So it’s actually begun

All right so this morning we got the daily news on the front of the daily News man walking down the sidewalk walks into the side of a park truck and dies on the spot this is called the zombie protocol according to the CDC where the brain basically eats itself this is going toContinue reading “So it’s actually begun”

The double-edged sword of freedom

Do all those people looking for a bargain with the covey cab I bet you’re in Nirvana having here they’re giving out free cars free guns and free scholarships to go to college but you got to get the job the problem is is the job lifespan of people getting the job is 3 yearsContinue reading “The double-edged sword of freedom”

Complications once Vaxed with the jab

B so now what you walking and you’ve committed yourself to the job twice it’s important to know that there are people trying to work on a way to make this mRNA inert I mean but it’s a real complicated reality this is not something that was designed to be easily stopped or fixed soContinue reading “Complications once Vaxed with the jab”

Principles of change

So finally all the restrictions are are being gradually removed but the horror of the injections and the vaccine or eight experimental biological agents if they use is killing thousands people are dropping dead they don’t want to say anything about it they don’t want to speak out about it but thankfully a lot ofContinue reading “Principles of change”

The sad criminal evil and diabolic truth to all my brothers and sisters

Watch “This Is Getting Too Real.. Why Is Nobody Talking About This (2021)” on YouTube

After 20 years of planning this population Wipeout it’s starting to happen they literally are doing this intentionally people need to wake up it’s time that you guys start watching the intelligent real information out there as they say from the horse’s mouth so this is Bill Gates I hope they don’t slam it andContinue reading “Watch “This Is Getting Too Real.. Why Is Nobody Talking About This (2021)” on YouTube”

Ever changing

So well Manhattan was definitely full of excitement today it’s probably maybe Broadway or West Broadway it was good to see people out without the mask off man enough of these politicians so that’s a good sign the job part still frustrating because I don’t know how they’re going to pull this rabbit out ofContinue reading “Ever changing”

Complex alterations

So as you can see going on right now with the giant covey experiments now going into June of 2021 so that means for a year and about 6 months so how you guys doing I see a lot of people out without the mask which is great it’s funny how we’re talking to aContinue reading “Complex alterations”