Understanding how to dismantle the fear

To those of you read some of the stuff that I’ve written I think what you need to understand from my point of view is it’s understand the last year and 5 months or 6 months people have been living in this demonic fear I mean they are not going out they’re not shopping they’re not talking to their family so those things after a while they start building up a rhythm of their own their own existence in your life you know how do you approach him well what you need to do is try and get back to that place before and by that I mean you know taking those things that you built up over the last year and a half that we’re dealing with the stressful reality putting him in a seal then will open dropping them in the bottom of a drawer somewhere where you don’t have to deal with them anymore.

Several of my friends I’ve seen that come out the ones that were afraid and worried they seem to have come out of that shell they’re not wearing their masks they’re smiling thank God for that it was just been like a giant fubar and you know walking around New York City and you see the streets even though there’s more people out it’s most of the city is gone scalp constructions going on as usual it always is and so by the union stuff isn’t isn’t booming Biden did just what he wanted he wanted to create a market where there was no work but tons of work and that’s what they did and people want to go back to work there’s no reason not to I mean the point is is working is something about life and drive people that don’t have a desire to work in their life but most people do they like to get up every day do their run or ride their bike or surf the Internet for a little while then go to a job and do something constructive all day and at the end of the week pocket something for it for that effort it’s ridiculous how much taxes the governments are taking away from us to support an economy of people that don’t belong here in art American I mean you know the the statistics are like blinding you know it’s like a solar flare right in your face the numbers are lying that’s taking away all of the emotional and moral question that are usually put to the situation look I’m all for people coming in becoming part of America I mean it’d be nice if they fixed up their own world rather than coming to ours expecting us to support them while they try and make a new world.

By developing your own strategy and how you want to move forward here maybe it’s just a couple items a day you take off your I’m scared to death and can’t go on with life thing and stick them in that box and lock it up I mean there was a point when you were out there working maybe this gave you a chance to come to the realization that moment of you know like wow I really didn’t like what I was doing and I want to do something else how you approach that it’s great write it down man put it on your things there’s no reason to do anything if you’re not happy with it I mean there’s no reason to be in a relationship where you’re not happy there’s no reason to work at a job you can’t stand or spend hours a day learning something that you despise and you never want to know you know people do things for the wrong reasons I mean oh you know how to make a lot of money if I can become a doctor now the Hippocratic oath is coming to play because now your doctors are getting shots to people that are killing them this is a circle likes a circle you’re not going to be immune from what you’re doing you can’t say all the the CDC told me that I was supposed to shoot these people up with this stuff and yeah they sign the paper but we understand that it was a lot worse than just some kind of disclosure there was no disclosure by signing that document you became a volunteer in a lab experimented they didn’t even have to go chase you like they do with the mice they breed to run lab tests on I mean when these companies like Pfizer and moderna and modernas has nothing to do with pharmaceutical yet they’re huge corporation making billions of dollars involved in the vaccine patterns because they’re making money every time.

You know it’s to the point now in society where you want to actually go get a print of your blood with your DNA in it and and save it in a vault somewhere because these people are literally going for broke they want to change your DNA then own you mean this is like the worst scandal in humanity I mean world war II is horrible world war one but what they’re doing now with these vaccines is killing millions the young people that are going out looking for love they’ll be sterile that’s why they’re getting this approval he as of the 20 I think it was the 7th they got approval to give vaccinations that people between 12 and 17 which is sterility that’s why they’re doing it they’re making them infertile so the eugenics program is that full swing here man and it’s worth you reading up on this topic I don’t need you to this stuff you need to look for yourself okay let’s say this scenario is this you’re driving along with your family you’re going on a vacation for memorial Day weekend halfway up the road wherever you’re going there’s a roadblock and they want to check you then you’re like check me for what oh well they’re not checking you for an escape convict they’re not checking you for armed robbery they want to check your mouth and do a DNA swab now ask yourself why would they want to do this I mean why would they literally stop you on the freeway to do with DNA test well this is the kicker Bill Gates and these these power brokers Uber Rich monkeys have basically gotten approval by the supreme Court to own any kind of fluid that is their pack.

So they swab you inside your mouth and told you to sit there on the side of the road while they verify everything in their new state of the art machine and then someone that works for Bill Gates wore one of his organization comes up and he shows this paper badge with some new insignia on it okay and he tells the police officers to kindly escort you to get in the back of their van or truck or fuss.

