welcome to hypocrisy; used to be democracy

when the star s turn green and the oceans become sludge will not matter where you are or who is your Rub the days will fly by and the world will continue to spin but in the moment your standing this is how hypocrisy begins

will you finally get angry and stand your ground as if it ever was a question of why you were born and not found; hoping the world will change and making the world change are two different kinds of creation.

Alexander the Great went out at the age of 18 and before he was 23 had conquered almost half the known world seeing amazing armys of elephants in India Bengal tigers and amazing things even in the high mountains of the Himalayas.

Budica stood up against the Roman legions and literally scared the life out of rome not because she was leading a giant army infact it was not an army at all just average people who lived and worked a simple life but refused to watdh there daughters and sons be murdered and raped confiscated like property and dragged in chains across the continents

Ghandi didnt have an army he had seen the evil of power and how it corrupts and knew in his heart that he must stand up and bring light to the darkness that was spreading across the continent of India he spoke softly and changed the hearts of millions and with that in itself defeated the great sea power of great Britain we can learn a lot from history now its Americas turn to defeat tyranny and impose our will on those who are attempting to steal our nation and the values we grew up with wake up be amazing be profound define your future by how you will strive to change the ill gotten rules of tyrants and thiefs and bring about a world where your bold efforts of honest hard work and the values of putting each of us on the same page to expand our protections of all life from bees in india to forests in south America the pillagers and looters need to be stopped now not in fifty years so are you ready for the challenges

toot the red horn on the old coal fired train the universe moves forward and we have no one else to even blame black or white green or yellow in the pot with crustations and vegies this is the end of the seafood chowder stock time to eat and injoy a few beers life is to prescious to waste away the years.

over the afternoon or the night if you choose finding someone special to hold and love if you choose kiss her softly so she wont resent give her some flowers with that beautiful scent make her mind wander and think often of you because of the little special things you do. those mornings you wake up early before the sun is in the sky and see the amazing colors dance across the clouds as they glide across the earth. will you make a stand as a sentient being and show your worth ignoring the lies and deception captivity they press what will the day bring and how will you go will you be victorious this time or have to study more to learn the new tools needed to overcome the scam see the lie and know what and where you are and how you can break from the deception that is like a sewer backed up for years. or peeling onions for hours just to express all those volitile tears..

more over its time to wake up and see with your eyes the deception poison including the lies open the door to truth its time for release no more time to lwaddle around like a bunch of geese be bold and brave dont be a fool do not let them corral you and press you to get the cool jab

when you ask what might happen they don’t have a clue they cannot see the sky or the ocean even if its blue they live in a lie a cruel joke but unaware so sad to see the outcome of those who trusted the jab and even now they hide the truth the horror of side effects out right cruel and beyond suffering what is left in your life or how you can move forward under duress dancing around naked and unafraid what is life if your lost in fear what is life if you forget all that is dear how can you not see in the reflection before your very eyes this covi this id nineteen a fools errand in deed a bunch of idiots lying and arguing dancing around what even they don’t understand.

when will our children be as free as just about a year what of tomorrow and over the rainbow will you race forward to get full expression from a world of complex reality and millions wander in fear afraid of what they cannot see or understand blind as a bat all along the journey we can choose to be more open the back door and race towards your dream dont be afraid of the lies and deception if there was a real event you would know you would see the millions dead and the ambulances running rabit with sirens blasting every minute of the day or would that emptyness you see and that you cannot hear give the lie away open up and think independently drive towards the dreams you so much desire ignore the attempts to lock tour world down avoid the deception and the greed be brave and whole a warrior indeed being true to the universe and that star seed to expand your knowledge and grow with each experience you brave dont let fear shorten your trip or take you to a place of doubt be all that you can be and never look out there is no protection against the unknown and personally we would not be flying around if people didnt tell them leave me alone i choose to believe we can fly and soar across the blue sky all the people who spend almost 19 hours sitting on a plane flying around the earth its no insane yes we can fly and we can do amazing things but in the early nineteenth century to say you could fly was certain death the religious leaders called it blasphemy.

to strike a stick on a match book and create fire would have had you tortured and then burned at the stake as a witch or worse what a horrid fate ignorance is a cruel bedfellow and fools do abound all over the earth close to us or far aground we all have to see the realtiy and get away from the lies and deception dont be a chicken hoping you will be spared because some farmer in a suit told you dont worry we dont kill chickens any more so you are safe and can trust me i wont let you down well whos the fool here the farmer in a suit or the chicken on the ground

be a sentient creature like a giant puma cat aware strong silent and brave able to face of even mortal enemys without fear or resentment life is just that life true will you survive or not the choices we make control outcome dude.

