impressions best cast moment by grasp

life is a boon for those who know how to express a giant field of flowers for the buzzing bees a place to insects a universe beyond all degree; a journey task of plenty that opens to sky and consumes all your passions in the gift of just one eye will you take the chance and open the door be profound and devise a track that will take you there to that place you dreamed of all your life now its over tiime to return to the world of the living go out and do all the things you dreamed of before the gates closes as it does in every journey we strive thru a giant fantastic adventure one that you will never forget all the passions you have shared all the challenges you have raced to and time flys when your having fun. will you win the race or are there other things you seek.

Herd mentality and short order concentration lapse:

When you take a few minutes to look at the present you cant help but have many more questions then real honest answers as if everyone born in such a year were taught that the world is a caveman mentality and all humans get the club and bad temper in hand from birth next is social and community bonds of lots of empty between families and frequent fights over few things all needed now we live in giant social vacumns filled with fear and uncertainty clammering for more and afraid of the silence they are having to deal with now all the time over populated areas have become ripe with saddness and fear people are ready to jump watched this crazy video from russia about two guys in a little green car and they argue with a giant excavator on a two lane road suddeny the two jump out and go to beat up the excavator driver and two guys across the street yell to stop bothering the guy and they turned there anger towards these two and started to approach them when the first exscavator driver took his digger and literally destroyed the green car and crushed it beyond any chance of returning for these two guys it shows how on edge people are this could have been so much worse people need to come to their senses and sooner then later,

i can image the ancient peoples of the world looking at each other across some valley with masks and staying at least ten feet apart living on ilsolated trees that fit the regulations over neandrocovid culture. and then there were those emergency social problems since there were no stores and people could not buy new paper masks to wear and the community leaders just brutalized the tribal members for showing there faces at all because long ago the ancients were told that the human face is the most ugly thing in the world and it makes horrible sounds and ejects liquids everytime they open there mouths the worst though was that most of these people wrapped a fur around there faces and suffered oxygen depravation and have been found in burial mounds with amazing preserved thong patchs of fur that had three leather tongs still visable showing that scienctist have proven that ancient man lived ten feet apart and wore fur masks around there faces and rarely lived beyond the age of 28 because of lack of oxygen and cloudy dust syndrome that fills your lungs with reexhales moist dust creating a strange cement like coating that gradually eliminates oxygen from the body causing death in extreme cases

i heard one leading doctor from wuhonda that the best you u can hope for with human patients is that the love getting jabbed and poked a bunch of tiimes so you can evaluate them as a lab creature by the number of times they show up for such treatments and if your lucky you will get return visits from them hoping that can perscribe some new form of happy pill since being a herd animals happy is a clear patch f grass to chew on your cud until all four stomachs can digest the green muck called herd food. for those of us on two leggs who find the term herd offensive its clear your not any differant they refuse to clasify you as human this would require them to file the standard NHRCBH 109 form at there local feed central hub the NOt HERD Relation Consumption bitters horses ass one zero nine requires that all such exclusions must be filed by an authorized cattle conisour maxis these special licenses can be gotten on any box top lid of super coco puffs with white coco puffs inside.

If your not up todate on your cow vaccines you will need to make a special trip to the central shot in the arss and bend over pull down your fake pants and wait until one of there keen sighted animal handlers can see bear but and race over to stick there shinny stick inside and give you the work out you deserve, once complete do stand up not apearing to happy and pull up your human cloths so that you may disembark from the authorized but plug exist located on your disclaimer form STKE BUM and agree to notify if you are in need of any additional bu-jections which will be given free of charge.

Following side effects have been notices but not confirmed or denied swelling of the spinster muscles accassional drips and dischage but dont be alarmed all human imitations will experience this yet we can state without hesitation that no cow of any breed has suffered adverse effect in either of its major functions as herd animal that is to say tear chew swallow regurgitate chew swallow regergitate and swallow once to a slimmy past in a yellowish green tint all other body functions seemed fine for social interaction but please remember as a cow your body will require at least six feet apart to ensure that all other herd members have enough grass to chew through the day.

All Female will be required to line up each morning to be milked no exceptions allowed your required to get a electronic titto certification once every six months and be assured no other cows will use your authorized tottos monitor and collector, once you have completed your daily all cows will line up for controled hoof ornamentation and standard deep penitration eval that will be conducted by a qualifed board certified farmer who has shown the bed side manor required to not only go where no man has gone before but do it in a large rubber glove designed to protect from the spread of covine 19 a new dangerous strain of milk drinking nanobots that will cause extreme demilkification and have your cow conversation limited to a two moow vocabulary. some of the security cats on staff have notices large and routie gatherings of nanobot indigents have been gathering around the back of the milk barrels and fighting over the fermenting butter shaped discharges from the milking machines when not in use. so please do inform the shift brama bull on staff to ensure your protected and able to move about your herd space without incident,

All members of the herd who wish to designate themselves based on two legs rather then four must attend the bi weekly information distribution event to see that they can pass the annual tests required to meet new federal guidelines on milk producing non herd creatures note; that you will be required to submit in writing along with full explanation to the large shortages of milk being contributed to the herd on a daily basis its not right that the real cows are being expected to pull in the extra slack in dairy production just because they are herd animals and all others will be required to input more work in other areas to compensate the rest of the herd,

covine 19 is a menace to society and we can only destroy it with full commitment and daily subjegations and physical examinations and injections that all immitation cows must be subjected to you will not get a pass from the daily rituals being expected of all herd animals; the clear line between human herd and cattle herd has never been proved by any court of law you are required as all cows and bovines are to submit to the gross over the line physical and emotional abuses without recourse and will be severaly dragged thru the muck should you fail to cooperate fully to all body searchs and collection of any and all body fluids for examiation by the specified director of mamory toxicity drainage protocal developed to insure all herd members feel equal under the cattle farmers association of bovine city thanks for doing your part and only covering your face with a mask its a horrid site to see the human mistake has long been known so do wear the largest mask you can find and other than that you can walk around naked as a jay bird as long as you are in line to have your kind handler slide his big fat hairy arm up where no man has gone before to check for the new dangerous bovine19 nano botic marker if found you will be sent to the local babaqued mamalopolise for proper shaughter and distribution for dinner markets around the world

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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