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the goal should be about living a fantastic journey through this dynamic chance to life without limits. To chase your dreams full heartedly towards the end of eternity when you wake up each day you have been given another chance one that can be filled with amazing new delights some that your wildest dreams could not even express.

Water is a good medium of life it has great values on the scale of energy; there are various forms it takes such as frozen solid water liquid and then various levels of gas that can be managed in many ways our goal is to find a way to travel forward in this special vessel. regardless of your gender or who you say and feel you are large small skinny fat freckles dark skin light skin white skin we are a collection of humanity diverse and amazing we all have been blessed with that special star seed one that runs both your entire body and all the functions we take for granted each passing minute one at a time we can count throught some of them but there are so many functions most of us never even understand about the way the human body works from managing the network of pumps and values the absorbtion of nutrition through the gut the lungs and how they provide a constant track of oxygen the body needs to function like a tree needs carbon dioxide and humans need oxygen the present insanity of masks is a perfect example of this total over launch of policys designed to run a corporation but not human beings

When we look around the world we can see many strange amazing things from types of trees people cultures technologys and every shade of inbetween one this so important to humans has and will continue to be the abilty to communicate socially and apply good practices of trade and long term friendships and social groups who work together on mass towards various deals and social contracts.

The harder people work the less time they spend having a life they clearly become a drone a worker bee one that entire life is wrapped to work serve and pay the government and barely get by with life expenses we all can see the way the world has become there are a few reasons to continue to live if your entire universe is work sleep work sleep work sleep

There needs to be time for life that part you remember from your teenage years when you would get together with your friends and go out to do amazing things just because so what about now you have plenty of good reasons the world shut down covid or what they call covie happened the world has shut down and jobs and social communities have been slammed hard the recoil is still under way the entire social network has been blown up by media and pharma power hungry corp boards out to write there own checks and the cost of our lives why would you not start to get to the urgent need to express yourself with life go for the gusto being amazing is the best tool we have go out and do the things that you want charge forward with a drive and determination that you have never seen before open the door and never look back go learn how to fly a plane or take up some adventerous hobby one that lets you get out and experience life on the fly full and loaded with excitement and opportunity to be profound and amazing

Another important fact is we as humans have a great need individually for compassion and affection from kind words to warm hugs we are social being and our growth and very nature is based on being accepted and cared about both for your individuality and then for your special creative gifts we are all valued members of Humanity and each has a worth beyond words Too many havve become selfish and cruel carings for nothing but there own desires and power hunger that cannot be quenched by any means and worse is the rest of us suffer through attempting to help with in our limitations while the rich blast thru what has been taken that could by all rights serve to provide for entire communities from one of these so called uber rich.

Given the fact our children have been falsely raised with a set of values with no practical purpose children need to be social and be part of the larger community and serve a self sustaining as well as community based value. when children are given a broad base of compassion to not judge others by stupid things cloths wealth poverty skin color sexuality all poor reasons to establish any sort of community except one of hate and dispair where the rich crave all the wealth the poor wonder how to achieve even enough to survive and the middle class struggle to support and pay taxs for everyone. The rich and elite have made sure that they pay little or no taxs while we pay all the taxs for ourselves and for them when a corp decides to bankrupt itself they quickly get protection and walk away with no debt yet you and i have no chance of getting these debts of survival paid as the banks have hedged the bets and increased the so called odds so that no matter how hard you work there aren’t enough days or hours to pay such a bill.

We in America have a unique opportunity we have seen both sides in a short period of time by which we can see critical facts elections must be protected and that who ever is going to be president needs to be dedicated and focused on making America Great again our national borders are the last line of defense for the hard working citizens of this great nation the Wall needs to be finished its not representing communism or any ideology except safety of her citizens and regardless of your origins you who say you are American have a moral responsibility to also demand our borders safe from predators who sell children like ice cream cones at the park to protect those who have no capacity to do that for themselves single or married young or old if you come to america and struggled through the process you understand it serves a much deeper connection.

Solution to the southern border : we should demand that those wishing to march into the UNited States will need to stay at the southern border and work to help us finish the fence and wall to protect all Americans enough with the random bus loads of bodies with no job or family being dropped at bus stops and handing them a huge cash pay out of 14 thousand dollars when you have left americans in the learch literally the fake pandemic the wasted millions trying to impeach President Trump when he clearly was the best sitting president in a good forty years all about this nation and fair play in trade caring about our first line of defense the military and ensuring they have the best equiptment to work with. with the simple fact four years he was hounded day and night by those who hate america Polosi and her crew of drugs out with pharma booster tee shirts because we know who pays the bills right.

The time is at hand when America will define itself for the next hundred years with the 22 elections im sure the Republicans will take the house and the senate and in 24 if he runs {President TRump will take office and do so at a running pace to try and save us from Biden and polosi vandelism the huge sums stolen by the deep state beyond measure while they continue to lock our world up and take away our rights i would not be suprised if some of the horrible shootings are being done intentionally by the democratic deep state to take away our second amendment rights to bare arms with lies and deceptions they are already trying to remove our police protections by lies and other menas the media is so deep in the shit they cannot see the sky for the lies they tell again and again with no regard for what is going to happen.

One truth is that Americans young and old do see what is happening a vice president who has been so focused on her new mansion and not interested in the southern border crisis in any way shape or form infact her unique squirrely laugh is enough to see behind the mast to her true self she has no skill to take over for biden even if called on she will be out getting a pedicure and manicure or talking about what a hard ship she had wiating on her mansion to be totally renovated i mean im sure the masion was falling apart at the seams right it was just redone with vice President Pense was serving as VP now four months later and still the world is coco for coco puffs they have continued the scare tactics and even offering money to get the death Jab i mean when did humanbeings become so docile like sheep in a slaughter house watching there best furry buddy having his throat slit for lamb chops the facts are so disturbing

With Japan and the support of Biden we are about to finish off killing the Pacific Ocean with Japan about to start dumping the millions of gallons of rADIOACTICE WASTE FROM THE fUKASHEMA NUCLEAR PLANT THEY KNOW THIS WILL KILL THE GREAT PACIFIC OCEAN BUT YET Biden on his good plan is all for killing off the oceans while shutting down millons of jobs with his executive orders. the pipeline and the wall have already been approved by congress and paid funds awaiting the completion of these and many other projects but instead they have put America into economic collapse with there almost two trillion dollar stimulas that only gives about 25 percent of what was legislated and the rest gos to black opps and personal pet projects by so called politicians of ah they have a need to take some of every dollar America collects not to help the world but personal gain how sad they were elected to serve us as representatives not as bank robbers while we struggle with no jobs and no hope of an end to the nightmare now they have begun speaking about boster shots to first double doze of death jab now they want to do so every six months to ensure that your not only saturated but if they do a cheek swab and see you have there Nrha strand synthetic attached to your dna they will by all rights have full ownership of you and all that you possess sure it sounds crazy but check the Supreme court ruling that states clearly that if patented technology or material is found in the possession of anyone other then those who own it they become full owner of that individual and his property by unanimous can you believe that it is so time to start getting educated about truth such as becoming a national and filing the needed paperwork and no longer are you subject to a majority of corp regulations since you are a lawful person a real human one with rights and above all else the right to decide your own destiny/

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