so if you choose to continue to walk the trail of fear your incredible mind will create uncertainty and and confusion for sure filling your tank with mud wont get you very far and even if you know it will you continue to live in this fake jar hoping someone who never met you doesn’t know your family or child who has decided to dictate your life both when how where and what to do will you still go along with insanity my friend or get really angry and go take over the world choose your friends wisely those who know the big truth and have skills of great value in the coming days we will be tested surely those who came before were tested what makes you think you wont be yes your test will be harder as the gain or loss is much larger we live in a shell of possibility and Devine chance to go out and be amazing choose to stand up strong and live your life profound or hide in some closet and complain about them being who they are rather then accepting the truth adn knowing they can only lie why would you wate for them to come forward with kind words of truth as they live a life that is totally a lie.

If we take a few minutes and dwell on the truth of what is going on now for literally a year they have made up a huge lie to control the population using fear as the weapon of choice like threatening to bomb a village in Afghanistan and every day fly over but dont drop a bomb will the people begin to live in a constant state of fear and anxiety and everytime a jet flys overhead even miles away they fear the bomb that was told would destroy them from above so here is covie cutie they convinced the german people that they must show the lessons learned from world war two and hitler so they comply and lock themselves into there homes becoming jailers of there own cell and further to that goal they fill there children with a stronger fear as children cannot comprehend what is being or going on lets face it if there was a pandemic then all over the world there would be millions of people dropping dead young old inbetween male female transgender lesbians homosexuals but there isn’t the ambulances are not working overtime they are parked around the neighborhoods reading a book or watching there smart phone videos facts can be altered the people who died well tragedy is people die every second of every day all over the world funny Americans were not concerned when Sadaam Husain was bombing the Iranians with VX nerve gas in fact the media didn’t waste any time on this tragedy when Rwanda happened there was no outrage at all the small villagers and children being hacked to death by machetes’. and with a real open mind and alot of investigating it seems the great nations of the world you know Bill Gates friends convinced the G-8 to supply the various tribes machetes because they were cheaper then ammo and having to train them with weapons so we sat by while for over three months roving bands of angry individuals went on a personal vandetta about tribal differances not because of gross differences but slight changes over decades and one tribe was more prosperous than the other so lets go hack them to death with Machettes right no

So here we are in the United States of America a nation built on the freedom liberty and personal choices to persuit of happiness a nation that in the past has come to the aid of millions of peoples and cultures around the world fighting for individual rights to live free even spent eighty years at some crazy odds with russia why are they different then us no just speak another dialect of earth and live under a different political draconian ruling party

what is needed is us to stop this crazy and start to realize if we work together and get rid of the bad eggs the ones that make life hard and our world a place of violence and hate into a world on the brink of reaching the stars if we choose to do it together look at the planned passing of Apothus in 2029 and then again 2036 we have been fully warned by BILLY edward Meiyers from Switzerland the playarians have warned us an advanced society that looks to gain nothing but help us move past this most violent stage of human insanity we must realize we dont need to make more weapons enough is enough choose to focus on saving this prescious earth and the billions of independent sentient creatures that call it home from the depth of rainforests almost destroyed to the deepest parts of the ocean the millions of species that live both on land in the soil under the sea above the earth in the sky we ignore such deep questions and i have always wondered why not try to be better

why not reach for the stars and not to own them but to help make the possibilities of our greatness more sublime and pass away the greed and hate war and death caused not by longevity and happyness but by hate and violence we can do better we can build a world that is progressive and amazing finding ways to bridge almost any problem as a community rather then wasting years arguing about it in some high palace where these people have never known or suffered the plight of those at the bottom of the food chain and sure we can say they have no money so we should not value there input but this is so wrong each of our children is a bright spark of star seed and within because of unique individual mutations the answers to most profound and complex problems need only to right person being given the tools to understand this problem by there special connections and with it bring about a new approach one that allows the great gifts of the individual to grow learn and achieve

enough with the few rich families who think its there oyster and no one else has the right look at another example the Japanese

whalers go out hog wild hunting any things that blows out its stack when surfacing in the artic or antiartic they dont care about if there are only a few they will continue to plow the oceans and tell all other nations mind your own business well its a simple fact we are destroying the oceans killing of entire species from our polution and poisoning of the ecosystems of the world its not time to talk about it its time to enforce a world moritorium on such practices globally and we need to face the damage caused by a hundred years of gold rush oil and gas and start to see the images of the sunken tankers the oil seeping into the estuarys around the world its time to face that even if they have a new wood source that is beautiful we should look at the entire ecosystem we are destroying to cut it and who and how will we protect it Borneo is literally becoming easter island they have destroyed over 80 percent of there standing tropical forests cutting and hacking there way through because some rich corp has offered them a little money at least a lot less then the true value of the last forests on earth we have millions of metric tons of plastic that because we made it must now be dealt with and we can devise a way to use it again and again rather then cutting down the last of the earths trees we need to choose to be amazing dynamic and powerful sentient beings out to make the world a prestine creation not destroyed at all costs but protected for the generations that will come after us.

