drowned any more its not from the cold number 7 but the lie they have decided to tell

funny the wealth of billions has changed hands again and again thru nine plus months almost a year the rich have racked in billions and the doctors and hospitals corp party to end all they are cashing in on your life your trust should have never been with them but now they are lining you up and injecting you with a plague to change your dna and geonome this will destroy billions of years on earth not with a positive but with a disaster of biblical contempt that one in three will not see next year 2021 with a death toll beyond any ever dreamed they have chosen to force it on the world a death that we cannot reverse and a change that will be seen millions of years from now how sad to see them acting like sheep getting there annual sheer the terror will come later and then it will be past repair and the tears will fall like cold winter rain and the death toll will reach pandemic extent but not from covid but a band of heartless fools who think they are gods now they have taken full cource and the deaths are already on the rise that short wait and then injection then a few weeks to mature inside then the damage will grow and sorrow unfold

its so sad but no reason to care if you choose to trust them and follow there words when you are a sentient free spirit on earth the loss will be yours and those you love for not gathering the strength to stand up for your rights especially here and now instead of walking through the paddok like a good herd to slaughter and dispair you chose to ingore the truth before your eyes and instead followed a media lie by a pharma monster who has finally crossed the line there days are numbered baring the burden of what they have begun in the end the death toll will be too much to count and covid will not be the cause then heads will roll and corp profits will fail all because they decided to lie and cheat decieve all of us and only the ones who question the words given to see if they are real and true knowledge is a weapon and thank


i stand with my friends and choose not to live in fear be real and loving and reach out to enbrace life until the end until the morning water over the bridge life is too short to hide under a rock and we must reach for these gifts.

for those who took time to see through this horrid lie and protect those they love from the deception put on our eyes enough with kind words and faith damn straight its time to make them come clean there is no excuse on earth to strike a blow at half the world of humanity this is beyond what any sane group could or would bare allow these demons to walk away or get out from there due.

touching Eternity

tools that deliver us to the profound come from those moments when we feel close to the edge somehow it is easy to reach forward when what your dealing with is complex and difficult in nature and yet the doors that open are amazing some of us forget to keep an open mind and develop that special skill to look past the image infront of us and towards what is hidden in plain sight. over the years we develop some of these skills and grow.


immensely in our eternal sentient being; open the door and be positive as the universe only delivers what has been destined since before there were stars in the sky, open your heart and let others in be part of the magic rather then a spectator watching from high in the nose bleed bleachers where you miss all the subtle things going on around us.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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