Finally it has begun and we can expect

greatness through the hard work faith and determination of members of our nation full and strong on moral courage and personal drive. developing the skill set and drive to move your world into a place of power where the fears and drudgery and sorrows experienced under the draconian last several years

The concentration on finding those who have been robbing and stealing without any concern of duty or priority developing over years they have designed built and reached the goals of destroying the world as we know it finally the quantum

finally after so many wasted years criminals ruling the back door deals at the cost of so much to humanity. Its not a mute point clearly since the end of the Viet Nam war our nation has had cowboys at the reigns. and the simple truth is who are they to decide what information knowledge should be denied us on whos judgement. Clearly we have been betrayed; when you think hard about the truth of it there are seven billion human sentient beings on this planet all in perpetual motion with lives love dreams sorrows and the problems of basic existence sad to see a film of evil laying across the infinite possibilities of each of our dreams skills and asperations yet they have chosen to throw a stone into the lake and distressing the very basic fabric of life across all social and economical divergence’s

Focising on the truth and the nature of life and how we express each in our own fashion through striving to find your dreams and share life love laughter with them how can we not see the simple truth is humanity is a large city and regardless of where you live or struggle to thrive we must accept that there are those who have an innert nature to go strong into the wind to reach the many goals they have and others who sidetracked find them selves adrift in constant distress. In the last two years we have had the very pillars of society thrown against a wall.

they have been dumbing down children for more then twenty years teaching them to be facing a complex world without the needed tools to make it others taking full control because of family history and financial stature this has given the world many evil persons who believed they had the right to rule all others and as such subjugate those around and ignoring the same value eah of the those who feel they can and will against even the basic moral codes and principles steal what is not there’s on such a scale its hard to calculate, and yet we all see and live in it.

Finding those who are exactly the same is so sad rather then embrace the diversity of each and every layer of life and society can you see experience; and mature and grow to not only accept others but to learn how to work with all these variants to achieve great things across all waves of life.

The tragic truth we now face is what happens once all the labels are out there who really cares about those private and personal matters its of no concern when each of us chases our dreams and lives and loves in a social community basic taskmaster of how and why society exists and the rules are not made by officers of the corporation they are created and managed by those who in a social network work together strive towards similar life styles and family values and want to do this unmolested free and able to embrace the life they have dreamed since a child.

In the real world application some of the greatest civilizations where those whom worked closely together and did so with a base moral character focus from growing up knowing about God today those who would believe they have no need to follow basic life moral values those who… believe they somehow have the right to steal from others and believe that the system that is all broken will not punish them most who are more focused on forcing others to support their lives and in this they take advantage of others without a second thought.

Its surely time for humans to stand up for humanity for the life and liberty they have been be stowed by God, not some elected official seeking innocent lawful human beings being morasses and abused stopped searched detained regardless of innocence. Under martial law IN America ????. no way never I know that there are hundreds of millions of strong valued men women and children who see and understand this and what has been launched against us as a global society is the worst of the worst a catastrophic event on humanity’s life, I’m sure many of you have started seeing the full scope of this problem and how the loudest voices have started to vanish on the media clearly they see there own destruction coming full steam at them.

With the clear evidence that Trump won the election and theproofs showing up across the nation.

We have huge problems with millions launched into America from the south and many who came from all across the earth done intentionally to destroy complicate and hide there crimes it is great to see President Trump still working diligently each day to save this great nation from these diabolic satonic beasts to lack basic moral values to victimize even children and worse it is clearly time to put a end to the fiasco:

If you imagine the true scope of what and how amazing the world would be if all the sentient humans across the earth started to navigate lifes many challenges using team work respect humble and kind character working on a dream not of one person but of literally billions Freedom Liberty Education Clean water sanitation and the most important where the wealth of the world is collaborated on every level and hopes and dreams of children drive the spirit of humanity not weapons and tools of total destruction what point are we as sentient being when we can literally watch real life slaughter of men women and children done by base evil inert in all humans to abuse destroy steal malign every good person on earth.

Instead we use technology and team work to form real positive programs not run by scandelous politicians and ill prepared dishonest people handling your treasure a society based on people working together and striving one person or family at a time ensuring that the very basic is not something denied any being on earth. our very existence rides to the edge of the razor and all around you can see and feel the imbalance

Our greatest treasure this earth is being destroyed and collapsing under the economic strain yet we continue to fund trillions squared monthly to build new weapons to hurt kill maim destroy life more efficiently even supporting base evil around the world financially economically how why this is America not the Congo what is going on the brightest minds working to find a way to control people and their lives from technology who decides what how when food economics logistics knowledge and safe healthy communities to live and thrive wow how bad is that what kind of miracles we could experience making sure all children were given the lessons and best upbringing our planets wealth could provide and those who lived these moral God Fearing lives be supported protected and even propped up the best society’s based firmly d on the highest education levels safe and secure communities where families could strive towards there dreams and collectively develop a world we can hardly imagine.

Most important fact is in the real world we must take action not to ignore the problems that have built up to such a apocalyptical even to humanity it is time to press forward the values and moral wisdom of thousands of years of knowledge ignoring the mistakes and compiling, those of historic value to us as a species. There is little time to inject a strong solution one that can build up its own momentum and gravity to use inertia to press the solutions abroad and connect the fabric once more at a level of fair and honest interaction funny how the fuel industry using holidays and find’s excuses how to double charge us on fuel when we want to do something for our personal lives suddenly the cost of everything explodes even food prices have doubled in large cities

Published by GammA SollA7

the taste of warm honey the dream of the stars the world is my oyster and her smile my escape a world filled with magic women of passion and beauty beyond compare how can i better express my deep love and commitment to change the world and provide women a platform to bring about the change that the universe deserves and expects women are the source of creation not the burden and at Magik is to bring them together and realize both their true potential and he dynamic forces the have put me here to bring universal empowerment not on sex but on eternal vibrations of perpetual power and beauty

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