How Sweet it is

Profoundly the qf qfs the quantum financial system is going to be amazing you have to get rid of all the people that have their hands out along the way you have to stop businesses that had no right to do business in America just cashing in off the idiots I mean I don’t even need to say their name I mean for people elected to work for us you better take an hour money and giving it away to China and North Korea shame on them but more than that they need to be brought to Justice and I’m happy to know that finally the white has to really stepped up they’ve arrested all the pedophiles they’ve locked them all down they’ve shut down their safe houses they’re no longer safe and they’re going to quickly secure and and take care of this to the Americans that have struggled and have been afraid to step up at some point you have to realize is you as a free person that God created not that man created a God created creature not a government created creature and why are you working and giving 60% of money to a government that is going and giving it to their criminal friends in China they caused the covid pandemic this wasn’t an accident this was an intentional manipulation these people have done such crimes if you go to the Hague you will see there’s a crime against humanity trial going on right now this is about how far you can let something collapse before you just can’t take it anymore human beings have amazing potential when human beings are honest and hard-working and go out and do their best everyday to be amazing they love their family they care for their families they just want their space on the Earth God bless them but it’s time now because freedom is not free you want your society be profound and amazing you want to be able to love who you want to love you can’t do that anywhere else in the world except America Biden has been flushing that down the toilet come on in those nothing he doesn’t even know what page they’re on I mean sadly this whole thing the false election the fraud the confirmed recounting of the election votes and seeing what’s going on American she should wake up with this point you live in the greatest place on this Earth and your technologically you have the opportunity and advantages why would you ever want your children to be educated by people that aren’t educated who cares if they have a school system it’s run by the police department now ever since February of 2020 public health and public safety everything is under the military under the police the one good thing is the qfs system of digital currency controlled by a totally impartial AI is wonderful thing it’s wrong that people work so hard and then they have to give away their hard earned money to people that don’t deserve it so the QFC for Texas from that the quantum financial assistance government people have been fooled they’ve been bamboozled to think that any politician has power over you first of all the Constitution is very specific we the people not we the government okay and as far as politics are concerned the federal government has limited authority it has reserved authority with the states meaning each state has reserved powerful members and right now the only purpose of government is protecting your rights protecting your freedoms and securing your safe existence that is what the government was set up for okay so the federal government is not the big government it’s small but yet when they false represent us to the rest of the world they create a real dilemma here when the US government goes over and starts conflicts or takes the troops out about Afghanistan after totally destabilizing a country it can be tolerated there’s no way you can do that how can you go into somebody’s neighborhood and beat up all the security protection and then take good now the wolves can come in and take what’s left as a sentient human being that was created by God and believed in God however that is believed to you

Do all my friends and brothers and sisters from other mothers finally won the white hats won the qfs the new digital currency system is being installed the central banking system is disposed so now Trump will be reinstated on Friday and this is great news I’m sure quickly they’ll round up all the people that have come across so uninvited into America and shut down the insanity of Biden in these criminals I’m glad that he waited long enough to arrest most of them God bless him boy Donald Trump he’s just a human being but I tell you what as far as making an effort for America I can’t give this guy anymore than 100% you know Trump is really worked hard to fight the good fight for America and I think it’s great that we finally won so what whether he’s reinstated on Friday or in a couple of weeks the point is is what Americans that are alive that believe in God that are three-dimensional human beings have been watching is a total fiasco and a loss of any kind of values that America was built on the Constitution of the United States is a gold standard you don’t need anything else has a three-dimensional human being being able to go out and live your life and do what you love to do with morals and values and infection and the firm conviction that what you’re doing is because God is giving you this chance go be amazing go do the things you want for all the people that we’re loving up to Biden social society of Machiavellian socialism I’m sorry for you guys man it’s out not in this country

Your social security number is it three-dimensional chip and they traded all over the world and they’ve been doing it long before you were born long before you were able to speak for yourself they have been training on the stock market and this trading on the stock market is all about greed greed’s good right like the movies tell you greed is good well now the black cats are all being arrested so Donald Trump and the secret investigation that’s been going on they’ve cut thousands of these pedophiles they’ve cut all their coconut in abducting children they’ve got information okay you can’t do that in America America stands for freedom it stands for your rights as a human being to live and raise your family the way you want freedom of speech nobody has the right to tell you they don’t like what you’re saying you just have more of values and constrictions on that freedom of speech means you can say what you want but why would you want to say something to hurt somebody’s feelings franken statement hey the world’s f***** up too many people don’t have how do we fix it well first of all you tell the government to stop building weapons stop arming militaries in other countries in their strategic game of chess and focus on humanity rather than f****** see on who’s in charge it’s time to focus on humanity okay how to help the world become better it’s real simple you empower those children all over the world that you’re trying to jab in the arm with poison infertility medicine you empower them to me smart and capable and moral and defined so that then they grow up in this world they can reach the Excalibur limits of anything and everything you feel in one

