truth world freedom ignitions of humanity’s right to live without oppression by the few

taking back your world i will not consent and will never volunteer for poison jabs at the hands of micky D employees sticking a sharp plastic straw up my nose and risk my human rights any more i am not a heard animal and i a not a cow or sheep or horse i am human so away with the lies and deceptive and wrong fear based narrative.

did you know that regardless of what or who stops going on with there life to insist you must comply tell them thanks have a nice day welcome to America and i am American with all the rights and priviledges that come with you have no right or reason to roll there eyes i am not five years old and your not my mother so take a long walk off a short bridge into a deep ocean. we dont have to comply even the tickets they try to issue are a scam there is no court in America that would force you to pay a fine for bring human being its the lies and tall tales they have been telling i’m sad that the media has been out like snake salesmen poisoning the water and forcing this scum down our throats i’m surprised that they have not been ATTACKED PEOPLE ARE DIEING FROM THERE LIES AND THEY ARE SELLING THE POISON EVERY DAY Each hour feeding the fear its time to wake up why are you following these idiots they get paid to tell you the lie and then your life suffers your children suffer now they are killing you and your children this is not a summit its the Holocaust

G-2 global Bill Gates should be so proud of his monster so lets get together and put this beast down its time for Rabbit hunting he needs to be dragged up to the front of the white house along with his in house assets like Polosi and her crew of Rabid politicians and given a trial that will expose them fully and they will be locked in the cage they so deserve.

In ancient times there are so many examples of over zelous rich people thinking they were above the law look at france and the horrible situation of all the french citizens while they starved and fed there children rats the rich gathered in palaces to glutten down exotic foods and drink dance and be marry until finally the people got angry and marched to the palace to show that with a quick slice of a heavy sharp blade the Guilitene could stop this insanity with a swoosh and knock well done even the great Gangus Khan did to the shah of Persia and all its people marched in and sluaghtered all of those in power and took with them the vast so called elite without remorse ior regret even the leader of the Mongal Army a most trusted general told the richest man in that kingdom ” you must have done such evil that God would send me to bring you justice TAkubala just before rolling him in a exotic persian carpet and having his men trample him with there horses

its not a pretty picture but these present day gangsters think that no one will question there wealth and power or the right to force others to die because they decided humanity is a burden they don’t feel like respecting what this tells us is who and how much will you stand and allow them to take away from you and those you love before you say i do not consent you have no right so NO you cannot take my life family treasure heath or instruct me to do anything that is against my values and principles as a human being with rights and values not based on what you want but on what i know and believe and trust in that you are a sentient being with amazing skill and power over your own actions and no one has the right to deny you that which you were given by god and your parents,

i guess what’s wrong with this picture these men in armour and weapons are not here to intimidate you but they get paid and equipped by our tax dollars to protect us so when the politicians start pressing the lies its time to remind these men that they have families who will soon face the same hypocrisy wake up and protect the citizens who have worked and paid to give you protections from the risk of your job they are not apart from us but just like us

its important that all citizens of this great earth stand up to the tyranny and inform these idiots that i will not consent to any such approachs to steal my rights or my childrens rights that this all stops now tell them to covid up there own butt and take an extra jab if they want but i will not ever not on a plane or a boat not in a car or a tree will i ever no never let you give a EBA shot jab in my arm or my knee will you understand it will never be me so go ahead and take it in a pinch and build it a shrine i will not let you jab your poison in my arm no matter how you try

so sam sam i am i will not eat green eggs and ham i will not open the door or even let you in not by the hair on my chinny chin chin so go jump in a lake or climb a prickly tree get your self pink spandex and swing like a monkey and you will see i will not let you shot that shit in me not in my family or friends i wil lfight you til lthe end sad and true even the soldiers know that its a lie they wont protect you from your choice and wont help you in the end the poison your selling is ment only for you because in the end the thing you need to know is your the one who will be jabbed for murder at least but worse is the countless millions who trusted you and the death you see coming already from these jabs you say work if death is the goal then it should be said you have poisoned humanity and for that your judgement will be death when those who trusted your life start to see the horror of this jab they wont be calling on us for sympathy but chasing you from here to there there will be no where to hide you have crossed a line so vast how could you even believe it would not go this way such fools you are but the destiny of your actions will bring you what you deserve most of humanity will never let you suceed this is hate and the deepest level and you will be held to face your crime this is just the beginning wait as the temo grows soon they will find you all and drag you byyour nose show you all there loved ones you tricked and killed with your patented poison Mrha what a story the history books will say the demon named bill gates who stole life from millions a coward indeed using a smile to lie and a poison to destroy hes worse then hitler and that will all be verified such a hateful thing to do no moral compass its so true.

