America what is it does it have a soul? lets look at some truth is truth regardless of our political or social place the truth will always Be

from the last year we can see the full battle plan of corp and political agents out to take your life from you in the most horrid way this is not a movie or a tv sitcom its your very life that of your children and the future of life on earth as we know it. sure the world has very real issues and we as human being must find a way to come to common ground rather then allow a few people to force the majority of humans into work camps as is already being done in china the I

China’s repression of Uighur Muslims: Concentration camps, forced labor, and other abuses – Vox

U.S. declares China’s treatment of Muslims and ethnic …

people have been placed in Chinese concentration camps 2 million plus what and why to steal the real estate and the financial and literally have power to force others into brutal submission.

so back to America we are watching the rights of Americans being removed restricted or denied even to the highest levels of Government its important; llook at President Trump he was blamed for the violence on January 6th 2021 when he had nothing to do with it infact the bold gathering was american citizens standing up for there rights to free speech lets say that Again Free Speech some went overboard weather stress or anger its clear a few went far beyond expressing free speech and whats worse is even today now twitter facebook and a few other social platforms making these people wealthy are choosing what you can say and when such as banning the Presidents social media in the one free nation on earth how can we allow this to stand all the good our president did and now the first few days Biden has reinstated the Obama care what a joke i have spent the last 20 years gradually dying more each day no medical sure i have a card and it never works weather medical dr or dental not even the emergency room each time i am attacked by collection agencys from hospital corps.

lets talk now Covid what is the goal of the enemy to silence us and inject us with a Experimental Biological Agent EBA never tested on animals directly to humans. and a huge growing number of private medical Dr expressing the sheer facts that no only does it not work to solve the issue they used to lock the world down but it must be re administered every six months ” the lancett journal had to retrack the bold report stating that a huge study had been conducted across five continents and had ninety thousand trial study to conclude hydroxo cloriquine was dangerous after over sixty five years the regular treatment for malaria and given around the world over the counter no scripts required and it works amazing the media is using its tools to spread the lie hide the truth.

so America is a nation of many cultures and micro societys that live and share the challenges of a modern world using creativity and hard work to build this amazing nation of free Citizens and now we are seeing the true magic and what is the great lie we have been stopped from gathering except in control zones that are predetermined by the uber rich so they can jump in to purchase all the property for a nickel on a dollar once there paid culprits push the crowd to a frenzy from large piles of bricks and other misc items to use during the protest to put gasoline on the fire.

when i look at the universe i see Amazing the profound before my eyes

i cannot ignore the beauty and life surrounding me at every second we all must choose to be who within lives a thriving miracle some life a hundred years to see world events and come full circle others chose to stay sedentary and life a lazy journey down a winding river of life but if you were brave and believed in yourself you could be profound and beyond that your life would grow and change like the sky above your soul, within you are a spark of the universe a mystic magical miracle that is you but only freedom can provide you the opportunities to be so amazing so many life lives of drudgery and barely have a minute or a clue for life is a quick moving river and the earth is not a sedentary creature its alive and profound, i would hope that we can all take the time now to look within rather then searching without for the true journey is one that begins within and growns outward as we challenge the life to live it fully not being afraid of the test moreover being happy you have been provided the best location and tools to achieve your personal greatness. Believe in your dreams as if they were given from above and take the challenge rise to the occassion and dont fear for as Dune Says Ussul that “fear is the mind killer”

In Junior high a kid walked up and punched me in the mouth never even knew him but he was trying to impress his friends hoping somehow this would make him a bigger man instead he is now an old drunk hanging out in a life of misery and i have moved on through life with amazing memories and a journey that i am glad has happened all that is and was brought me to this momentus place where American veterans will stand up against tyrannts and force the justice our constitution demands if no we should launch all the nuclear weapons and ghost this world it would be better then having a bunch of low life criminals who have worked behind government jobs to steal our nation by greed and dirty deals behind closed doors in the capital, where until the sixth of january we were forbidden to enter except on organized tours by the same criminals.

real Americans cannot hide there anger much longer towards a representitive group who continue to see our inteligence as a personal threat rather then rising to the job and provide Americans what is due enough with fake empeachments of free american citizens and wasting billions rather then fixing the problems now being struggled through by Americans even illegals are suffering fear and loss not from covid but from political hypocracy

Trump is no longer president Biden is and rather then spend six months to destroy all the great things our last president accomplished Ameica healthier and safer and finally rocovering from Obama care where he took millions of American pensions and turned them into a health insanity programs that do not work for the patients and clients just another million dollar hammer right,

Now we are without our world so prescious to us of freedom to live our lives share our time with friends and family feel our leaders understand our freedom is not in there job discription even the Soldiers like me know that our job is serving and protecting our citizens not denying they have real needs or rights that is your gig and sure soon the Americans will no longer waste time listening to the media feed them poison like floride in water and tooth paste its not only not healthy or safe it damages all of us without true measure.