So I guess the best way to say this is that boys and girls you’re freedom is here as of Friday the 13th it’s all going to happen the qfs goes active the client the quantum financial system that means that you will no longer deal with the insanity rules regulations  the Wall Street wolves and they’re liking fathers in high positions of power within the government okay finally a system based on equity that’s balance and fair it’s just in this design to keep people out that use money from doing horrible things I mean some people do such horrible things to get rich and then they spend that money as if they’re clean and golden and they’re not in a moral society under God those kind of things aren’t allowed to happen you know and and I guess I’ll tell me it comes down to when people realize that they can’t take it anymore I mean you lock down your house told where you can go who you can talk to that is not what America was built on as a constitution we the people means they’re power and position and authority is delegated to them by us by sending three-dimensional human beings that control the government the state government is much more powerful than the federal it controls and gives total authority to protecting your rights and your sovereignty and your ability to go on with life as you see fit under moral guidelines of God was honesty integrity and go out and live your life and take care of your family raise an educate your families always a better idea that you raise an educate your children yourself I mean if your kid goes out and learns how to be a car seat from somebody else rather than you teach them to be a great honorable man that serves as other people in this community you can’t blame it on the kid you can’t blame it on anybody by yourself it’s those Free Will choices that make a big difference so now with the qfs starting on Friday that means that the central bank is going to be defunct all the paper money the Fiat system is going to be destroyed in what’s going to come in his place is it totally fair value system based on your number based on your existence being alive so all the calories will be collected all over the world where they’re using your name and you’re social security number to make money okay the qfs is totally embarrassing AI there’s no way it can be corrupted the only way it could be corrupted if somebody programming it wrong so it’s good to know for all those people that are struggling under this immense yes that these things will be relieved because the system has been lying to for years the money that you get every day when you go to the store and the bank is a tinder based on air it has no value except the value you place on it okay crypto is a better way to do this because you’re not based on how much money you make you’re based on your skills and talents and how much you contribute to a life on this Earth and making it a better place like they say what have you done to earn your place in the world it couldn’t be more poignant than true people that are out here everyday trying to do bad s*** that don’t think they have to work don’t think they need to do anything in their own life constructive people don’t deserve assistance in battles for them but the people that go out there every day and their honorable they love their families and they work hard they want a good education system for the children based on God not based on capitalism if children grow up and think money is the most important thing in the universe they’re not going to be very rounded and amazing sentient human beings that only happens when people put their education into children we grew up in the mid class family but I was taught basic things like moral and the value of government and the value of stopping when they’re overboard rehab right now a government to spend 30 years at war making and manufacturing weapons of mass destruction beyond belief ever thought about human being and they’ve been doing it not by telling us that they’re doing it cuz we want it they’ve been doing it on what they think is there a daily bill right as representatives of the government to do whatever they want with money that is collected in our names I mean you can’t get any worse than that somebody literally taking all the harder and work and energy that you put into this great country and selling it out to the drug dealer in a foreign country or putting putting all of that in prostitution and human slavery it’s great defense going down that lie is killing more women and children all around the world and the anarchy does not mean a war anarchy needs a society that’s based on your value and merit as a member of that society you get up every day do you try to do good you work hard you care about the people around you do you protect the people around you from doing bad things not only from other people but from themselves it’s not about controlling anybody it’s about being fair and honest enough to share with somebody this Divine truth that you are giving an opportunity to be and do amazing things in life but that only can happen when you put the effort and energy into making it happen

