having been given a moment to explore the universe I feel compelled to make the most of it.

We all have special talents that make us rise above the rest in your own skill set and talents if we can direct them and focus your energy divide your time up in truly unique ways. Establish a core group of friends with talents that complement your talents and abilities we all can learn from others.BRINGING MAGIK to the table in all you choose to do in life

once you choose your direction the next step is to fuel your boat get your mode of transportation and articulation on the same page make the most of your skills open the doors to your creative talent.

  • developing a positive daily routine will help you immensely by setting aside the time you need weather a few minutes or hours its up to your drive and determination.
  • find a place where you feel peace of mind a warm chair near a fireplace a outdoor table where you can enjoy the sounds of nature and remember why you are doing this, to build a connection to your temporal spirit and eternity finding the path that will help you understand grow develop and change your very nature.
  • resource management is critical we don’t need a lot of material things to set up your dream but you do need to know wheat your attempting to do and how you plan to get there first make a simple list, why you are doing this
  • what you hope to gain personally
  • how you intend to share and motivate others to become part of this epic star jour across the galaxy of eternity.
  • the best part is you don’t need to worry about how long it takes because its a internal journey and distances are relevant to the time put into your project travel can be explained like this you want to travel next year to europe and spend a month traveling across the southern coast of france italy greece spain.
  • To this goal you first choose a good map that will provide various detail of things you want to do and places you wish to go.
  • go on line and check out various alternatives and the average cost per day to do them add a oversight to any calculation such as if you figure 188 dollars for each block of time sayt three days in a certain place add an additional 80 dollars allowing for minor changes as they might develop.
  • second decide if you are traveling on the beaten path or wandering on the wim where you walk out of the airport and grad a taxi to the center of town and begin with a ruck sack to cover the day and your basic needs.
  • third go on line and look at various sites that allow travelers to rate the things they did from hotels to tours how did they find the services did they face any challenges that might be wisdom for your planning?
  • get a map to put up to sort out your journeys basic path and how you plan to adjust your time for this trip weather your spending a few days of luxuryt at five star hotel resorts or wandering around with bed and breakfasts or A B to B
  • Build your journey in sections since some trips require us to bring special cloths or hiking things that will give you the basic comfort you need to do the trip your way
  • if your trip is for 10 days check early for the best rates on flights and hotel s to accommodate you in major hubs of your journey such as flying thru heathrow or ambsterdam international you might want to check into local information centers to get updated info such as currency exchange travel tips language help to better grasp the full.

its so magical when you rise each morning and presume it all will be provided the challanges and opportunities to grow and expand you skills and knowledge .

the truth is we all have unlimited potention once we can manage to adapt understand reflect and focus the internal energy within this shell there is enough electrical energy to power a city all bundled inside that human motor car. walking down the street your high energy brain is blasting through a thousand thoughts a second or more from every area of your underlying soul how to harness the drive and determination buried deep inside to push and excel your cognitive skills higher than ever thought possible

developing your person from a young age we have all been given a mixed bag of knowledge of little value in our modern world, this requires a major upgrade one that begins with knowledge being fed to your main drive regardless of size your mind is an equation most can understand mind over matter if you can believe something in your very core the abilities that gather around are far more dynamic then those we normally maturate in a slow motion path of decoration on your universe how we live share or survive in a field with so many flowers.

holding on to the lessons learned early in life can have a great benifit but you still need to screen them to ensure the knowledge and goals are in sinc this will allow the higher energy to propgate and change the down field particulars and opportunities

if given the proper and truthful knowledge humans have the capacity to grow and change both internally and externally yet the spirit is always fluxuating and pulsing so getting your vibrations on track and finding ways to bolster it builds internal pathways giving change so much needed in our ignorant state not the entire species but many have been lead down a slippery slope to a long fall of a high presipace radical changes come thru the rebuilding on nuro pathways long left dormant or barely getting enough energy to survive rather then explore the advancements possible as we develop our skills and knowledge. learning how to gather energy frou all around us its a challange to learn how to embrace these waves of force slamming through our bodys a billion at a time like nutrenos

how we handle every one is amazing in it self you have little or no comprehension of the power racing through your body

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