Chicken Hawke training Guide

one you are not an ordinary bird

the skills you will develop quickly will define your very existance; infact you have been created to fill a special function to this great world you now live on and over the years you will grow to feel great pride in the task you have been given to oversee the vast population of normal ground peckers who live there lives never looking above six inchs off the ground.

You are a Chicken Hawke and you will be incharge of the chickens

you will manage control hunt humiliate use laugh at and live off for the rest of your CHicken Hawke life

Never listen to a rooster for advice on how to control chickens his entire world is to confuse and mislead you about everything you must face he is like a politician one who smiles bobs up and down alot pecking at the ground and trying to convince others to do the same, remember the rooster will try any and all tricks to confuse you and even tempt other living herd animals to get in your way he is the ultimate nemisis to a chicken hawke you are allowed to do anything you want to chickens but not other creatures who live in the geographical location where you will be stationed.

Remember that the library is filled with etensive library of video taped live footage of other chicken hawkes who have fallen pray to the sneeky Rooster and your being warned as the last four before you are no wandering around the chicken coop pecking at the ground barking like a dog

never trust a politician one who dresses smart and carries a group around him telling him how amazing he is the best way to overcome the problems of roosters is they are not smart they tend to think in non linear trains of thought i guess becuase they are always fallowing around chickens bending over and pecking at the ground

the best way to over power a Rooster is blow hot air up his bottom feathers this tends to make them blush and all the chickens race in for some affection next go about your business you eat chickens and they are only here because you put up with them and allow them to stay unmollested in your yard even if they are blasting loud hip hop music or even old bing crosby music remember your not here to listen to there music or dance around the yard like they do you are not a chicken and never will be

fact the chicken yard is full of mondane and undesirable matter that cannot advance or make your world any better you need to go out and press the edge be the jet get out there and ignore the chickens and rooster and go about your life make the most of it moment by moment imagine the time you spent over the last year hidden in some apt or living a life without a life living a lie the best way to say it living a lie pretending to be a well trained chicken we all know how they make chicken Mcnuggets right come on time is passing and the world even after this continues to spin life must move on be on board or be stranded its up to you look at all the gifts you have the intelligence and capacity to learn and grow build the world you desire dont be a chicken in the yard admiring the dirt or the politician whos wearing nice cloths and watching with a smile the sorrow and pain we are all experiencing from there life altering lie

What will be the end im sure it will be an explosive expose of these people and the horror of what level they have gone even know we are sheltered from the truth they wont share it because its going to be so much worse

you can call it calzone for all i care its all a lie the world has changed the evil people who are trying to destroy earth are not from another planet they are driving around in limos we pay for talk about chickens who need therapy they have no rights to impose such insanity on us we are free weather you are one or a dozen you live on earth and not by there kindness or permission but by the higher power that built in you the most powerful amazing computer and none of the smartest people in the world can even comprehend it or its hidden wonder and amazement

the world will go on but its going to see that it will collectively never allow a small group of fendish evil minded selfish individuals thinking they will decide the fate of all the earth and all the chickens and the roosters i say its time for the Chicken hawkes to gather these evil ones out into the spot lite of public exposure the truth the facts you have lived through worse years in the past ten twenty years on earth and never hid inside your apartment or gave up on life refusing to face the outside becuase someone else decided it was too dangerous well a year later and nothing has changed and funny you never hear any kind of other cuase of death no accidents nothing just coven a bath of witchs a coven of evil people hatching and trying to intentionall destroy a huge portion of the world population what a wake up call for those of us who have seen where this can go and how bad it can get its time to be your very best in all the different areas of your life without fear you are free free to live love lust enjoy share smile cuddle whisper laugh talk smooch tickle plead pledge and live the life of your dreams be brave bold and dynamic in the choices you make but please make the choices to be part of life there is nothing these chickens can share or give you there guidance is a lyrical song like the piped piper the lies the deception the jab what will you do it cant be undone but im sure the world is about to be come very verbal and real these people will be grabbed from there offices and dragged out into the spotlight even the media people who have fed the fires and launched the first ever world concentration camp joint venture to rule the world i would say keep an eye on the trial that has begun in the HAgue there are alot of good people around this world who will not stand by and allow such evil to see them stand on the world stage for the deaths and loss caused on so many levels of life how can you take the children who have lived the last year in various levels of total fear and hope when they grow up they wont just self explode learning how to see and know the truth and being brave enough to stand for it becuase of it regardless of the outcome for a few individuals but to the great sentient nations of the world humanity at her best striving and working each to bring the world to a more profound place in the societys of this universe the cost has been great for thousands of years but clearly the truth is

to watch as millions suffered thru a horror of biblical proportions yet it was not a plague or some intergalactic space alien crop duster flying by and gassing us its a few individuals who got far to big for there human avatar to support and its time to real them in if your putting your faith life in gods hand why would you ever wear a mask when your healthy or worse allow some individual less then the age of most of our grandfathers choose to inject us from or for any reason free will God then you have universal law of human life and liberty then those guys you should choose quick though the shot is unreversable and if your not human i wonder what they will call those who chose to get jabbed maybe they will call them Jabbasynths for the synthetic mrha strand they are introducing with each injection

only together all of us can we develop and open the universal algarythum of a community collective of one voice working together we will not be snuffed out because the uber rich want to play all the time and keep it for themselves every human is given the basic freedom its not on some discount list or fire sale proposition being created by a few ill mannored individuals who forgot the empathy that life is indowed with from birth caring compassion concern

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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