In simple terms the facts are our new President needs to clean house of those who sow desention and dispair at a huge cost towards our great peoples of all colors sadly the simple truth is not racism against any one group because we all must learn to live together judge a person by the character of there deeds and actions not by the color of there skin enough it cannot live in the Capital offices of Government need to be blind by policy to such things in order to do the job and bring all americans a better life its simple fact billions are given away to foreign partners and countrys and warlords and political friends but us The Americans who are citizens of the United States who’s very birth right is a financial stake in this great nation and the many freedoms we enjoy; to watch the small but hateful groups now working and living high off the richs of our nation to think they would stoop so low as to try and destroy us by not takeing the time to find a real vacine that doesn’t cause damage and actually does work to solve the common cold covid is nothing more then the wuhan corona virus simple fact they changed the name so it was more scary how messed up is that when pharma can walk into the board room of a hospital and doctors sell out there hypocratic oath for money all Americans even citizens around the world need to stop them and root them out of those dark places they life sowing discord and evil spreading lies and deception on the sheer basis that its better to lie and cheat rather then lose a place that no honest decent citizen of the world would want to be or should even desire to be like but America is not the place selling out our citizens of any color your place as offices of our government is to manage our international and domestic affairs according to our desires not your own Polosi needs to stop screaming and start focusing on making sure Americans have there lifes returned to them with

a confession of truth its time to stop trying to sensor the media being shared by private citizens of this great nation we will not be silences maybe you missed that your job and your very life is in this nation because of good hard work and values that americans have been grown to live and work together no mater your color or your creed language or handicap

but it only works when those in office focus all there time energy and deepest convictions on making the world a better place that wont happen with tyranny and injustice no one deserves to be denied the amazing opportunities that living in America and having great schools safe neighborhoods and a spark of the infinite that must not be extinguished

i guess it was sept 11 that made them feel they could do anything lets face it anyone who has worked on avionics and flight systems knows that a commercial jet is built with light weight aluminum and the skin is so fragile a bird could punch a hole in it so to imply that a jet waying in a tons could fly at max speed and hit and punch a hole in the pentagon at ground level is not only not possible but against the laws of flight it needs lift to keep the plain up in the air and no matter how fast a airliner could never fly into hit the pentagon from four feet of the ground its just no possible i remember working in the Navy on Helicopters and jets in Coronado NAS in san Diego Ca there is no way even a fighter jet could fly at 500 miles an hour into the side of a solid concrete building and cause any real damage to the buildling beyond the first twenty feet only a launched missle could do this and it would need an explosive war head to push the materials out of the way like we did in Baghdad or afghanistan . but clearly they were weaving the sort of story that would allow them to steal more of american financial resources for black box budgets and hidden programs we are told dont exist, the soul of America is the freedom and liberty that we can go about our lives living and raising ouir families the way we want that we can choose to reach deep inside to help others regardless of where or why but that we have the freedom to choose to take such choices and help others around the world because we believe as Americans that its vital to make the world a better place, if you think it has been bad here think about those minority muslims in China.

Time for real americans to stand up and face the challenge enough to watch the slander and lies but it takes nothing for evil to thrive unless good peoples stand up and fight it please share this blog i am one who was raised in a military family never did i have or was i told that somehow any race was better then another that it was the character of a person and the qualities they possess and show to develop this amazing nation.

pamela acker watch vatican document if you can face this horrid truth it will curl your toes its horrid. ‘truth the hermit of loredo

our great nation needs a strong president one who will keep us moving forward and build this great nation not stand down out of the fear of life loss due to the struggle as we must face freedom is a treasure and liberty are a treasure there is no value money could never pay for its loss

no one man can bring the world to racism in fact the term must be clarified racism to imply or insist that one group of genetic human being because of color or cast are some how evil by nature when a black person screams that whites are racist are we being politically correct because its clear there are eighty million American’s who voted for trump not one or a thousand even ten thousand millions and the number could be much higher but lets say politics inply that Trump caused racism another one of those lets blame it on the white guy because we don’t like it when a man gets accused of a murder he committed what does the law say that we cannot cast judgement by his color or lack of color a bad man is a bad man color or creed are so irrelevant

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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