Biden Village

so how nice the media is down trying to film poor children without parents complaining about the condition of these make shift tents they the media is a rabid dog all across the nation american families go without veterans homeless on the streets no medical no jobs no hope and meanwhile at the loonytunes border fiasco the biden team has caused it by telling illegals oh do come we dont care if you have no parents or if your being trafficed we just want you to race across Mexico and march across the border what kind of parents would allow there children to travel on the tops of trains from central america to the us southern border simple these children are being trafficed by cayotes and by cartels and Biden our man on a mission a man who caused the next great insane conflict our nation of citizens must face

what kind of a president would cause so much insane and constitutional abuse where all Americans must now suffer because of his so called attempts to destroy the last four years of positive attempts to make America better Biden is out to make America a third world country and to destroy the security of our borders for personal gain look at what happened when the war torn middle east raced out of the war ravaged area to march across entire nations to get to social nations who shared what they had to support and help those in need only to be destroyed there citizens robbed there daughters and wives raped and then told hush we cant say anything about this to the world as we want to ensure the migrant war immagrants can come in freely and take over these society’s and destroy the structure of entire nations built on systems who cared about there citizens Biden village is the images i will always remember at the border thousands of illegal children marching unescorted across the border demanding to be accepted weather they have covie or being delivered by gangs of human trafficker’s children are the tool of evil now they knew if they sent children america would ignore the rules that protect america and insist that suddenly we all must support these people regardless that there own families didn’t care enough to keep there children home the crime is the parents have chosen to throw there kids into hell and the drug traffickers and there cayotes are cashing in big time over this why is the media so concerned about anything except america and americans what kind of animals are they do they not see that americans have no jobs and have been dropped into pergatory over covie and imi programs that are designed to destory america and all that it stands for time to cast the first stone here these scandel mongers the media have pressed us to a place of insisting that we should race out and get the jab even if it will kill us the kiss of death at the hands of some minimum wage micky Ds staff now jabbing a long sharp plastic straw into the back of your sinus cannels puncturing the spinal canal or causing severe damage

the tools of the trade to kill off America what animals \tasking our media to continue the lies and distract all of us from seeing and developing a real fact based response its like biden signed over our nation to be SOCIALIST EXPERIMENT IN MANDATORY JABBER JUICE DESIGNED TO KILL AMERICANS

THE SAD PART IS OUR President Trump needs to come out of hiding and start doing what he was doing speaking to the huge population of Americans who believe in this nation and have struggled through a living hell to stand for the values of America first then we can help the rest of the world but not by taking them into our homes without even a clue who they are or why would a parent send all there children unescorted across a five thousand mile trek on the train roofs to be dumped at the southern border of the UNited States personally the great state of Texas should keep doing what it is to stop and detain or send packing back home these unregistered children to the embasy of there home let them sort it out its not our problem America has its own needs and issues that are not a bunch of jokes but real issues that must be solved before we even think about how to help others first help our own citizen our own familiies and secure the border stop these drug traffickers and human traffickers dead in there tracks stop the children and make them remain in Mexico let mexico solve the problems of there southern border and even the trains that are used to transport these tens of thousands of people up to the border why what is there gain why dont they stop them at there border as a courtesy to the American peoples this is so wrong to let unaccompanied children travel thousands of miles with no way to even reach out to parents the drug cartels are loving our indecisiveness and continued internal arguments over what to do with illegals they have no rights to be here in the United States and we must sent them packing how can you expect us to care for these children when their own families have thrown them to the wolves intentionally what was the pay they got and you must understand that these children are simply pawns in a game of criminal get rich at the epense of those who no one cares about

Biden village maybe we should take all of these illegal children to one of Bidens many homes and property to live with him

maybe the Bushs can take in a few thousand of these kids to work there sweat shops in south America we must stand our ground and stop this human carnage a cruel joke that is for sure and worse is that they are now trying to blame again you go it Trump its all his fault Trump caused every [problem on earth didn’t you know that sure he is the person who chose to take a stand and stop the illegal running o children across the border everyday

this is beyond foul and hes the worst as he has pressed us to the very brink of the cliff insisting that he must at all costs stop anything the previous president had worked on so i guess for the next four years our new guy the one who cant see the nose on his face should stop wasting time on destroying the American that was finally becoming more dynamic and progressive where Americans had jobs and were seeing the immense changes coming over our great nation now it is time for him to come out fighting and we as Americans must rise to the task regardless of any personal limitations we still need ot form positive pathways designed to help us and build our

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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