Trigger point injections into life

So your tumbling down a long steep cliff and while your rolling down the hill your being struck by bolders and smaller rocks all the way down wondering to yourself well ollie this is another fine mess you got us into.

The sky is blue the weather is warm and yet your still rolling like a giant snow ball down the side of a huge mountain cliff with no idea how to stop or even how you ended up on the steep cliff in the first place.

With your incredible wisdom and knowledge your delivered down with the help of earths gravity towards your guaranteed death or worse a horrible injury where you will be at the mercy if anyone cares enough to stop and help you funny thing is now a days the facts are clear odds are in the favor of someone coming by just to empty your pockets saying they wont need this stuff anymore. as your life passes before you the clear visions of the dreams you had of traveling and sitting on some tropical beach and holding the most georgeous woman in the world in your arms admiring how well you have done in this rat race from hell. but truth be told we all dream larger then the reality we can imagine and because of that we are subject to complex realities that interact with ours that we have no barrior and no escape from some of these events are profound and amazing like you meet someone who you have known for a thousand years by the way you feel when they talk and smile with you that your thoughts are already understood by them as if you have seen this exact moment before in another life or better yet in another time and space; developing the inner tactile skills to understand and grasp the slight changes as they appear gives you an edge in life a kind of get out of jail free card.

Under the rules of corp insanity you have no rights but to work hard and support their life styles and the lie they continue to impose on you and those you love and care about, so lets say one day you decide as you have the right to not play the game anymore and at every interaction you resist and chose to ignore there so called good advice what will happen well lets imagine they scream to you to put on a mask have some respect and you smile kindly as your nature was raised and keep walking suddenly they race up and raise there voice insisting that you need to obey them and put on a mask you again smile and walk around them kindly saying excuse me when again now they have another person come up and also raise there voice to insist you listen to the first idiot that told you to put on a mask;

what happens in the next second is the most important part of this attempt to pirate away your rights you grab the first guy by his arm and tell him maybe you have me mistaken with someone else but neither do i know you or will you be given the rights to oversee what or who i am and how i choose to live my life its time for you to lower your voice and go back to your life if you persist in this matter any further i will not be responsible for the following elevation in our interaction and you could suffer severly, i am not here by or for your entertainment i am a totally free sentient being who choses where i will go and who will be in my life and i have no time for insane crazy fantasy about the sky falling or you having somehow woke up thinking you have some inner super strength and ability to stop change or alter my life in the slightest you do not you have no such rights and will not be given quarter in any future interactions so stay clear walk away.

Everyone has this choice to react or alter there day by many choices such as just going in a differant direction or walking around an obsticle sometimes thought the way around takes a huge toll on your expected days events and choices we can have and do have the choice to keep your world as you wish to live in it i am not going to tell someone who chooses to live under a plastic tarp even after sharing the info of how they could get help and a place to live just by going and doing the do dilligence its not my place to order others around neither is it yours to order anyone else around either we must accept the clear choices people make in life and even if it makes us sad as we care about them we have no right to direct or force them to change its freedom and too many people now a days are thinking that if they shame you or scream at you that you will submit i SAY I WILL NOT SURRENDER OR SUBMIT TO ANY TYRANNY FROM ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING ITS MY RIGHT AND MY DEVINE GIFTS GIVEN BY A MUCH GREATER POWER AND I WILL NOT SUBMIT SUBMERGE SURRENDER BECOME A SLAVE OR WORSE FEEL EVEN SLIGHTLY ANXIETY OVER THE PRESSURES FOOLS TRY TO IMPOSE ON ME; make your choices and choose your path be great and brave dont submit until you have reached that specified goal and accomplished that which you know in your heart had to be finished.

life is your gift and only when you choose to submit and follow others orders you volunteer to become there servant. this is not there earth and your not a tourist so when you face such people do make your stand and have faith that your defending your rights and no one else has the power or rights to deny you that journey or the amazing things you will accomplish in the journey before you

so being amazing choosing to be profound and dynamic in the choices you make the way you move forward weather in a covered wagon of old or a priceless jaguar its a choice you have and no one else can order your life.

we walk among angels treasures pirates and princesses be amazing and profound this is not there life your living its yours be an inspiration to those around.

you have the potential to bend space change an interaction from horrible to fantastic using our billion dollar wet wired brain that thing where our soul manages more knowledge then all the computers in existence AI is nothing but imatation and that is why people are waking up the value of a redundant system is good for cracking eggs or shucking corn but you are to understand the stars travel the universe share life through thousands of languages and cultures yet you need to open the door and walk out.

when you awake from hyper sleep on your long journey to the new earth: suddenly the alarms are blasting and people are running around crazy wearing all kinds of control wear eye coverings mouth covering and even nose and ear plugs there faces are bright red and they are flaying around like fish out of water, what happened

well lets see first of all how long have you been asleep. a minute an hour a day a year very important what and how did the world get so crazy well the star date log shows that about march 18 th 2020 the world chicken headquarters issued a new ruling on cattle all cows must now respect chickens right to cluk all day and night and during the morning hours of sunrise the roosters all scream cockle do to you.

while your sorting out what has happended on the good ship escape from life that the captian of the ship was poisoned with a tropical tapow berry from vulcan minor only edible within the worm hole on a certian day of the universe and your now on a ship that never could make the full journey and to protect the corp image they assigned implanted people with alien DNA and they job is to gradually take away the oxygen that you so depend on to live, that is why people are running around screaming in all sorts of face and body covers none work but they want to exert there insanity around the room so everyone can join in and shimmy and shake until you die.

IF you had signed the preflight volunteer list for deletion then you have nothing to complain about its right on course for what you signed up for the rest of us never signed anything of the sort and as we look around the hyperbarick chamber we see a note to human beings as you are human we have no right to take control offend or offer anything that would hurt you cause suffering or anyway alter the life you choose to live under your pillow is the standard HOPMM (Human Oxygen power maker and manipulations device 198 series 10 it will provide a force field around you and insure your safe delivery to the new earth please ignore the idiots around screaming and running into walls they are not human and there reactions can be quite commical like one of the ancient cartoons of the fortys and fiftys watch out for Gremlins that mess up airplanes and rip apart your engines because they want to destroy things.

your state of the art suit will protect you and give super human power to absorb and delete the negitive particles from the non human tantrums

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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