Over the last year we all have experiences hardships some more than others but in the reality of life we all are connected deeply through energy. if your goal is to be dynamic and deal with life head on then you know full well that some days are much harder then others. over the beautiful months last year of amazing weather and sunshine beyond the normal so dull wet spring and hot summers i was out experiencing life fully with daily hikes around the five burough of New York keeping healthy and trying to face off against the insanity being feed on any media i searched something inside told me it was all bogus so i decided to start researching this covie calamity and what i kept finding was these chess moves such as the approaching the CDC and even changing the term Pandemic in the modern dictionary to a totally wrong new status the original meant a life threatening illness that affected approx 20 percent of the Global population of a specific species and they new discription says that only a few people need to get deathly ill and die in a 28 day period to clasify as a pandemic.

Ultimately you will need to check the stats yourself and please do i never said im the all seeing eye im just a hard working disablved veteran who has struggled against the tide and challanges of my life and will not pass the authority over my life to another faulable human being and will not consent to a jab in the arm to inject a untested and absolutely poisonious even the idea to inject humanity with a life stealing cocktail from hell like gates said that he makes a huge profit from pumping this poison into humanitys arms knowing full well that the end game is extinction of all the people who are crowding his earth and along with some evil henchmen in the media machine they have not only planned everything but have fed the lies non stop since late last January every media event was planned staged and red off a prompter you have never been told the truth.

only now that fifty million or a hundred million have made the greatest mistake of there life to see these pharmas now injecting children and infants with this poison they should be held for crimes against humanity its horrible that after epsteins sex capades with young children sold used and then even killed now they are using the offices they were elected to forcing the poison pump to decrease population and now the rush of illegals across the border children who come from very far off places who knows what ills they have but they come bearing gifts gang members drugs human trafficking wow its a real wallmart special how to destroy AMerica now the media is implying the majority of americans who voted for trump are some how the evil in this nation what kind of insane characters are these elected officials attempting to do all the international reports thousands of death from the so called cure EBA.

There are real reasons to be very cautious if you look at the whole picture you will start to see a plot thick and sickening. billions have been given to the leaders of each state to use as they wish while American’s who support the very government that is designed to work for us instead they left us to the wolves lockdowns the food prices drastically rose while access was shut down to a trickle. that each day it takes twice as long to take care of any of the matters we all face the shops closed major corps stayed up and blasting out income growing while the rest of us were shunned and filled with fear our social networks all but burned at the proverbial fire. local gathering places shut.

now a year has passed and its not longer a covie thing its a scandel of lies and criminal actions against us our women children daughters mothers elders even new born infants what part of criminal am i missing; on top is the fact in over two months thousands have begun dying further those who have not died are suffering cruel debilitating side effects and then dying over the next year millions will die from the jab in the arm and sadly the next cold and flu season will be lethal the feared 2 thirds who could hyper react that there bodys go into a standard allergic reaction meaning there body’s start attacking there own body’s treating it as the enemy anaphylactic shock all the worst examples why they need to immediately stop jabbing humans especially since it does not provide any of the valued outcomes towards our health.

today was amazing the sun was out people were all over the place without masks they were smiling and enjoying the time with loved ones and sharing time with friends on this most amazing afternoon.

