golden triangle

So her gift extreme differant and delightful a sweet desired and a taste insightful wander the earth seeking its joy to be her given pleasure a moment of joy

wander the high valleys of heavens gate where the snow peaks rise into the thin air and the memories of earth are echoed there wait for your moment and dive right in

to taste the sweetest honey that life can give in wake up to her beauty each mornings its true even on a bad day its a boon on this world for you

Open your eyes and seek the true nature all that you can give and all that was shared to bring you to this place where angels never dared

wake up and go out to chase the stars across the heavens and deepest oceans we seek to tally our journey in moments of concrete the seconds expand the life brightly glows and we wander alone to the top of the sky holding our hands towards heavens gate to know true love and feel its fate

wake up and look out across the room and there she is a spring day in cold december all the love and lust shared a weapon of power as in a second you can grasp an hour in a day of complex relations you share without even hesitations the secrets of desire the taste of honey so sweet the weapon of war love and desire to deny yourself these total weapons of victory and power to spend one day is a year in an hour of lust and desire touching each others soul wander through the wonderland that we hope so much to know

to see such beauty and look deep into her eyes beautiful purple hair looking towards eternity and i am deeply amazed and ask who you are Sonja i am impressed and wish you so much that life be profound and give you all that you desire on this earth blue and round

wink at the bright sunlight and look at the deep blue sea where we have never understood how deep or filled with life it could be in the dark deep where we cannot go but life is obtuse and unique down deep below

wonder of love and lust that took us to toll all the beauty we can touch and feel so devine the magic of love the moments of time like clouds in the high sky rolling through canyons deep where ancient rivers run wild and cut through solid stone

will you ever understand the power of love will you ever understand the finest gifts of time and a passion shared like a exotic fruit that hangs on the low vine waiting for your temptation to take it and be bold

in eating this fruit your wisdom does grow and inner contentment opens the store to fill you up with desire and hope to shape your universe and find that speical one who will open your power and wander the valleys of love and desire

to open the door and be embraced with a warm hug, all that we live for all that is true to hold and express feelings of hope and love to wander in valleys of lifes special treat the magnificient rivers that thunder down canyon walls and reflect in tranquil pools far below the life the love the passion to know

to be sure there are sights that we never can forget the beautiful smile a warm embrace the sweet little whispers that lovers share as they journey through time in a vivid dream reality is a river and time is its course all the passion you have built up inside so no room for remorse loss is a sharp stick that digs deep inside to that special open space where lovers hide

remove the sorrow of past its so clear to fill all the moments with passion not fear to smile and show kindness in each moments expression of the love you have saved and the dreams you so desire to hold her close and sit infront of a raging fire where you hear the crackle of wood glowing before your eyes as the memories of love shared and time passed that gratitude that we dared

i dream to hold you tight naked and never alone sharing deep felt desires to wander on trails often silent and free of the world you and i can built if we take time to see the trees high above to know that within each moment spent on pleasure and desire to kiss her softly on her soft neck to smell her long beautiful hair and hold her warm hand next to you seeking out adventure and time shared is true the passion of delight the taste of honey so warm and sweet i know why bees buzz and why flowers look so devine as the attraction of two is overwhelming to thought as you get lost in the moment of loves thick goo the warm mist of emotions that take over you

hold me close and dont let me go carry my heart in a sealed chest where you can control it with kind words the best.

you are the center of all that i see the valley below high mountain tops covered in snow long has summer gone from these places where sky meets the solid stone

and love is the lubricant that carrys us home kiss me often so i wont forget touch my eyes with your sweet kiss to keep my heart beating and thunder the course of all the moments passion was share in a cold mountain top of lonliness where only eagles dare

so be kind to my soul and wear my heart on your sleeve that i want only your desire to hold me tight and that touch that feels so right indeed;

over and over it comes up again the moment locked in my memory of you naked and in my arms

the heated passions we dare and share without fear in our heart to know love is the greatest treasure we can hope to have to spend and hugs

are the weapon against all that is vein all that is lost to selfish desires other then love they burn in empty stone fires but our time is magic its above all i can see or dream to be our moments of laughter an love lust desire all wanted by most yet few will really know the true nature of desire and passion when the locks are put away

and the only beauty i see is your body so devine soft golden brown shimmer before my eyes tear drop breasts nipples golden brown contrast so delightful to the touch to kiss you and travel the curves so fine to hold you cupped in my arms for hours a day

so anyone for off road its time for a real truck to shock the city dwellers

soaking in a hot tub we laugh and play to hold each other and grasp at the stars of all that we can be bold and dynamic happy and free love shared by us is special indeed

the first time i saw you

its hard to forget the sheer delight of fantasy come alive to see your beauty and walk up to you with smile showing your feeling the same way.

