Divine intervention

So here we are the first week of May weather is nice people are out a lot of people are smart and they got rid of the masks some so so some holes out what you would expect with her population so question is what do you do now I mean are you going to be profound and go out and make your life amazing or are you going to continue with the charade that they put on you I mean start looking at statistics statistics of people who’ve got the vaccine adverse side effects as they’ve gone through deaths sadly to say lots of death it doesn’t matter which which one is the vaccines you got they’ve all got issues and complications from emerging to blood clots to you know there’s definitely a lot going on and people should really be aware I mean whether you go Johnson and Johnson Astra moderna all of them have different side effects to them I mean you’ve got blood clots that are happening in people’s legs from the vaccine you got people that are flat out dying like in 72 hours or less tragically we’ve lost about three friends like that so a lot of the people that we know basically have said well we’re going to wait until it’s tested because they never tested this on anything if you look at the actual emergency FDA approval it was approved as a test. That’s why they’re doing track and Trace so what do you do now.

Do you have to think of your business your life what you want to accomplish now but at the same time there’s real issues if you living in large cities where millions of people congregate they don’t congregate no more it was good to see a lot of people out over the weekend but at the same time there’s still some people that are walking around with the Max on rolling their eyes at other people I mean my God this is probably one of them but yet they’re convincing people to go get a job in the arm from strange minimum wage employee that doesn’t even know what they’re doing it’s just poked a needle in somebody’s arm and walk away the side effects are horrific the damage is done I mean we’re talking families losing members of their families and we’re talking hellacious reality here you know so people need to start standing up for their values in principles they need to say no to the vaccine and realizes it’s nothing but poison I don’t know how long you can keep doing this before you know they say 100 million 200 million I don’t believe them I don’t believe people are getting the vacuum open they’re smarter than that as they say in the cartoons smarter than the average bear because getting the vaccine is a death sentence whether it’s a year down the road or two years down the road the sterility I mean basically they’re sterilizing all people anybody getting the shot is being sterilized so there be no more children that’s one way to curtail the population of the Earth.

If you develop your own routine and you get in positive towards your life and what you want to achieve and don’t spend your time reading the media and paying attention to this lies and scandal being pumped out on you you’ll find that you still can go forward to do what you love and as we’ve said of people that we know Free Will means if they want to choose to get the vaccine with the risk of dying or all the other side effects that’s on them can’t worry about it can’t help him with it these are personal choices so if you get to double vaccine and you start having problems you not even life insurance covers it in fact life insurance policies as a quarter that says they canceled it as soon as you get the vaccine life insurance is canceled so people that had big life insurance policies as soon as you get the vaccine that’s finished they’ll no longer cover you they’ll no longer pay a benefit because you you volunteer for an experimental vaccine that’s having tragic effects.

So I do a lot of people I know this is really hard because it’s messed up your routine and when you really thinking about it health wise it’s important to be focused on your help no matter what’s going on around you if you focus on your health you’ll be okay that means getting your exercise going for walks eating healthy stay away from the bad stuff in your life because it just is you don’t have time for that anymore I mean for me I love it all I’m thinking of getting myself a nice motocross bike to do some dirt riding and go out to the West Coast for a couple of months go out Oregon and stuff it’s in here now at this time in my life I want to enjoy it I mean day by day it’s like too precious to waste it with the idiots like we’ve got running the world now I mean my God are you kidding me what they’ve done to this country in a period of 140 days is destructed beyond words and the ramifications will be affecting us for years to come how can you give people that don’t even belong to this country tens of thousands of dollars when American people have nothing American people have spent their life savings over the last year and a half and now you’re bringing millions of new people in and handing them big giant checks there’s something wrong with that the politicians are on the wrong page here to do that if we stop building weapons and guns and rocket launchers and jets if we focus on the things that are going to be positive for us to society you can do amazing things.

Moreover you’re going to find out the more time you spend doing what you love the happier you’re going to be I mean like me I do my music everyday because I love music it’s something that I can’t go without I love to play my guitar I write music all the time it’s something that’s become a like a cornerstone of my life you know so I I think if you like doing what you’re doing and you’re happy and you should focus your energy towards things that are positive now you need to be focused on things that are going to bring around profound amazing good effects in your life rather than causing chaos and disaster so once you decide what you want to do everyday do it couple hours a day is great I mean I do a couple hours a day on my music I go for walks in the park because time management is really important you get a limited amount of time and you get unlimited energy what you do with those two things will decide whether you have a life that seem like it was only 100 years long but it was 10,000 years long because you were miserable or a life is going to be amazing because it flew by so fast you were enjoying yourself.

If you build on the principles of what you love and what you want to do you’ll always be happy whether that surfing or writing a mountain bike it’s important to go out there and do what you love it’s important to be you know it’s set goals for yourself whether it’s riding or or rock climbing or going parkour I mean it’s all about what you want to do with your time you know to be amazing and profound requires you to search for eternity and that means you do you know search for it in the time you spend doing those things so look go out there and be amazing make sure and get out everyday get lots of fresh light get lots of things and done that you want to get accomplished be amazing that’s what it’s about

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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