The restaurants were full people talking sharing after a year of insanity its time to be real again time to go out and support with kind words those who are finally getting brave and taking that first baby step back towards a life long locked in a camp designed to control your every day and night life events without family and the social support system that has been part of our lives for the entire time on earth from aunts and grandmothers baby sitting to family get togethers both happy and sad but together just the same of all i saw today one was a few people i have known along time and they basically stopped associating with anyone since last march hiding behind doors and paper masks, its great to see them take a full grab at the life and all it can provide when your in the game.

Even got the great pleasure of talking to several amazing women who were out and about looking stunning and profound thanks girls you know who you are im greatful for your friendship and the bounty of your beauty. and thanks for the amazing hugs i hope my friends got out today where ever you are around the world making your world freedom day really your own a day of fun sun and social amazing events to reconnect to those who mean so much to you

sure the idiots with the covie scandal they will pay for the evil they are doing they wont be able to hide from the sorrow and death they have caused even if they got the courts to protect from liability the fact is the jab is killing alot of people and no amount of excuses will matter when millions who are post shot get the horrible reality of injury’s and strange new sorrows from the side effects of the jab and along with the huge issue of injecting children and infants who have no right to speak for themselves this is child abuse regardless of the parents fears from the media scandal mongering and fear bating the public every hour of the day.

Maybe if we open our hearts and begin to share again kind words good deeds and a full turn around from what is out there now millions of isolated people struggling to both accept the reality of what has happened and a real re-evaluation of there personal life choices such as will you spend more time on your dreams or on the job you hate and the boss you cant stand rather go for your dreams the desires you have had as an amazing articulate sentient being with rights.

The abundance of the world and your dreams are tied together they are part of the world you create with your attitude desires compassion selflessness and drive to achieve the amazing; there are so many ways we all can achieve our dreams first its about knowing what you want that is a tough one in itself

what do you like to do

where do you plan to be in a year or a month

will you open your world to accept amazing new people and attitudes in to bring about the changes needed to achieve those high asperations of yours and they can be achieved the only failure is not even trying the profound is as you work towards your goals the road and enviornment change around you new friends bring in new ideas over the last year most have been stifled literally down on themselves because of the fear being force fed daily now it can change you can go out and reach out to grasp all the beauty and dreams happiness laughter hugs kindness respect especially towards those around us we need to realize that your life is a reflection of the world if your angry and violent that is the world you will wake up in if your amazing and happy living life like a formula one race car driver at La Mans in monte Carlo and your raising the field of other drivers in your amazing vehicle. that billion dollar wet wired computer from the future. getting smarter my the second seeing through the lies and deceptions being pressed daily it must wrench your heart to know that these same animals are now forcing injections on amazing young children with there whole lives being thrown into a fire of doubt and fear nothing good can come of this nothing at all this is a fools errand that is for sure its time for those behind this fiasco step up and stop it before it gets really out of hand. all across the earth today marchs and millions of citizens of earth out demanding the foolish games stop and the world be returned to some what a level true journey sure there are risks in life but no politician or weatherman knows what will happen if even they cannot see it or even agree on what it is these animals are driving the world to a critical point and no time to play around here

America is a great and beautiful nation filled with treasures both of material and of industrial humans willing to work hard and build a fantastic source of light to the rest of the world by using our integrity and dedication the values our fathers and mothers had striving hard each day to build a life from a dream these people have no right to steal your dream away and force you to accept megar scraps from there table. before it finds the horror it couild become i would hope for sanity and a real commitment to change based on what AMericans need not what illegals need regardless of where they come from right now this nation is on the brink and our fearful leaders are driving the lemmins towards a cliff already we have many casualties and more to come still they try to insist this shot the jab from hell wont hurt us but why the people dying why the lost babys and how can you even think a caring parent would let some minumum wage MickyD employee jab either a eight inch sharp straw deep into your sinusses and then inject you with something that has no value to you for protection not one drop that it could cost you your life with no second chances and to parents please there is no way getting your children an experimental EBA can help your amazing super smart children what will you say if something happens from the so called shot of safe thoughts take time and read about why more than a dozen nations have stopped all shots of the vac and its growing more each hour the damages we are talkking about are very servere brain hemorrhaging leaking spinal fluid organ failure blood clots and a various of other permanent such as bells palsy

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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