Watch “Out of business or something more.Wiith weird stuff going on at Walmarts all over, makes u wonder” on YouTube

Watch “Dasani Water Crazy Theroy” on YouTube Don’t drink the water that’s the ultimate sign and if they’re doing that to bottled water and selling it to you with salt and potassium chloride which basically they inject into people on death row to kill them you really shouldn’t want to drink it and then you have to ask yourself what they’reContinue reading “Watch “Dasani Water Crazy Theroy” on YouTube”

Watch “Prayer works.” on YouTube So important for people to think about life everyday is so important to think about God everyday it’s so important to be amazing because God has made you amazing don’t trust these politicians these people dress the same way you do they sleep the same way you do they have good and bad qualitiesContinue reading “Watch “Prayer works.” on YouTube”

Time for the entire world, America great Britain, France, India, Japan, Germany ,and other basically free people’s to unite against this Godless Devil nuke China and any other fascist group trying to steal your liberty and life away

The whole world is to unite against China Vaccine passports are criminal wake up people

When you obey the few in power you get access to live a fake life if you choose to criticize or be free the call you a murderer this is not China and those who want to install it must be destroyed

so one more time #truth variants are a vaccine side affect not a non vaccine event

Nobel Laureate Reveals – COVID-19 Vaccinated Create Variants BY GREATREJECT · 21/05/2021 Prof. Luc Montagnier says epidemiologists are familiar with this phenomenon, known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” but “keep quiet about it.” Although it is well known that viruses mutate and cause variants, French virologist and Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier claims that “it is vaccination that causes theContinue reading “so one more time #truth variants are a vaccine side affect not a non vaccine event”