Human perfection

I hope by this point most people have started really reflecting on what’s happened in last year and a half and realizing some of the truths and some of the lies politically this is a scandal the last year has been Biden is your hero and Trump is the demon and it was all the political takeover and the consequences where the good honest hard-working people lost a lot it’s good to see you at the park like I’ll send some video links here there’s a lot of people out of the park they’re not wearing mask it’s enough I mean you know 16 months of telling people they need to wear mask to be afraid of an invisible bug don’t work don’t go outside your house it’s about time

Cuz I think that’s one of the challenges and with the specially with life is you have time and energy you have been given a certain amount of time and you you have a choice of how you utilize energy because energy is constant it’s always moving it’s always reacting but people on the other hand they can be very lazy they can be lethargic or they could be depressed they can be really happy they can do things too fast and get in trouble but it comes down to managing your time well and vital energies being put into the things that help you the most if you put your energies into positive things for what you want whether you’re a carpenter or a race car driver you’ll excel in those things and looking it’s not like you have to be the best in the world that’s what makes humanity special is it’s ability to have a diverse community of many cultures and many people all with extremely special specialized talents and when you take that collectively and you look it on a global scale at this point with 8 billion human beings on the earth it’s not a point of who’s got it which government it’s the point of humanity rising up and saying enough killing all the coral reefs out in the South China Sea enough with the battles and the wars I mean humanity does have choices but it’s not following politicians it’s stopping to be critical of each other for the differences and appreciate people’s differences I mean look if I want to build a house I want people to know how to build a house I don’t want somebody who knows how to sew a shirt that being said you know like one of these swami Sufi said he said look you have time and you have energy these are the constants of your life if you live 100 years or 20 years it’s there’s a there’s a certain amount of time you have and a certain amount of energy you can break that into days you know 31 days in a month you know 12 months in a year or you could break it down into hours most people break it down into three categories you’ve got your resting time you got your working time and then you have your personal time but what this should really do is get people focused on finding out what they want to do with their life because if you’re doing a job you love you’re going to be better at it than if you do something you hate I mean I’m a master painter so I love doing decorating work and painting and things like that if I was an engine mechanic I’d be miserable I’d probably would make money but since that’s not my forte you know I’m not going to be as good at it as somebody else who loves cars and loves engines and don’t get into the political Geo and you know on fossil fuels that’s a whole other story

I said this a few times before you have to really sit down and think about what you want to do with this time that you’re giving I mean you can’t just wing it if you wing it it just turns into a disaster you really need to focus your energies on positive things towards your life if that’s your health you learn about health learn about what your body uses is nutrition stop buying the garbage in the supermarket cuz it has a pretty label and it tells you oh it’s good for your kids I mean people need to wake up and realize that these people are trying to sell you a product it’s not that it’s healthy product they just want to sell it make money most of the supermarkets in America all the food is sprayed with Roundup before it goes to market that was good old President Obama you go to a farm and you taste the food at the farm it tastes totally different it’s not a different food it’s just got nutrition in the soil so naturally the food when it grows has substance and the substance is that little magic part that makes human bodies work so well sadly with this vaccine what’s happening people are getting the shot the EBA and their body is forgetting how to manage the time of the body meaning how many pumps the heart does a minute how much food to take out of each breath you know and that food is the oxygen but the auction is part of a symbiosis that happens in your human body that you know your body knows how to do this with out a hitch I mean most human beings are born and their body runs 95 years without a hitch they live they grow up they work they love they pass away but it’s an energy thing people that live up their body does that from birth it’s not like their scientists are coming up with new ways to jab you with some new jelly and this jelly is going to make your body work better in fact what they’re finding that’s why they stopped all of the the jobs they stopped the jobs because people’s bodies were reacting very badly I mean you don’t want to give people something that’s going to kill them now I can’t believe people are still trying to push it out you know look you guys don’t know what you’re doing you made a mistake millions of people will suffer from it you’ve given hundreds of millions of vaccine shots out with an EBA and what you’re finding out is quickly that there’s turning the tables are turning ambulance is a rolling around and you’re saying people are dying of code when they’re there bodies ability to function and perform properly

I think another real and relevant thing is is people are just fed up with the politics of it I mean you want to raise your family and work and earn a living and take care of the people you love and care about but they’ve isolated them for a year and a half so of course you can have protests why wouldn’t you have protest you have no right to do that in America the United States of America gives people freedom and liberty it’s not something it’s not something I mean it’s important that we make sure in the future this never happened again we do not want politicians exciting our health risk or whether we should live or not live our life,

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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