Tragedy in Afghanistan

You know for a lot of Americans sitting home safe or relatively safe you have no idea what’s happening in Afghanistan that in literally a week the country has been routed and all those people that were hoping freedom- that’s by a political intrigue that is so evil listen opening up the borders and decidingContinue reading “Tragedy in Afghanistan”

We will fight on the beach s

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Vaccine passport

So today if you’d see anybody watching the news what’s going on in Europe they have shut down the whole whole continent has shut down their businesses and marched out into the streets we’re talking hundreds and hundreds of millions of people that are out protesting in the streets over the mandatory mask vaccine passportContinue reading “Vaccine passport”

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Good news American’s

Everybody’s starting to notice what’s going on here and the reality is is all over Europe where they don’t have democracy and freedom their countries are basically locked down because people have come out in the streets millions and shut down the entire world in their part of the world so America it’s time IContinue reading “Good news American’s”

When the debt comes due

I’m hoping people are starting to see and understand to the depth of the depravity of what has happened over the last 5 years 10 years right now everybody that’s getting a vaccine you’re not being charged for it you don’t need to be charged because they have already made a deal in the governmentContinue reading “When the debt comes due”