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Something really amazing happens when you go away on vacation you know just a note to the last one so you’re on your journey and you have these moments of clear clear thought speaking openly about what you’re seeing how you reacting to it that’s the part that makes all of us unique and individual I mean sitting on a crowded plane on the way out to Washington State we left there in the morning by the time we landed in the west coast it was probably 10:00 a.m. in the morning at 11:00 and we got a plane caught our next connecting flight we flew about an hour 10 minutes the other way back east to get to a destination where we could get the big SUV that I wanted to get for the trip so I went to Wenatchee and we rented this excursion we drove three and a half hours up into the mountains and on that three and a half hour journey we also drove back to Seattle so I got a lot of really great photographs a lot of sight to me so along the way and even though you know it’s just driving it’s amazingly relaxful especially if you’re good driver you’re dealing with us running great and you’re enjoying the hell out of the time away from any other cast it’s a task or delight I mean if you want to stop and take a walk or hit a restaurant along the way you can but for me have to enjoy this is driving there’s no competition there’s nobody distracting you when you’re sitting in the wheel driving 80 mph through the mountain road and you get to enjoy the scenery so I’m very grateful for that and hoping that the next point that a New journey comes up soon you know I built a gorgeous extension onto a building over a couple of days up there man you know really heavy duty 4×4 pressure treated 3/4 plywood you know double two six raptors I mean it really went to town in a matter of a couple days because I felt so exhilarated being up in the quiet in the mountains where it was beautiful

Well I went out today for a little walk and I noticed one of the largest supermarkets in Park School Brooklyn just closed and shuttered its doors boy it’s going to get dicey up here in Brooklyn with no groceries at the supermarket so we’ll see what happens here  it just said to think people have gone to this place and how will humans react to it or as they call us the herd I see all these people waiting to go into some sporting event outside in Brooklyn and they’re getting tested for for covid which doesn’t exist and they’re getting some kind of a pass meaning it’s already installed this absolute mandatory society where you have no rights anymore time to get out of the of the roadshow so here’s the quandary you have to ask yourself Brooklyn’s got about 2 million people in it one of the largest supermarkets just locked its doors down that means let’s say some people use small little delis and other people use supermarket there’s only a few strategically located ones there’s a big key food down at the Barclays center but it’s a monopoly center it’s in one building where everybody has to go to the Barclays to get their groceries but the one that was locally in Brooklyn where people could access it has it’s like vacant it’s emptied out I mean I was there the other day and it had s*** in it today it’s boarded up close with a sciences were officially closed you have to question the people in charge that would take away one of the major food supplies for Brooklyn New York with the King kullen there and shut it down overnight something bad to get ready to happen and I’m sure that people don’t want to pay attention as usual they’re going to keep going on with their little teenies what they think is normal lives and not looking at the big picture a supermarket that provided food for a million people just closed so what does that say to the other people who live here are they going to ignore it until the next one goes down we’ll see it’s definitely a quandary we’re thinking about

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the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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