So lets see the mask was to protect me from what ? life it sure seems like the design and implementation was to take away my freedom my friends and my loved ones to instill fear and despair

if the goal was to provide us American’s in fact the world in general safety then why after almost a year not one positive result has been seen or felt. we have been locked out of life by cruel jesters out to steal our nation destroy our familys and the social bonds and connections shared and built up over many years but we have gotten nothing positive.

Who is the insane person at the top why and where did they get educated to think that somehow any measure would protect us from microscopic organisms that can not be seen with the naked eye infact they cannot even be explained or defined the storys change every day and the damage done is slowly collapsing into the earth and humanity sits on the presipis of either awakening or total collapse we cannot continue to put such stock into the idiots running the media circus anymore

the city of new york was a massive moving of humanity each day millions would go about life now your blown away to see even several people walking around and they are all afraid living in fear is the worst.

we are only a week away from the start of 2021 and i hope that finally people will get fed up and rise up go out and begin to search out their lives be bold don’t accept the lies any more to decieve you when will you wake up and how will you reestablish your life with those you love and care about

No one can explain with any wisdom why they chose to lock society down and force the shut down of all social connections as humans we are a social community and the lack of community caused huge problems.

take a moment and look up at heaven see the beauty that exists no one has a right to deny you to live your life and bare those you love

if you can see the losses suffered by the lock down then think about it what we have lost so much and been ripped from a life that we worked so hard to grasp the future we wanted and to surround us with those we love and care about you work has been shut down your friends live in fear and daily distress from the media is horrible and abusive to think we have no right or even the ability to decide for ourselves what life we want or how can we be denied the very basic values we were raised with its enough with the lock down time to let then know and share with your loved ones the truth there is no protection against the unknown and to spend every waking minute in fear is not a way to live your life.

Building the network of friends and family that you have long known was your support group and could be there to share care and be supportive now they want you to stay locked in your house and await further directions from the idiots who think there in charge of the world.

to live your life fully requires you to be involved with it and being brave enough to go out and fade the challenges that life throws at you

By waking up each day and striving to be profound to believe in your ability to grow and learn faith that your goals can be achieved and that you will have a life full of friends and happiness that you can keep your body healthy so the journey is magnificient and profound being loved and sharing love with others to laugh and smile hug and feel that warm embrace of those who miss and care about you, we do deserve the life we dreamed of in America freedom is not a abstract principle its a factual reality that you are a citizen of one of the greatest nations on earth and that your contribution to this nation and to the lives we all want must be protected go out be brave challange your skills and make new friends go on a nice walk to the park or sit and read a good book go to that persons house who you were falling in love with and express your inner most desires and have the faith that they feel the same and will open their heart to share and care its what life is about finding a group of sentient beings who like you and want to share life with you; to live in fear is the exact opposite we cannot live life in safe place as there are no safe places only the choice to challenge life regardless of the possible bad things that can happen based on the great things that can come to be by your efforts.

IM Beccan to call those who are wise to gather and embrace life fully to reach out and share the amazing things that life can be by word and deed

if you want to be profound then you will need to get involved go out each day and strive for greatness share your heartfelt emotions and feelings be positive to those who need your support by word or deed be amazing in the little things you do lets face it being a politician is not a job based on skill its a skill based on fake and lies why would anyone want to be a politician i remember high school the few golden kids who wanted to be class president and promised to change everything about life if you would help them get elected then forget they ever met you after its done, what kind of a world do you want to live in one free with happy profound amazing people doing the life rather then letting life do them, by actions and deeps we can change so much around us but first face fact that if your living in fear based on someone elses fears then you will be destroyed you need to guage your life on your own values and skill set keep your self healthy and strong eat good play hard and take no prisioners

so the question is now that you have all this what are you going to do with it? being amazing is a state of mind
when others judge you they are sharing their own insecurities not yours

touch the sky, dream that amazing dream live to open every door and touch every dream even your heart knows the dynamic change that comes when your doing what you dream of and enjoying life with passion

master painter and faux construction management earth ship design and construction

develop new ways to accomplish tasks of my journey enjoy the smallest moments and lstrive to achieve the highest skill set in any of the many journeys of life as they unfold we go out and say i am here and will do my profound best to achieve greatness in this task master journey,

to help clear the air and press forward with positive applications of skills

helping others find their yoda to embrace and help bring growth to that inner self so long ignored until covid

motivational speaker to talk and help others work thru the challenges of life and achieve the desired end goals by developing team work and choosing to put people where their skills can be most valued


to work in as many mediums as i can to learn and grow by developing skills and application techniques that can change and alter both the art and the perception of my work mixed mediums and working with hard wood such as ips bazillian iron wood, stone coat epoxys multi spec paint and various application techniques

Write music and poetry

play guitar and love to compile musicql pieces that help us express our emotions and the hidden tones of our inner self.


US Navy

2005 – 2008

A truth that from day one of my military journey its was a roller coaster ride of excitement and amazing to learn how to work on extreme flight operations on chinook CH-47 to travel and experience amazing things.

2012 – 2015

Let’s make something together.

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