Apothus &Dragons rising

So I was watching this pretty incredible YouTube video talking about apophis this giant meteor that’s 6 mi across that it’s going to come close enough to actually brush against our satellites in the next 15 years two times first time they said it’ll probably miss but the second time we got a real good chance of getting a slap on the face from it so life goes on right.

So dragons you know it’s it’s always been something I’ve been very interested in I find dragons are amazing creatures and when you think of the mythology and the actual stories of these ancient creatures and then you look at the dinosaurs and you see that they’re definitely could be a connection between flying dragons and fire breathing this is not something impossible this is something that even though we’re only doing it with animation and computer Photoshop to this point there are real possibilities that there are things that have existed that can exist again that are beyond our wildest imagination but I think the problem is as human humanity is in stagnation we seem to miss the point it’s like we make love to progress forward for a couple of years and then all the sudden we let some idiot with no idea what they’re doing getting in a position of power to spend the next couple years trying to destroy everything positive that was made to happen.

When you think what makes humanity so special you think of their ability to socially and humanitarily work with each other with compassion and understanding and forgiveness their ability to smile and give affection and kindness to children and others what’s happening at the southern border of the United States is horrific it should have never been allowed to happen and everything that President Trump did to bring it to an end was working wonderfully the presidents of four five nations we’re all collectively working together to stop the influx of people that are running away from their own country rather than fix it so here we are in America I guess when I see people running around wearing paper masks to protect them from the fake pandemic that is supposedly never happened that they say it’s going to close the world down it’s time for human beings as a society especially in America and the Western world to say no more I’m not going to listen to this Insanity anymore go on with their lives show the people that you love and care that you’re not going to get knocked down and stay down you got to get back up got to get back up and be amazing answer those people that are running around and going and attacking other people and being violent and hateful those people are so far off page to what humanity is it’s like they’re just straight wild dogs that’s not what we need what we need is people that collectively work together it’s one bad guy is on a train and there’s a 100 people sitting there watching that man going Rob everybody in the car why are why don’t you realize all you have to do is get up collectively and you will stop this person whether it’s one two or three the point is is the odds are in our favor good people’s favor and I’d like to see people start doing that together if you’re walking down the street and you see something bad going on how can you just pretend it’s not your business of course it is even the human body knows when it gets cancer in one place the rest of the body starts fighting cancer so maybe what we need to do as a sentient creatures of Earth is collectively start working together to support and provide for our children the better opportunity to take that incredible gift that we have wasted and squandered way over the last 25-30 years and do amazing things with it.

It’s so important to have good upbringing the children get a good education not what they’re seeing in schools up until recently with the Kobe Kobe thing but real education where everybody is giving the opportunity the best information up to date information of geography and geopolitics and global economics it’s important that we all understand these problems so that we can work together to solve them there’s no way to solve them if we sit around and argue with each other what color the sky is that won’t fix the problem what needs to happen is people need to collectively get together sit down stop judging each other for your differences whether it’s sexual or personal or appearance-wise and start realizing is that each of us has incredible gifts to share given the opportunity and the system of support where people appreciate the kindnesses in the effort you make will make you feel good about who you are to make you try harder this sounds like a much better way to go into life America you have some big things you need to take care of and they need to be taken care of right away the clock is ticking.

It’s urgent that the borders of the United States of America be secured I’m not talking about putting up a 400 ft high Stonewall I’m talking about a security system that actually stops people from coming across the border our Black ops programs fly drones all over the world from United States basis so they absolutely could guard the Border than secure the Border but it’s a matter of convincing the industrial military complex and all those billions they put into Black ops that they won’t let us know what they used it for should be used as a positive game for society as a whole I have nothing against people coming from other countries who want to come to America what I’m saying is you need to do it the right way you need to fill out the papers you need to be the kind of people that America would appreciate hard-working diligent education seeking individuals who are honest and caring and loving who don’t abuse children who don’t molest children who don’t rape women what we need right now is the system that stops this border crossing Insanity now like in one day you need to mobilize the military like you did in hurricane Katrina and you need to stop any progress across this border completely right now what kind of a parent whatever abandon their children and have them track 9 10,000 MI on the tops of trains with total strangers being molested abused sold like keep pieces of meat I mean,

I can’t understand why more of Americans aren’t totally outraged and I’m not just talking native citizens who were born in America I’m talking all the Green card holding people who have come from all over the world the right way and got their citizenship if the borders aren’t secure your homes aren’t secure your children aren’t safe your jobs aren’t secure the ability to go out with your family and have a nice peaceful afternoon it’s something that is dying quicker than a fly dies in a grill of hot grease it’s important that we realize the security of the border is not a racist thing I hate hearing that every time somebody says something said oh that’s a racist comment it doesn’t matter what color your skin is or what nationality you are it matters if you’re meant to be here or not meant to be here and if you’re not meant to be here when you would like to move here that’s fine but go through the procedures that are required for the United States of America the Constitution.

Building our nation back to its pristine levels requires us to make sure it’s a healthy system that means the last 15 years with Obamacare and Biden what has happened is healthcare is totally been destroyed it’s a market of wolves these insurance companies know they got you over a barrel they got all of the money from people’s harder and pensions and annuity funds that they had paid into for 40 50 years old thank you very much you can apply for whatever kind of insurance you would like to get now through Obamacare well these people already had fully covered medical dental and health insurance they had worked all their lives how was the letter telling them that all that money and all that resources was just confiscated to be used to support a system designed to not work no matter what you do these medical providers like United healthcare and a long list of other insurance companies that give you so much paperwork telling you what you can’t and can do now with the new rush to get everybody to get the JJ jab there’s a real problem if you need dental work sorry Charlie I don’t know what to tell you I’ve been trying to get my teeth fixed for years and there is no coverage there is nothing there that works okay so I think there’s so many problems here we need to figure out how to bring it back to the middle ground first of all there was a lot of wonderful things president Trump did what Biden and Kamala are doing now is just throwing the ball into the fire and hoping that it’s arrives you have thousands of people walking across the border every day into the United States and meanwhile you have denied an American citizens and people that deserve to live here everything they need meaning the ability to take care of their family how can you take children who are not from America that have just walked across the border and have school teachers in California going to class to teach them but American children have not been able to go to school for a year I mean this hypocrisy stuff needs to stop I owe more people get involved I know this is just a blog site and I write all the time because I really want people to get engaged we need to get come together and bring about change and that means first thing we need to do is cut off the financing of these people that can’t hold the budget these politicians are spending billions of dollars on pet projects and telling the rest of us Americans well we have to give you just a little bit try and make it work and yet they throw money out the window like they’ve got buckets of it and it’s our money it’s taxpayers money it’s all the invested resources from the United States of America Incorporated that belong to us your social security number is the bank account number located.

These treasury direct accounts are in your name and they are your funds they would never tell you this they don’t want you to know it but the fact is is the Federal reserve is a private corporation they have monetized human beings and now after 100 years of them running and gambling every day with your resources and your hard work have turned out billions and trillions of dollars of resources coming in his profit now that’s not their profit they only work for our government we’ve elected them they’ve been appointed the reality is is those resources that they’re throwing into these Black op programs and stuff that you’re not allowed to know about need to know kind of thing you know the reality is you do need to know because trillions of dollars going out the window into the hands of people that have no moral character it’s one of the worst ideas in the universe we need to make sure the people that have any access to these immense resources we don’t need power that corrupts we need controlled management

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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