So let’s say let’s put it into the perspective what’s going on now so it sort of silent out there if you never noticed when your emails are sent to you and they’re a week old like you’ve already gotten them once before that’s a type of a glitch so what’s happened now is they have given it enough time and enough rope where all these people thought that they were they were in the money they thought fighting with securing his position and his sanity and that they would be able to keep stripping this country of all that we have put into it for generation value of human being it’s not something you can write on a piece of paper and say here this is what I am it’s not something you could fill out on a computer screen this is oh this is my resume of life life is about being profound and amazing and all the situations that come to you good bad,I from that very moment when God created you you were endowed with the best of everything that came into making you the mother the father their memories their deeds their actions this was all combined together in a moment of passion and love one of the strongest forces in the universe to create you and what happened afterwards is you either had somebody that was doting and loving and caring or somebody that was neglectful and not caring and you were brought up in an environment to basically altered who you are so you know you think of people going to therapy they’re going to get rid of the problems that they suffered in childhood cuz we all suffer them to become amazing creatures that who regardless of who you are people seem to think for some reason that declaring what you are sexually has something to do with living in the real world it has none it doesn’t matter what you are I mean if you’re going out in the world and you’re sharing and you’re kind and you love me and you forgiving and you work hard and diligently towards something you love to do you make the world around you a better place you don’t need to declare what you are it’s really irrelevant except to somebody that you’re in bed with so society has gotten off track here we are Americans who are three-dimensional human beings created by God living on a planet and you go out every day with morals and conviction to do a good job and make things happen to support you and your family in that you trust not in the pelosi or Biden these people work for us the Constitution we the people it’s so base and it’s so profound but it’s the absolute truth freedom of speech well for the last two years you watch the corporate allegards like Twitter and Facebook denied people free speech in America I never thought I would see something like that I even the president to kick the president of the United States off of the platform of Twitter which is a social media platform for saying the truth is so far over the line of insanity it’s hard to even express it I’m glad he’s suing them Facebook to zuckerman shame on you zuckerman what a monster you turned out to be did you really need the money that bad I mean at some point people sell their soul for money at the tragic thing being amazing and profound means to the community that you’re with me loving and caring and kind and I work hard and trying to make the world a better place those kind of people are welcome in America it’s a world built on Hope but when you start taking a few families that run everything that control all the money they control all the bank and they’re playing badminton across their marble floors deciding which city is going to collapse and did you know the CDC is the largest owner of real estate lease defaults they own more than real estate brokers it works a whole life the CDC the center for disease control owns Lock stock and barrel all the condos that people lost because of covid they are now owned by the CDC outright and they’ve done it in a massive Way by stealing trillions quadrillions of money from you and I you really need to watch the video by Chris Ann Hall she’s amazing she’s impassion she’s wise she’s smart so Chris and Hall is talking about Constitution law she’s got quite a resume and a pedigree but she’s explaining she said listen you live in a country with a living Constitution and that living Constitution provides right and protections for you as a three-dimensional human being under God the mob authority doesn’t have a right to tell you how to live God already told you how to live and if you do it the right way people shower you with kindness and compassion and Sherry and they give you opportunities in life that can’t be doubled anywhere else