I refuse to believe we will let these political candy asses blow the world up because they dont like someone else around the world lets face it love is not a racist and having a family is not about poppingout duplicates and clones its about the uniqueness of the individual the potential that individual can achieve when provided the right opportunities and chances of tomorrows filled with hope and amazement not fear and doubt lies and deception criminals riding around on the backs of those they have lied to and trapped in a neverending servitude of criminal intent.

Will you make yourself a promise to go forward without judgement and criticism; learning to accept others for there individual uniqueness and strive to build a better world one where each child has the chance no perceptive option to learn and grow up safe and secure living to dream and build a world we can be amazed with there is no happiness in watching utube videos all day infact now that freedom of speech has been basically crushed by these low level idiots lets face the fact we should not waste our time or energy on them make them come back to the basics of why writing is so important to share values and built developed communities of knowledge filled people who will never submit to treachery and care about how amazing our world can be look at the last thirty years all the advances in science and technology not vacines but other events like true space exploration and the ability to create cars that run totallly on electric able to transport us far and wide no need for saddles and miles of gravel trails we drive on brand new smooth asphalt roads at warp speed out smart phones could launch a ship to mars with the amount of computing ability they possess we can do better we can be better i hope each day for knowledge to flow like the melting ice caps letting nature alter us and modify us mutate us by real magic sure quantum energy string theory and all the deep knowledge we are beginning to open its time for amazing personally i would not want to live hundreds of years ago when the earth was flat and people were burned for being wise and inteligent its enough the churchs need to come clean they know the alien truth as most of the people i know do as well there is no way the galaxys that we see and the ones we cannot see exist in silence life is amazing and in each breath a drop of water live billions of other creatures coexisting thriving we cannot decide today that i only want white bloodcells or that only black bloodcells or that if you have no hair or huge amounts of hair we can find a common ground a place where our children can come together and solve this horrible mess we have created.

Be bold amazing and go out to do fantastic things change the world around you touch the people within your community with knowledge and kindness share compassion and desire love all beings we dont need more hate we need much more love, i do insist all my friends know as soon as we meet that we hug each other kiss on the cheek is nice but all about contact and connections of the heart and communion of the mind

today we live in a world where the goal of the powerful is to isolate us and destroy our communitys this gives them power while we fight and argue over the things that keep us alive they go out and waste these treasures without even a thought of the loss

our world is not owned by anyone and i cannot see the importance of teaching your children to be like someone who cares nothing about others and only goes out for greed moral values and inner depth of conscience are critical the civilization on earth of sentient humans and the collective group of humanity in all its diverse and altered lives has strength all based on the vast diversity that exists in each of us.

purpose and value based on the efforts put forth and the commitment to the group as a whole able to develop a deeper connection all based on our commitment to each other.

i can say that on days i went out with out expections i found were amazing in all aspect when i go out expecting someone or something it seldom happens and if it does usually i find out quickly i have been dooped and the day becomes a lesson learned and wisdom gained.

In America we must stand our ground before it is too late i was born into a unique Democracy suddenly they are trying to take it and hide it in a HYPOCRACY; DEVELOP KNOWLEDGE GROW A GARDEN FROM HEAVEN ONE THAT HAS THE TOOLS AND WISDOM YOU NEED TO FACE ANY CHALLENGES IM NOT SAYING YOU WONT DIE WE ALL DIE BUT WILL YOU GO OUT BEING AMAZING AND CHANGING THE WORLD ONE BREATH AT A TIME OR will you hide in the cold damp box and wonder why no one came to tell you to be profound and amazing strive with all your heart build a mansion of friends and loved ones that share your values and care about your heart felt beliefs we dont need bosses and generals or warlords and politicians we need freedom and liberty we need the right to make mistakes and learn from them changing ourselves based on this trial and error lessons learned living life if you wait in a locked room like a ostrich with its head in the sand when the bull dozer rolls across your back it cant be fixed or helped as you didnt get the memo

Memo 1 you live in America the greatest nation on earth you are born free and with rights both as a child of Americans and as an adult American will you sign those rights away or refuse to believe in them and stand up for them because some clown in a three piece suit insists your NEANDROTHALS

NO WE Are Americans born breed and educated with some of the best schools and levels of knowledge collected from across the earth now you need to go learn it and put out the efforts to bring the values and principles into practice so change can happen both individually and collectively we can be magnificent if we only try.

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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