To hold your hand and look into your eyes see the shimmer and wonder to the sky how could i be so blessed and want filled complete to see your naked beauty and touch your long silky hair the sweet scent of vanilla on the breeze the sight of your perfect proportions and the way you embrace these gifts to walk along side you and imagine our moments shared to see that smile i live for and to know so well you care for hours a day i can express the fantasy delight to hold you close naked through the night to hear your heart beat and fell the goose bumps on your flesh as i gently slide my hand down along your perfect spine feelings dont escape the frantic excitement i feel knowing your with me and that this is all so real.

Watch me shower maybe come on in share more time if you want i cant help but surrender to this magic you possess clear that you can shed a tear and my world comes to an abrupt stop like your the master of my universe and i am so consumed by your pleasure to live for your delight to taste your sweet honey and watch you walk across the room how profound the feeling knowing your mine and im yours to that all we are and what everyone should desire to know for in each moment you are reborn and live one second at a time profound amazing delights so very fine amazing desires that open when you reach for the stars for the passion that you want and know that its yours all for the taking;

until the end of this moment that passion can keep you quaking: dreams behold they live in your eyes those special moments shared the passion and love if you dared to atribute life to its meaning all that you can fit in that place beyond time where love and lust find comfort party of two or three sharing these special moments each prescious and delightful to feel to have her touch you and kiss you its true special magic that a woman can share over time on lifes great journey those moments profound delights that we share here close to the ground.

the gift of life is prescious and taking the risk to live is so important so be inspired and be bold change the values and life you can be more and be enlightened by all that you see and do be bold be profound keep up the faith

choosing to be more

we all have this innert potential that drive and determination and vigar to challenge yourself often with positive results, opening the opportunity to grow and learn build new friendships ones that are dynamic not about being part of the crowd but a real individaul able to stand above any of the new herd mentality and chase something much more important the journey to AH that place when you taste it your never going to be happy again.

We all choose to wander our own path and as such its harder to define our journey then in the past when families lived in the same place all their lives now people are migrating animals most never stay in the same place long before life or a choice bring about a major alteration in direction and path the true potential is amazing no matter which way it goes.

Choosing in the challenge builds your energy dynamics the ability to manage energy around you ie like gathering others who live on a positive vide all the time always happy to dive in take a jump into the pool and see if the water is fine; building new friendships of dynamic purpose will change alot as this person or persons will all have unique inspirings lives filled with the magic of this city and the friends they choose to stay with some groups positive andhave never stopped pressing on with life refusing to throw away the freedom to do what you want with the life that is truely yours and no one elses.

So if you choose to wander a new path get the correct tools you need and these can varry between individuals some are quick on the take control of the situation while others struggle to gain control you can always tell the ones who never gave up being a big kid they still are playful and delighted with life love and laughter alot of warmth and compassion and then those who are jaded by past experiences not open to new infact hate new and exciting these ones can really bring you down, finding the right dycotamy is a great word it allows you to choose to work with others like a well oiled german machina a magnificient machine that is full of power and mystic delight the roar of the engines designed to perfection the whine of the body of the engine ttrying to hold her down but not done yet shes lined with thick dynamic plyable rubber to grip the road and attack this journey as if it was the last journey you get; feel the power of her engine roar now look in the mirror get rid of all the garbage that takes away from you and stare into the abyss of things that detract from who you really are. lets see amazing beautiful smart funny sexy strong with a certain prowess about you that you dont let much get by and yet your all for the journey into a new day a new way to appreciate the future by grasping it headlong will all your tools to bare,

here comes the challenge and a redeeming factor to doing your best as you will see once your journey begins and you start attracting others with drive and determination it will shine throught they will always be busy doing things and changing there path and progressing forward at breakneck speed.