It’s so important when you look at what’s going on now that the White House is taking the officer a couple things are happening beside the scenes first of all the central bank is being shut down and it’s being switched over to the qfs which is a quantum financial system now what that means is all over the world it’s rolling everything into it it’s here for means that all the banking the bank of the bank the Central Bank the FDA or the Federal reserve these things are becoming inert and everything’s being switched over to a crypto a crypto set up under QFC is going to be the new American currency backed by gold and that is starting God it’s already underway big time right now so don’t get scared what that means is your name and your social security number have been traded by these people around the world for huge amounts of money I mean we’re talking that your social security number with making millions for them before you were able to even spell your name and that money is finally going to be quantified into your life your life account and your life account with the quantum financial system means that all the things that you have done all the things your families did the good things those things have intrinsic values I mean America was the biggest most powerful country in the world until a couple of years ago okay and they tried to take the whole bank that’s why you see New York City the real estate is vacant and you know neighborhoods are getting sketchy but ultimately when it comes down to is human beings have to stand up for those rights you have to know the Constitution the Bill of Rights you don’t understand the police is a policy office they do policy enforcement on corporate stock so first of all you want to make yourself three-dimensional again and the way you do that you know a lot of people get the sad lie when your mother was in distress popping you out they out or sign something showing live birth and on that live birth they created two documents okay these are two corporate documents for created at this time of your birth before the doctor even cut the umbilical cord Wall Street has been using that to invest around the world your number your human sent who you are as a human being they basically trade on the market like a commodity like we have 100 grains of wheat here so that has been happening every day since the day you were born bad wealth up until now has never been even something you could think of getting to it was hidden it was secured it was locked down so now that you do have the access now that you can access those things that wealth in your life you’ll find out when they pull up your number at the qfs you’re going to show all this merit and merit I mean like whatever is finances will be at that point crypto or whatever it’s merit face meaning the work is you did the work is your family did how hard they work what they did did they serve the country all those different things add up to an intrinsic value send me an America that worked in the military and went into the free market after that and has lots of skills and was trained by the government that person is financially worth a lot of money anywhere else in the world I mean whether you say it’s a logistic interest or a physical interest the bottom line is is your value on the market we’re talking immense numbers each person a child a 5-year-old child is healthy and smart and is above the curb by the time that child is 20 years old they will have 15 years of using them on the stock market is a prime asset to make money around the world with the Wall Street people don’t understand that they’re like oh how can you do that it’s not like you’re selling beer or oats you’re right they’re not selling it they’re loaning it they’re loaning it like a rental service they’re renting your name and your character out so they can get income where they are meaning they’re renting five people from America because those five people have a value intrinsically to their country of raising something in their country where they have power so the new qfs system that’s being in stated right now is designed it’s a tier four it’ll do away with all this different little Banks competing for your money it will make everything quantified right into the system it’s a quantum so the quantum financial services system is designed to do equity trading of resources around the world in one system instead of every country having its own financial market or a dark mark a rupee everything’s going to be qfs qfs is a cryptocurrency it’s based on AI technologies it makes it so that people that go out everything their valued for their skills and talents and that becomes their resource pocket the people that don’t contribute to people that don’t exist in the system they won’t have the life anymore that will vanish from them but think about it this way and with the qfs you can’t cheat the system if you order something from far away and you order let’s say you order 50 lb of something well that quantum relations means that 50 pounds when they finally gets you automatically that has to reflect to you it can’t be something where there’s nothing there it’s not a bad check? So you need to understand that the computer is very logical it’s going to work that way all the time if you send a shorted delivery on a tanker and it’s five gallon short that’s not a lot but it’s significant when you think money when you think wealth and and what need look you don’t need wealth to be happy you need life you don’t need wealth to be protected from illness she need help so your life and your health are your responsibility you can’t have till somebody else that you’re not feeling good cuz you’re eating the wrong kind of food you’re drinking too much alcohol and blame them because you don’t want to participate in life participating means you take care of your health you do the exercise you do the workout you read you keep active I mean saddest thing in America today is we have so many couch potatoes I can’t even count them anymore I mean 9-year-old kids are 300 lb staring at a TV when Mom feed some Cheetos that’s not education that’s a life that’s a walrus way to get devoured by a shark so the qf system is coming into power it’s going to get rid of all this social the social system that things are entitled that you know well I don’t have to do anything cuz I get a check well that’s going to stop with the qfs it’s a quantified financial system want to find me quantum technology meaning it’s designed based on the merit of your efforts in your life will you achieve what you want to achieve will you have the things you want to have so when you understand that and you get up every day and you work hard for a better life than you know that you’re reward at the end of the day is going to be there for you you’re not going to get a bounce check you don’t need to serve Bobby the mayor or Georgie the president for your check and as far as what they’re doing if they’re not doing the job they’re supposed to do meaning the regulated job title of their position then you do not have to consent to what they’re doing can surrender what’s wrong

P the truth is now with the White House winning this giant nightmare of a battle that’s been going on for about a year and a half the opportunity for human beings to step up and be amazing and profound as individuals and earn their way through the universe rather than living in a system that basically wants to take away your freedoms take away your rights and tell you what to do with your life tell you who you should live with how you should live what you should have so cute business transaction as all the world and governments have gone on to this currency and woe to the ones who didn’t because they’ll have no participation in a world global market so pretty soon hopefully this stuff about education and money to fund it there is plenty of resources to fund education for everybody for free knowledge is never a deficit making sure that people can wake up in the morning and go out and do something construction but based on their human function as an independent sovereign Nation unto the world created by God who stands much higher than government so you know a government is always oppressed people you look at tiananmen square you look at North Korea oppression is a means by taking away your free will taking away your right so with the quantum system basically what happens is no longer do you have to pay a feat everybody along the way to buy something you buy something directly from that person it becomes a contract it becomes a contract of legality for sovereign nationalism so a lot of people are going to have to spend a whole bunch of time getting smart now about the truth because you can’t just turn on your TV and listen to anybody anymore politically the scandals they’ve all been paid for they’re all bought off so the stories you’re getting are alive and

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