Another journey

It’s really ironic another journey here let’s see how they say that so beside the crowded crazy plains on the journey to the West Coast the fact was the goal was 11 days up in the mountains away from people and Insanity in the fire engines and that was amazing there’s no feeling like being able to decompress and get to somewhere where you don’t hear sirens everyday you don’t see people walking around afraid of their own shadows with math very amazing the sunset the sun rises the warm weather outrageous fantastic and you know probably that’s why the journey coming back to New York from Washington state was such a almost impressing thing after being 11 days up in the mountains where everything is quiet the people that lived up there were fantastic totally different kind of a world people were friendly and smiling and no mask and nobody bothered you like nobody came into your steps in your business when you went in the supermarkets fantastic give 10 stars to up by omak Washington up in the high desert and I give 10 stars to the 11 days I got to spend up there on molested by a crazy world and I think all you guys need to get out there and try this you really gives you a different kind of a perspective on life when you not spending your day be consumed and battered by Insanity around you that has nothing to do with your life

P even look at the smart technology here people are walking around with their cell phones and their technology or they’re at home staring at their technology and they’re just consumed by it I mean if they could plug themselves into that they probably would get renewable energy out of it because they spend so much time assimilating and socializing on a smartphone which can’t help them live their life at all I mean beyond the the random email you do to your friends it’s all a waste of time and energy so that 11 days up in the mountains is fantastic and you do what you want to do shooting weapons hunting hiking whatever you want to do riding driving four-wheel drive you make choices in life but the people that have never left the city they have no comprehension of how amazing it can be to get out in the middle of nowhere I guess for some of the people it was scary though a couple people they think that they’re leaving their world behind because they got one or two friends they might visit or something like that but on the majority it’s a real time of decompression from whatever you’re doing so look guys if you know somewhere to go where you have people that will cherish you and give you your freedoms then taking a trip there for a week or two weeks you take lots of attorneys whether it’s out searching for a new job or a relationship even even worth a relationship is all of that I mean people spending their lives fighting and arguing with other people rather than compromising and trying to make amazing things happen as a teamwork thing you can’t do it without teamwork you got thousands of broken hearted fathers you got all kinds of things I mean at what point do you wake up and start seeing solution you know you all have a position where you need to be on the level ground all in all the actions that you do is an adult you can’t attack the world as if you’re sliding down a hill like you know snowball saying gee I’m sorry it doesn’t matter I had no control we all have that control what you want to do with the control and the life and the days that you’re given I guess is up to you I feel sorry for anybody that doesn’t wake up every morning and feel that way your job is not the most important thing to you as a sentient human being what you need is something that’s personable alive touching you day and night a job is just a stupid way to control you you spend eight hours a day sitting in an office 3 hours transporting and then you get home and you go to sleep so doing the things that you care and love about it so important

When you find that special thing to do on your time for you just selfish things we all need that you need to find a way to fulfill those inner desires whether that’s play music or read a good book if you don’t take time to yourself then what the f*** are you here for if you don’t try and find moments and every day that you could do the things that inspire you then you’re just letting yourself down it should be based on that need that need for yourself I mean I loved in psychology books they talk about ego and superego listen let’s be honest it is the thing you want your body wants your mind wants and ego is the rules that people have passed down on you and and there are some good rules because no matter what you do in your life you can’t impose on other people but absolutely amazing so beautiful .

So basics for the newcomers here your senses case site smell hearing all vital critical parts of being alive and if you play music when you’re playing you’re not only get the gratification of all the hard work you put into it but the sound and the emotions that are booked in the music that you write and play then you’ve got taste I mean you should be trying everything under the sun that you want to eat you should try to eat good things and find out which ones are good and which ones are but by all means you should try and experience this been hearing it the other thing I mean if you ride around in New York City and you’re drowned out by trains and cars racing through siren and Scott box then your years are going to suffer immense damage from the noise the noise decimal I tell you get annoys meter and walk down any Street in Brooklyn Queen Staten Island five days of the week at least the decimal of noise profound the lack of noise when you’re up in the mountains all year is the breeze I mean that’s the way it can be he knows does it taste the hearing the site and the mind is your is your guide of what you use it site for I mean you want to you know take pictures of sunset you want to learn how to fly a plane those are your inspirational thoughts of a sentient human being instead to realize this you don’t have to fall into a role that mommy and daddy taught you it’s not about being with this person because it’s good for you it’s about finding your own path and being brave enough to realize that you can be anything you want to be you know like I said in my other block so who you are what you do what you choose to do they’re all yours kiddo go out there and be amazing and the simple rules that apply to everybody is there’s no reason to oppress other people or hurt other people in those desires and actions you know you can find a way to gratify yourself as sentient human beings and experience the life you want to do so

P we all have to make that choice of how we indulge our senses you know even the basic urges and stuff sure they have a place I mean I was in trouble with my son because I admire beautiful women I’m inspired by it why wouldn’t want to be in a world where there were beautiful but it’s funny from the West Coast to East Coast the differences on the west coast they were shy but more friendly and kind and open-hearted and in New York they’re all trying to dress success in a dying City trying to impress people with the way they look rather than who they really are I mean there’s no real space for that you know people people need to express themselves in a way that’s positive for their own futures and their own lives doesn’t matter where you from or what you call you are or what language you speak it’s about realizing that you have dreams and aspirations and on most of those fields God is giving you free right to do those things but you have a system that’s been built over the last hundred and so many years of corruption and lying and cheating and these politicians they don’t want you to know the truth they don’t want you to know that they’re doing that job for all that money and all that power and they’re not supporting you they’re not taking care of families and if you you spend hours fighting with them over the smallest thing because insurance medical insurance companies are just a name it’s like a fake enemy life insurance all the people that got this shot their life insurance is expired I don’t you know I don’t wish nobody will lock on their freedoms but I’m sending insurance company should have to be responsible to its patrons that pay money to it they got a shot because they were in fear but that doesn’t give the insurance company right to make sure the clause states that they lose their insurance because they involuntary they volunteered to be in a lab experiment the CDC and the government were very tricky out there approach this they didn’t tell you this was your option they didn’t tell you think past the end of the sentence a lot of us did though thank God we took the time to read past that first initial statement making us more and more concerned as you read the more you spend time reading and understanding what’s going on you understand this is agreed political move on a scale that’s never been seen on Earth the Hague trial that just started on July 3rd is against crimes of humanity it’s listed people that plaintiffs are the RNA the CDC pelosi all these big players in this horrible horrible settings on humanity I hope everybody that got the vaccine survived but the statistics are not looking good that in 3 months down the road you’re already seeing all these people come up with huge life-altering problems. I guess the best thing I can say is that reader beware is so true and why would you trust him they want to give you a scholarship to go to college but in order you got to get the vaccine that’s unheard of there’s people getting brand new trucks to go get the vaccine why I mean it’s not like you you’re winning a lottery you didn’t even participate in but once you participate you have signed the way you’re right doesn’t send you human being over fear but a tragic reality.

I’m humbled and grateful there are so many intelligent people that decided to read past the fear and not volunteer to be in a lab experiment I mean you’re not helping humanity you’re basically giving them total control with their little swab in your nose where they stick in the metals and then all the shot you have just basically given them 100% control of your operating system weather touche you criminals I’m glad to know that finally the head will come out and all this lies and all this stealing and ruining up people’s lives will be immediately ended and it stops where people are giving back their freedom and right for whatever that means it’s something in America that should never be lost

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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