development of dreams

we all have dreams and to most of us we will never realize them because we have baneeen trained to focus on the fact we are not worthy like thor stays you are not worthy that your mind would go mad and you simply would resolve into a puddle yet the truth is much clearer we have the power and potential

we must strive to understand your special gift how you can gain a goal worthy of your greatness and how you can bring into play the many talents and skills you possess and the training you need to gather to succeed, building anything of magik requires first you must believe it possible so lets start with a small list that we can use daily to build on the values and ideals that will bring about the greatness to be the very best

! take a few days to think about the source of joy in your life what brings you passion and happiness

2 once you have gathered a few good ideas of things that you care about and that you want to do the very best make a list one that both shows your choices from ones that will work to the ones that you would consider your dream come true, its not like when we were in high school when i grow up I’m going to be a doctor or a teacher or even a pro baseball player because all these are just pipe dreams most of us do not have that one in a million skill to be the next babe ruth or ty cobb but we all have skills that touch on the Magik of the eternal universe i have met the most amazing people in this life and on the score care of fifty nine years some have been mystical and super powered in all they did and others were so unique they had risen up against every odd put before them from health to basic learning disabilities yet they not only overcame the challenges but excelled and broke the very mold put before them, how to change how to understand what will bring about the changes needed to be more then you ever thought possible or better then even your role model thought could ever happen.

Time is relevant in this life because we are bound in a flesh that is not immortal it is weak and has huge disadvantages in the universe at large we get sick easy die and have bodies that can be broken so easily and life lives of great destress, not because we must but because society as a whole had learned real well how to push us down and have us be the ultimate jailer we are not caged by others but by our own beliefs and the teachings we take as gospel, there is not positive path in this life of earth until we desire to bring about a change that amps up our inner being the spirit that is infinite the one that can travel across galaxies without bodies that wear out and die our souls last for eternity and only when we understand how to tap into the eternal energy the forces that collide giant stars in the heavens high above and the power to feel and absorb the love that passes between true spiritual beings there is no limits on its power one tear from joy is more powerful that a nuclear bomb because it connects two spirits or more without destroying anything it brings a bridge to the table of eternal light and helps bring about the change that the few in power on earth have struggled to keep us from knowing all our lives l understand a great gift to life is being above fear it is the chain that holds us back we cannot exceed the speed of light when we life in a life based on fear of a moment time can alter change destroy and basically redefine light travel and time travel into a new force instantaneous gate travel why a new word because i find the scientists seem content in using words that we not only cannot understand but most of us cannot even speak them so lets say life is forever then to die is not about being afraid of dieting but being concerned about how we do the dying. simple truths if you die with honor and dignity and have touched the lives of many others you will live on in them by the actions and beliefs they live by, other words to die with hundreds of friends who knew you and respected you for the choices you made and the attempts to give your life eternal source and meaning they continue to excel your journey speed with every action that is made in such a state so if all your two hundred friends and those who they live with and love cared about you and strive to do the deeds that you brought into their lives by example then you continue to live throughout there lives as well building magik can and does alter reality it is the spark of light across the dark road the silent breeze where no wind was or the vision in your dream of a place you swear you have been to or a person who you know you can not live without yet you have never met them or even know who they are these are the truth among the very stars.

Question what you want out of eternity search for that inner spark that ignites in you a bold new idea a strike of lightning that fills the dark night with you. MAKE THE changes in your daily routine to bring about this change in your life one minute at a time down to the very seconds of the universe i have seen many movies that were so inspiring as a human because they connected me to the entire creation not alone in some distant dirty city but as part of giant living creating breathing cosmic force that could bring a change not only to my life but to the lives of hundreds thousands even millions of others by the actions i took regardless of the difficulty i faced in these choices the goal is to continue not giving into fear and doubt i will succeed and i will change life to its very base self inside outside all around me.

Breaking the Mold

It’s time to make a definitive choice about your life…

A great day lays ahead!

So now your here that’s great; You know why your here your dream can change everything from simple daily choices to complete changes in your personality and the people whom!!! You choose to be with😳

Finding out all these years you have been trying to please everyone but you! .😭😂😭Its time to turn pages in your life:let’s open this door together build a new reflection in the Mirror of your life.

One of my stone coat epoxy tables an example of how amazing you can make it
I’m humbled by what my eyes can see amazing reflections of light dark and creation before my eyes
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