Intrensic knowledge

as we gradually open our eyes to see how perverse the lies we have been fed are it can literally cause a panic attack not because you have new truths to help you move forward but that all you have been told is lies. When you start to unravel the truth you can see all around that there are people and agency’s who are behind the lies and they are being very driven to enforce these lies another important point is that the incredible facts show us that they have poisoned our minds to the point its a matter of life and death we can find in any moment they have planned for years to do just this take our rights away inject us on mass with a new experimental fluid not made even of human bio material but out of totally synthetic something that has never been attempted to date except maybe in one of Hitler’s concentration camps where lives were thrown under tanks because it was fun to watch the horrible damage caused by such evil.

when you go out and see the fear still on the faces of those who might have once been a dear friend but now they are stand offish and out to make you fear any close contact for fear of the covie scandal and what will surely cause death what death we don’t know and we cannot even organize

when you look in the mirror what do you see are you afriad of life or some unknown that might fall from the heavens or a bug swimming in the water supply unknown to us because of size and lack of any understanding of what or how it will affect the human body.

OPen up your eyes and realize that only be faith and a strong core value of health can you and i hope to survive life in its basic layout, but learning to stand against tyrants being brave enough to speak out against the hate and criminals who are going around even poisoning your children forcing you to drive there amazing little personalitys into a concentration camp built and fueled by so called media giants who are literally out lying through there teeth, managing this is several cold calculating political forces of dark deep state money and manipulations if you look at the ongoing games and flat out lies example are important so i will address one at least

look at the lockdown shutting down the entire american infact two thirds of the worlds modern society and support systems locked down except those DS decided to keep alive and functioning such as liquor stores as a vital service since no average business could survive with no customers.

so PUA came along and they started giveing a small check each week to all americans who worked or were out striving to work and that lasted from march to sept. but then it all shut down the democrats decided to starve out the population of america especially the middle class,

from sept to janurary they denied everyone any funds insisting that after the election they would sort it out but instead two months passed with nothing but attempts to destroy President trump who was demanding his right to havve the votes counted its not a pipe dream it was designed in the constituion to ensure legitmate and fair elections for this great nation but every minute of every day Polosi and her crew of wild HYennas nipping at his heels leaving America without and getting more and more distraught and angry. in Jan they decided to release an updated PUA plan to provide extended benifits through march 15 but in this trick they literally denied to give benifits to amerians for the six months they spent trying to destroy Trump to day we can see the damage and the sorrow fear along with deaths that happen in life and i believe in the end it wont be the jabs you volunteer for but they will finally come clean about the roll out of 5G and the damages that it caused to the human body and our entire system is bombarded by these sub hearing level sounds pounding at such high levels the local readings on a smart noise meter shows on any average street on a sat morning the frequencys and static noise is over 15000 rms this is about 13 thousand more then needed for 5G to work

Since this is a clear fact please check it yourself you can download the needed app with a very stable and correct noise meter right on your smart phone so please do when you see the levels and then start to look at the truth about the last year why has this nation literally allowed a step in new president literally shut down millions of Jobs across dozens of industrys and then opened the border to start his own day of violence he has insisted President Trump caused the capital hill march on the federal building but clearly not his fault individual freedom and thousands of Americans without work forced to give up there freedoms for over a year watch all they worked for be destroyed not by a war but a planned lie by several key people and the media the daily reports from the border shows that not only is Biden sold us out with his chinese relationships and his son hunter being appointed as a key figure on the board of directors for a chinese alagorkie who wanted a major investigation squashed and he did in return biden as sitting vice president totally disregarding the ruled of our nations about officers of this nation working or having close relationships of conflict how can it be that Obama didn’t demand his resignation for this breach of the trust of America and worse his stand as a super intelligent black man running the most powerful nation in the world instead Biden and his son earned or were bribed paid given as a birthday present or maybe a backdoor deal

there are too many critical matters in America that need attentions but one of the most important is the integrity of our borders that he has just released almost a thousand violent criminals predators who pray on children deliver men and women across the border and there children stolen sold kidnapped held for ransom and all on American soil this must stop and its every Americans responsibility even those who came here across the southern border and care about the lives they have established you need to protect your new lives and the wonderful chances your loved ones have allowing gang members barge across into the US and quickly blend into the urban neighborhoods this man has worked all his life in politics and yet he doesn’t know that our nations integrity is based on honesty and a special system designed to provide American’s a status of lives that you can not find across two thirds of the earth we cannot allow him to sell us out and American becomes a socialist nightmare where families become working parts of something like the horrible examples from history and south America we need to build the wall and this new president is in his job to build up America not chase a personal hate against a previous president im sad that President Trump is not out being so vocal this is not making America great and he could bring the masses of Americans together and for our nations great future i am one disabled veteran i have served like my father before me this nation deserves nothing less then a safe place free of violent crime and hate a social system of honor and integrity and where all Americans worked to build there dream and raise your family not in a shooting gallery or under the guise of gang rules and cops hiding like back in the eighty’s

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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