that daily training weather an hour or less its about consistency and the ability to keep up with things that you begin in ernest to achieve great we need to work hard to earn great and im not talking about money i am talking about the amazing gifts we have been given there was no charge to be born in America or having good familys and safe homes

a moment is all you get so make it one of those shes a keeper take in life for all it has to share and be bold dynamic and prove yourself each day by becoming that amazing sentient created millions of years ago with a billion dollar wet wired breain in your amazing vehicle a short time in the cockpit of a flying marvel a one of a kind particle field designed to do amazing things with the gifts that have been given to you so go out and be part of the profound be magical and share amazing with those you love and care and the new friends bring them to there place of AH

to live life is and can be very hard what makes it all worth it is the kindness shared and love expressed the compassion shown and the gift of having faith in yourdself and the great potential you have make it work get up go out and blast a new day break the old you rules that held you back from being fearless that inner ability to accept life as it comes with faith and direction knowing that its journey is a mystery and only the end will say the true story.

So you start each day with new meaning the changes have to be throughout your journey its not possible to keep the old around just to hang on so start to establish long term goals that you can manage and sort out any problems as now your out meeting new people and showing them how amazing you are that you learned all the lessons and have built a beautiful dream and your looking to share it not a knight in white shining armour but your life the one you want to live without depending on others who will assure they deserve some of your well deserved credit.

Now take on new things in your life such as hobbies and get into the creative side of this life i have watched dozens over the last year find there true heart in being amazing and creative working to build a better universe in there tight community of go getters those who get up each day and strive towards positive goals not wasting time on negative things of no value or positive input we want to streamline our best beast the one that will never take no for an answer that im going to change everything and its will be because of my effort and dedication to these goals.

When you go forward keep a journey not to share but to keep you on the track you want and as you go you will see the things that have tripped you up in the past and learn and grow the whole purpose of life is to go out learn and grow become your best self and show the world how you can shine weather music or building drawing singing the world is a giant ball of amazing creatures who have been blessed to live on such a place and have the chances that many other could never know and your here in the middle of it no need to buy a ticket to travel far away your right where you want to be correct this is the place u desired to make your adventure in this giant city correct

its key to understand what the tools you will need in a giant complex community such as this one people never give you the chance to shine always fighting over the sunshine and need to be the center of attention but rather we should share the light with others and appreciate all they do as well because when we are all working sharing and shining together the world grows and becomes more sentient in nature when you care about someone who has less and is suffering its should touch you inside that is one of the things when your a soldier you lose it gets to a place where its hard to care i know that is cold and direct but what other way to say it either we begin to care for others and build this earth into a giant ship of amazing creatures being admired for our gifts and how we share them rather then fighting and arguing about things that have no value in the scheme of things you know big planet huge civilization many cultures all striving to attain there end goal just some dont think they should have to work hard and help others because they dont have empathy for what ever reason its important to give a spade a spade if people around the world stood up with one voice that make all lives matter and that children never fear again and that adults would play by the rules of any civilized society the moral values and strong commitment to being apart of something amazing

showing the universe we have reached that place where we want to know and show by action not words that if we strive hard to change the problems we have the capacity to do it in a major way we can change the very dycotomy of the world through sharing and taking the technology advances and put them to work in helping others get a better quality of life where mothers and children are on the top of the list not throw to the dogs at the end of the night empower young girls with training and learning empowerment to be bold and choose there own path without pressure from others to be less as it suits them be more because it doesn’t suit them be brave and bold and take the tools you where provided and make them amazing build on the basics of just you and strive to treach a higher level each day gaining more insight and more depth to seeing what is below the surface of the world like the surface of the ocean you have no idea what lives in the oceans of the world and if you did you would never feel above any other creature on earth finding comfort in having a beautiful world we should be working to make it better and remove the damage we are inflicting on it daily how can we justify buring thousands of acres of ancient brizilian rain forest each week killing of thousands of speciies thatsome not even know to man yet we have dropped the bomb on them burned by fire or loggers never even looking under the wheels f their tractors what will we destroy next the oceans are being dumped millions of metric tons into the ocean all over the world what do you think will happen when the tons of fish stop getting cAUGHT IN OUR NETS AND THE WATER IS POISONED WHO WILL YOU GO BUY THE FRESH FOOD FROM THEN SADLY I HOPE YOU WAKE UP TO BE THE NEW SPIRITUAL WARRIOR ONE OF THOSE SEEING the truth of whats going on and make a break with all your heart and skill to bring the voice to change this distruction and be amazing in the process teach with kindness and compassion share with love and understanding never throw in the towel strive towards your amazing the world needs each of you

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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