the Julia Childs of insanity: Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

well hello there today we are going to make humanica sauce sushi its a unique culinary delight enjoyed around the galaxy; from the far deep valleys of distant moons like Ganymede to Uranus and the city of Lushan a indescribable place the ancients would travel the light years just to enjoy the rare tastes only found here on earth. sadly we have been dupped here by political insects who think they can indulge alot here by pretending to be above us all and imposing strick guidelines designed to limit the movements of humans and find a way to put them back into the food chain so there are a couple of movies i would mention to bring you uk to date such as Omega Man and Solent Green its sad but so on track with the progress of global distruction we are destroying the forests at break neck speed the oceans have become toxic waste disposal buckets from Fukashima to the artic and anarctic we have continued to burn fossil fuel at a pace that would make the dinosaurs concerned and yet the push continues across the earth war violence religious persecution and the strip mining of human rights the rich are so rich they could sink a titanic each day and then take a afternoon tea break with cucumber sandwich’s and the Queen.

When you speak out about the insanity your blocked from sharing this truth as the bad guys are wired into the systems and use the stolen wealth to blacklist anyone who knows what is really going on and further press at each opportunity to subvert any truth with ninety percent lies hoping people will continue to follow blindly the disaster plan.

The treasure of our societys have been written off and sold a bad skill set where by women young and beautiful are out giving the treasure away to any big bull swinging between his legs and will film it for a dollar or less. the value of treasure has lost over night its intrensic place as the mothers of creation and the carry of our human seed to be used up and broken images of what once where beautiful female princesses smart vital sexy beautiful and filled with ideals and values that brought society out of the dark ages now they are helping to sell us and our very souls into a internet pornographic nightmare of epic proportions where life and value mean nothing

How can you not see the real truth going on the lies the mask laws the attempts to limit your ability to choose where to go and when you go even how you get there using lockdowns and then packing the streets with illegals hoping they will bring us to destruction quickly and intentionally the leaders are the worst kind ill equipted unskilled lyers who choose to surround themselves with soldiers who will shoot anyone who wants to confront them driving home the fear factor that you feel your unable to make a difference yet your numbers our numbers with unity can drive these demons out to pasture as they have tried to do to us make a stand for the love you feel the life you want to live and all those you care about living or gone they didn’t spend there whole lives working so hard to have you walk into the slaughter house to become a new food dish right your children need to grow up with freedom and liberty to ensure that they question all that they are exposed to and that they will give good battle to solve the problems and force out the demons who have grown like weeds in our public offices especially in America what will it take how can you not be getting upset and when will you realize by doing nothing your almost part of the problem we must do alot and we must do it quickly the world cannot be made complete again millions of species have been driven to extinction and many more are on the verge will you wait until the only tiger a child will ever see is one stuffed in a art museum or worse only a story told like the ancients used to share there history orally we need to stop the world from burning by all becoming firemen and by all really facing the flames of our destruction and insisting we will not forgo any other insane political Roderick

there are many people trying to inform us and they deserve credit this has huge value to spread the truth and force people to open there eyes and see what is going on sure we all want to have an amazing life and be happy find love share our best moments with those we care about be brave and bold to try and make the world more magnificient and profound but this only happens when we face truth and ignore the lies why are people going to get shots and waiting to follow advice of fools with no cloths

the story is so old the king has no cloths why is it that only a child can see there is something so wrong with a person living a outright lie and then trying to force the rest of us to follow it no matter how crazy they are its up to us to not be fooled and to give battle a chance our soul is at stake i grew up and was raised to serve this great nation and i am honored to have done so my father as well served his entire career for America now the world has become a sesspool of lies and deception a place where the truth is scorned and lies are welcomed with parties of people running around in paper masks chanting how they are so happy the world will be fantastic once everyone is jabbed in the arm with a new chemical to change the human genome not because we can be better but to fool us to think they can make humanity better by destroying half of the world population out of greed they believe its there right to force us to the slaughter house and they will push the hammer you need to decide of weather you want to be hit by the hammer or be the nail gun driving those idiots deep into thick wood so they can be pulled out when we get tired rather then be waiting for some miracle to come rescue us from the stock yards where humans will be make into food for the ever growing population of Uber rich entitled scumbags maybe the movies like Alita say a real important fact no amount of modifications will make humans better or help them care more about others maybe its like the move called not a blade of grass which i saw when i was young where humanity become like pack animals stealing and murdering anyone and everyone without any moral values or limits they become like hyenna’s running the urban sprawl devouring each other who ever had the biggest guns or the best survival skills wins

open the door and watch some of the latest insanity like Utopia a so called fiction where pharma has created bugs just to kill us off and then selectively go about choosing which cultural or individual groups need to be ghosted first then think about the horrible disasters of oil spills nuclear meltdowns and the war mongering military industrial complex we need to know that this is not some fantasy its a tragedy and we are living it seeing young girls in there early teens being manipulated to walk around naked so that they can be used and abused at every chance sadly they are not provided with the tools needed to see there true value or recognise the horrible future they face as a piece of meat on some shopping sight of porn what to do i would hope we start to wake up and face these challenges in a way that brings us back from the brink but its hard if these children have nothing to relate to and change they will keep falling by the wayside like baby deers with alot of roads and big trucks but no mother deers to keep them from harm infact in poor nations they are selling there children to by seeds and grow food to keep the rest of there family alive the rich buy and sell them like a backet of fruit the world has gone totally outer limits and the crazy is in the school teaching our children how to destroy themselves while politicians are out convincing adults that dont worry we will only destroy those we can convince to follow our new guidelines of chemical destruction a plan already under way with the new Jab

Did you get your Jab yet i hope you see this and share it and realize there is no good comeing from a moment of so called comfort thinking next time the cold and flu season come you will be safe infact that is not what you will find the shot does not protect us it will never protect us they are attempting to inject you each year at least twice to alter your very base make up and alter your bodys to sterilize you and hopefully have you die of some unforseen accident that they already went and got protection from any form of liability and you cannot sue them hold them responsible in any way shape or form its up to you but i will say this once the four hundred fema camps go live it will be over quick there wont be any media around fighting for your god given rights infact they will be destroyed first once everyone else is already bagged and tagged

its a military operation and they are at self imposed war on us there isn’t an alien monster coming to kill us that would be too easy there advanced societys would not even blink to wipe us all out and start over but the idiots in offices of power on earth the ones we put into office they are the devils we dont know and we should learn from the history of the world we do know mankind has made a real art of devilish torture and murder even to those they loved and cared about when you loose that deep seeded impathy and compassion your no better then a Rat diggin throught a trash pile for your next meal you dont care if its another rat or even your own offspring wake up the world has gone pacman and in the real world that cant be good

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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