Deepest Soul; distant places;

watching the stars dance across the night sky, the magic you feel so deep when she’s near hard to hide those deepest green eyes; that laugh that is like lightning. bound by her amazing fascination and delights herwonderful expressions a smile lighting a room, when you see her there the amazing beauty i see in her eyes soft round curves luscious delight so glad i never gave up life this year profound in learning and growth knowing i must find a way to keep my drive and focus and keep my heart on the prize, never regretting those amazing thigh’s

Sweet the desire that propels me forth i have waiting so long to share such delight the passions we share random and devine spontaneous lusting for your sweet taste how amazing it is to play like a kid when we were younger and never with regret take me to that place and never let it grind down our desires the passions we have the time we share all for the great feeling’s we get when we are in that special place where all the outside noise stopps and we feel that special safe place we share. over the night or afternoon your plump round lips kissing me so soft so perfect what a sheer delight to be, against all the odds and the sorrows of life all the questions we chase and time we have spent in pain alone to have such passion we share the small sweet nothings like a wisp of air to know your happy and we are both there.

wake up in the morning to see you sleeping near the soft sound of your heart beating and that face i cannot forget to hold such a prescious creature as you something i would never forget, open the door to change and design waiting on magic; dreaming of love happy with short sweet passions lusting and fun.

i give you dominion over my passions and desire to hold you close and delight in all you are a special creature fallen from a star

for hours i don’t complain its sheer delight waiting to hold you naked next to me feel your long soft hair as it lays across your chest so much i am enthralled with delight to have you and know you keep me awake all night not form and attachment but passion and deepest lust hope and know the truth we are together and this i trust.

Wander down a mountain trail see your smile hold your hand dont let go and know you understand life is magic we have learned so very well to spontaneous driven love and desire that perfect moment when words loose there way and we are left naked together sharing heated sounds of the love we have shared and the thunder left against the solid source of life.

More then a vision your real and i can touch feel your warmth and desire and express it within each moment of lifes great cup a challenges of endurances desires and all that you strive wild and amazing dreams deep complete wandering around this amazing world taking in the magic as the whirlwind turns,

Moments of deep reflection the utmost of desire those tiny thoughts that blast away at your clouded doubts and builds amazing with each stride with dismay;

Nothing to lose unless you don’t even try; fools errand that is true for all those who waste moments without a thought for in the end they again can never be caught;

tasting the honey from the early morning dew; sweet, damp, and pleasant in your magic true: when you set up each day to make amazing a thing you live in each breath never fearing the unknown busy making yours devine perfection within.

taste of Honey wild in delight

the way the sun shines down your golden back the way i feel like a heart attack as you smile grows large and those beautiful teeth just enough to take my breath away you a creature rare and delight filled perfection in all you do against a world cold and distant your a delight hard to avoid magic emotion desire warm feelings flow like a radiant fire warms a room the magic of these feelings that i feel as if they were here when i’m next to you there is so little i wish to change.

I want to wake up next to you see your beauty sleeping next to me knowing that we are together special indeed such desire such passion i sure feel the need the softness of your touch the wild way you desire how to put a word to it a giant bon fire bold delightful so insightful the taste of your sweat on a hot summers night making love on the beach hearing the waves crash nearby all the desire and passion let us fly i have no words for how you consume me the way you control my heart its beyond assuming yet you know when to take a break and let me see your soft wet smile that you know i would walk across a desert to see you open my arms to embrace you and spend the rest of my life to please you be careful as you walk on my dreams be careful take all that i share as it seems without this special delight of us late at night life would be less;

the beauty of your naked body your large round breasts all i desire all that you can expect i will spend hours in your desires magic in your touch daring to share feelings as i feel i can trust that i can share and expand by sharing our lusts. to trust our desire to make your smile burst through all the passion we have shared and time expressed in deep desire you and i have so much connection across time and space to express such perfection to lust and deep desire to taste your honey and burn bright your fire so beautiful and sweet your beauty full and expressing all the desire you are the passion we are so sweet to touch your full breasts take a moment to admire all that was given me in your sexy self free to hold me tight and bite my neck take me for that all night journey to reach that inner peace where we share so much and get so close all we can do that we try so hard to boast yes its true i love to taste your warm honey and see you shiver and shake as i drive you wild with sexual fate,

uh my your just so fine letting me see your mountainous delights your full round breasts catch my eye as i cannot wait to hold you close burried between those amazing thighs embracing this place that makes you kooh and squirm so much taking all the honey and loving so much to touch your soft slice so sweet watch you squirm like you are being rocked deep in your soul taking such delight in the honey gathering event of the day hoping again tomorrow we can have more time to play

take a moment to walk through your dreams walk across fields of memory that were profound and driven by life a magic exposed without knowing it we all have endured such moments of life when your struggling with challenges we all face what to do how to react its a race across the sky meanwhile your left with no idea which way to go all in your moments of a journey that has taken control like a car racing down a road and then the wheels decide to take a walk forced to exchange one direction by three others in a moment with no control. which way will you go will you find an answer that will help resolve the life that is out of control what to do how to be left in a crisis without an answer to fill the space what happens across the vastness of your life as it explodes before your very eyes so many losses so much pain wander out through a fog covered trail no idea what the next moment will bring or how you will espress the millions of thoughts you have endured the pains sorrows loves desires all the burning bon fires of miracle exceptional delights expressed in moments you had no control,but took life for all that it could be there is nothing more pure then spontaneous desire passion and that special fire its all new exceptional delights passion and heated desire burning brighter then any star we might admire out minds are consumed with these sparks of desire; our youth and power, are based on its fire.

young or old no matter the years its these magic moments that define our very being, when you stop chasing its power; and passion you actually stop being like a dying flower. be amazing and chase after your sweet stars be all that you can be never blame others its up to you to chase after all you dream of and build this journey like a fantastic house where your passions and desires chase fears out of the house the living and life you chose to chase all can get lost when you ignore these feelings post haste,

Over the rainbow or under a bridge the moments burst like stars in the night sky flame flickers then burst to a bright ghost of deep desire that first kiss or holding hands walking together a moment in time never to repeat its all the design of this magic retreat. before you wake it will never be the same it accords deep feelings we dont understand for years it opens our hearts to pain and sorrow love and deep desire those things you want and may never know especially if your afriad of the place where monsters grow,

for behind high mountain walls and deepest ravines of ancient stone love is a master calling you without your knowledge of own self cast each time a new image f you the ones that change spark magic in the night finding that special spirit that they openly possess able to find comfort and joy when they take rest for its a moment we cannot expect one that brings fire wood to burn so bright if we take the chance and chase out into thenight that which is so special and a warm delight of passion and compassion shared in the same breath true.

I want to paint your naked beauty before my eyes for hours to see and taste the many devine sights that your magical beauty inside ignites. like the burnings flame of Drogan in game of thrones where the cost so expensive we might not make it throuht the night or be able to wake and seee your beauty for the harsh cast of life the stones of time burst forth in life take there toll and never give explanation cast like a flat stone skipping across the reflection of the pool life is for those who choose to live it wild like a fool to many have been tamed and lost all hope and desire wandering through life alone in fear of all the things that one there heart held dear,

give me a minute and ill steal a year love so much all that you express and share to stand in the door and watch you just their so magnificent and delightful that you are to me like the air i cannot live without it not for a minute or a day want to spend each moment keeping your so happy and satisfied let me bring you all the things you desire most let me lust over you and fill your world with all that you most desire stay with me tonight and stay for a very lon while magic delight fashions desire all the magic and hope given to just your amazing sight

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