Finding your MOJO

We all need to find our power this opens up our inner sight to develop and change:to become our best incarnation Rather than waste time and your spiritual resources you can have great abilities thru the growth and adapting changes inner growth thru gaining knowledge Nd surrounding yourself with positive and valuable friends capable andContinue reading “Finding your MOJO”

The Gathering Storm of the Night king

I remember hearing one leak that could make a lot of sense,that why has the night king suddenly decided to raise the dead and march down from the alien deep north everything I remember of ancient stories was that even in Valaria they had books speaking of the other ? Alien,mystical creature from a farContinue reading “The Gathering Storm of the Night king”

Taking the great Boons of another day to alter your world by putting in

Effort desire,perspective,drive and tenacity anything is possible first this you have to make time to change your world the time spent on each is critical Taking the time to really evaluate the results of both positive and negative results that will begin once your change begins The positive will be all the reasons why theseContinue reading “Taking the great Boons of another day to alter your world by putting in”

walking down the road of life we find as time flys by that the real values and issues we face can be so complex few of us can solve them so we tend to be tied up on all sides by stress and complete overwhelming  pressures we done need to experience how can we enjoyContinue reading

Before you get too serious think about when you were young how the time flew by because everything you did was fun and interesting a giant box of new toys maybe one of our greatest problems in our lives is we get so serious about every thing we doeverything

Magik is all around us ; We just need to open our eyes

The key to tomorrow is understanding what you are and how to increase your vibration

Healthy diet gives you energy you need throughout the days Finding like minded people who care a great deal about working in things you live your life for Touching the rbibecome your own best guardian willing to pull all your assets into fruition. Muster up t. C

Taking the time to choose your path and what will be your end dream

We all have talents and finding a job that allows us to flourish on a daily basis both our talent and skill put to task developing into a independent source of positive choice to loveanartic images show even our world is changing we need to tap into our inner strength the special talents and toolsContinue reading “Taking the time to choose your path and what will be your end dream”