Breaking free of hypocrisy

we all know the truth or we should the mad mad world of science has gone so far beyond moral or even ethical if you watch this video i have attached you will see the strange things science of china and korea are doing to life forms on earth i can see it now girls with glow in the dark hair and eyes onces with Florissant finger and toe nails wow they wont have to spend fifty or a hundred dollars a week to do those pedi mani afternoon dates anymore more time to admire yourself i guess then there are the food supplies they have created and the FDA is all over it sure you can eat these aqua grow salmon because they look and taste just like atlantic salmon except twice the size in the same time frame really im sure there are issues we just dont know them so the next time you go out for a salmon filet and its the size of a bronco burger ask yourself is this giant piece of red salmon safe for human consumption or will your body and that of your offspring start to develop new traits such as blinking earlobes.

or maybe you can go have a rare mastadon burger with giant potato fries from a re extinction animal from millions of years maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who gets there headlines in the news for going camping out in the wild and be attacked by a four thousand pound mega predator mountain lion or puma or the next time you go out fishing and use bait for a large mouth bass instead you and your friends get swallowed whole by a giant prehistoric goliath largest mouth bass that can swallow a small zodiac and all the people inside, i know sound crazy right check this out and share

Its time people we can see its been an entire year take a few minutes to look at the real statistics and see you have been lied to now its time to chose either you will wake up and go out starting right now and change your world how is it that no one seems to mind that the world is in crisis beyond any every experiences for decades a giant population of billions of sentient humans living life fully and suddenly a lie is fed out across the mass media just like hitler did to convince entire population of Germany that the Jews were the problem and if they could be gotten rid of the world could be come a elite nordic society of tall german man and women better then the rest of life on earth

we know this is just foolish and never should have been allowed to develop momentum lets face it a cow cannot fly but if you tape enough duct tape on fake wings you can throw them off the cliff and they will fly down to there death not soar like abird

we can now use our smart phones and other tech to learn the truth and stop all the insanity its that time and we must rise up and go back to life full and profound Im so grateful that the governors of TExas and sixteen other states have come out and immediately shut down the face mask and any restrictions allowing life to return to more normal levels so we cna try and bring our families back from the brink of this sad sad story where millions of lives were at risk and now millions more are being shuffled into pop up covjab centers even in parking lots and stadiums where minumum wage unskilled people slide a sharp plastic tube up our noses what so distressing is that if your in an accident and taken by ambulance to a hospital they never stick a sharp straw up your nose it has no real value there is nothing up there but your sinuses that help protect and filter matter out of your body and defend your mind where your star seed exists the facts not withstanding all the things being down are wrong putting sick people into nursing homes really how could they have thought it ever would have been a victory unless death was the goal

another point why would someone who wasnt getting enought oxygen be put on a machine rather then given oxygen utter madness now a year later after an attempted stealing of america we find the new guy has shut down hundreds of thousands of jobs and forced americans to struggle to keep alive and support your family with all the new lockdowns by ill equipted overly zelious politicians forcing citizens to live life without a job or being able to be with friends and familys to be refused access to loved ones dying in hospitals not because it was right it never was but to propagate the lie. define a control network to control every aspect of our lives with deception and other tools of fear

You have rights you live in America not the congo and as such you are part of one of the most advanced societies on earth right now a few criminals are roasting your world and you have been denied even the right to go be part of this world your children cower in a new fear filled world where mommys are told to tell your children if they get sick and die its the childrens fault come on how sick will we allow these media agencys of corupt political alliances and billionaire pharma conglomorates controling the world to inject them with some strange new cocktail they created in a lab in a hurry now you have no idea what was in it or even what it does it sure doesnt help if your exposed to the cold or flu season next time it comes around

wake up get smart be bold brave and live your life fully define your future with positive change based on truth not lies time to go out and build the dreams you made and want to share with those you love enough of the lies and enough with a ill equipted politicians who think someone whispering in there ear is giving positive news only to those who will profit from its propogation we need to make the values of media companys return to that place where it was about sharing truth and not being controled by any group weather a it was truthful was the only matter that was demanded now they sell our world on lies all the time with need to know sneakery and dirty grubby hands filled wtih fake money for selling the lie its time to hold those who choose to work in media to the base value of telling the truth not getting rich for lieing to us at every moment of the day.

we forget that for all the advances in science we have heard of like smart phones and new tech to help us there is a slimmy underbelly one that is filled with things you would not even want to hear about from cloning when you watch the movies like the island the fact is true the very rich will do anything to keep the money and wealth in there possession there is no misconceptions here the truth is just that the mad scientists are busy destroying the planet with there experimenting with dna its time to shut them down what next really people with five arms and six feet so they can run faster then a four legged horse a flying bear and deer who swims under water a eagle that grows as big as a giant condor i mean really maybe its time to recognise the universe and all that is in it didnt need to be F////with

anti cloning park security post to protect the rats from cloning efforts by local scientists out to increase the size and viscious nature of wild brown rats to get them to the size of a large bull mastif how cool a dangerous rodent the size of a small car running after you in the park for a quick bite to eat

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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