So why this is happening you’re standing there next to your car and this guy comes up with his little paper bag and he tells the police officers are kindly escort you into the back of their van they got parked on the side of the road with no windows on it you say no you can’t do that I’m with my wife and my family they said no no see you have this DNA that means your own by this man and you have no right to do anything unless he wants to let you go he can let you go well he’s not going to let you go he’s got a job to do his job is to collect all the morons that got the vaccine put them into a camp to use them for whatever they want you know hey man we can think of all the new medical and advances they’re going to make now doing your medical experiments on people I mean they’re seeing how quick they can kill you now that’s one thing that’s come about with this job now they’re seeing how well they can sterilize you but that’s another thing they’re working really hard and they’re in school this is their classroom and you are their lab experiment I sure wish people would wake up and read about what’s going on with covid and read the scandal because it’s not truthful the honesty is is your right to say no I do not want to shut they can’t force you to have this shot all right you’re a human being I do not consent you know I do not consent to have you inject some state-of-the-art blue goo in your arm and something is this people are lining up to have it done you’re literally lining up to let them jab you in the arm with this and I don’t want to go into all the photographs that I’ve got if people’s legs all black and blue or their chests all black and blue because no reason to scare that because if you’re not even interested to read the documentation who cares what pictures I show you all right but I would say if you really care about your life and you care about it think about it you’re on that side of the road does he take you but he takes your children because they have the same DNA marker in it okay so now you understand to the level this can go not only will they take the persons with d a m and you know sadly wow really sadly husband and wives have gone to get vaccinated that means they will have Bill Gates DNA markers those DNA markers in both this man let’s call him George and his wife Rachel they both show up when they do the cheek swap so that means both of you along with all your children have to be loaded into these those speakers once they verify you got that DNA stranded in your body they own you in here you know this is this is no well we see what happens in the next year I keep hoping people will make up man this is this is worse than what happened in the civil war civil war okay I mean talk find out the truth they’re going to requested you get an auxiliary boosters every three or four months now so they can put more strands of this synthetic mrha in your body okay and you ask yourself what’s the point of putting the strand of DNA in your body it’s not humid DNA it’s not going to make you smarter or quicker or healthier or it doesn’t protect you from any known bacterias or viruses or illnesses you’re still going to get all those things like diabetes and cancer and you know broken bones I mean they’re just giving you a shot they’re making billions of dollars because of the panic they they made and created and they’re injecting people by the droves with a synthetic blue goo the Coco jab whatever you want to call it and I think it’s really relevant that people have been volunteering for it you know and one more two of these people than volunteer they were locked up in cages and people did whatever they needed to at the point of a machine gun people in America and all over the Western world I just lining up to get these shots and we know 17 people that we lost 17 people close family that died from the job so what can you do with that can you process that I mean 17 people closely that we know died from the covid job several people I know stopped after one and they had some real troubles but they seem to calm down but we don’t know until next cold season when the when the fall comes here and the cold and flu start up all those people..

Cuz these are just a few of the side effects that can happen I mean blood clots well blood clots can be dissolved with other medication so they make money there too you know but brain aneurysms no no these these aren’t easy to take care of these are really complicated things and now what they’re doing with this job in the nose is they’re literally putting particles of microcytes atoms there why what kind of insanity are you people doing here I mean you think that earthlings were put here for you to experiment on but you really think that we as human beings that for some reason that you have some strange and a little right to go sit in a locked up room and get funded by our tax dollars to design ways to main kill mutilate destroy us and write it off as well it’s part of the lab experiment people need to wake up and they need to wake up and they need to read the documentation and how bad this covid shot is and why it doesn’t matter which one of these companies they’re all one company just a different name just to serve a different group of the community okay it’s all marketing it’s all corporate marketing you know pharmaceutical company it’s a combination of these companies and people need to realize you can’t sue them if somebody you love died from the shot you can’t sue these people because they have made sure they have no liability whatsoever so so much for the c’est la vie kind of thing that now you got the job and the masking come off and you’re going with your life people are still walking around wearing masks bottles of mine they’re still walking around wearing the mask maybe not as bad as it was before rather than getting fresh air now that they all feel safe they’re staying in The mask like somehow safety blanket I guess maybe they think they want to be the first ones to say all the new bacteria I didn’t get it cuz I had a mask on who knows what sanity what insanity.

You know wrestling thinking it’s really hard to even try and contemplate a way to pull this back from the brain you know forget about the hot temperatures China India Taiwan or Iran Israel Palestine right now in the world we’re talking major dice going on and that’s right on top of all these people going out and get the job to kill him so they’re going to be dropping dead over the next year and they’re starting war in the Middle East and China Sea so Fukushima just got permission to dump tons of radioactive stuff in the Pacific Ocean to kill off like I mean we’re talking these scientists are crazy and people need to start reading the truth and seeing how bad it is these people are spending your tax dollars they work in that lab with that million dollars suit on and that fantastic breathing system that was all paid for by good old you me and the rest of them up to the reality of this and realize that if you stand up against this stuff and you insistence of thought they will stop it’s not going to be an easy pose who wants to give up their treasured life these people have basically been cashing into the point of insanity. It’sProfoundly important that you choose to have to go forward one that has great depositive opportunities for you choosing a path that has sunny days something that will make you happy of what you spent your time on in your life you don’t want to be doing something you regret or something that you’re ashamed of because then you’re spend the rest of your days living off that you pretty much want to make sure that you’re surrounded with them if you spend time with people that you care about it if you get lots of hugs listen to music your body’s immune system is going to work better than if you’re not kidding I think it’s really important to define your time that to take relevant stock of the the things that motivate you on this should be important goals it should be you going out there whether it’s rock climbing or hiking in the backpack trail you need to spend time every day for you if you just continue on with the insanity of 95 race home not enough time to do anything go to sleep get up to a 9 to 5:00 you’re missing the point of what life is life is to be amazing and profound it’s meant to be participated in you know this isn’t some fantasy like the old days where you read a novel and they’re like key don’t worry I’m going all the way across the United States where there’s cowboys and Indians and we’re going to tell you our story I mean today’s a real modern age you could do whatever you want to do I mean you want to travel it’s easy enough to do but you have to define your goal when you’re traveling I mean where you want to go what are you going to do while you’re there you stay in your own neighborhood and just move apartments but it’s important to make long-term ideals of what you like to do not ever accomplish everything but at least you’re going in the direction of those goals all the time and that’s a positive influence on what you’re doing with you in your life.

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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