For all the marbles

she took off her cloths slowly right before my eyes she never looked away as she had a shy smile and deep eyes of blue

her shirt first removed took my breath away a soft gentle smile and a warm golden tan a magic thing to a california man her nipples grew hard from the gentle breeze and i wanted to drop down to my knees but i stayed still hoping this was not a dream but real to be so close to an angelic creature never lost contact with here blue hypnotic eyes her pants were next spandex in neon trace i keep watching her as she moved with such grace

her hard hot pink short and sweeping across the top of her crown and again i was uable to resist the look filled with desire, how often i have dreamed of such a sight now here i am sitting right next to you wondering about your full beauty exposed to me

I am obsessed and controled i want to have you take all i am use me and control me be my best friend share this life with out any resentment. and you understand we can walk the night together you and I without fear

I want to love you all night and wake up to do it again i want to walk with you across an ancient beach you and i as special friends waiting on the sunrise to start a new day i will carress your soft curves and round full breasts hold you lcose all night im not like the rest don’t want these special tools to be wasted a dream most might never live yet here i am consumed waiting on you to give chase to take me away and never let me go hold me tight take what you need and desire i will do all i can to bring you that which you desire sure im not a GENNi but i do have the strength to press hard to achieve will you spend the day with me or stay a while holding me close through out the night i will wipe your tears and make you smile give you all i have even after a while hope you are full of spontaneous lust to have fun as i will always be a child filled with facination and flurtation playful to a fault yet its in my gemini stars house of Jupitar the giant of this sky JUpitar the anthology of my life a huge giant trapped in a small space in time waiting to hold you and impress you with me level of commitment and desire to spend hours pleasuring you and go in for more make you an amazing dinner give you a hot oil message to hear the sweet sounds of you expressing the deep desires you have hidden away from all the years trying to be an adult never choosing to go out and play so here we are you and I naked and filled with fantasy and desire to hold you so close that we can hear our hearts beat holding me long thru the night to make our time special indeed

to spread kisses across your naked body and touch you warmly from head to toe run my hands through your short pink Hiar and hope you will feel the desire to open up and share an amazing creature who could fill my life complete to spend days weeks months out having fun being kids again not afraid of what is ahead more interested in the day when you understand how i feel that you can tell me without words that you care about me and in a most profound way to let me carress your soft curves and listen to your truth all that you dream of since you were so very young its real that we can take care of each others desires and trust our deepest felt needs going it together will change so much you see but first we must be brave enough to open up and share all we are not hiding in some avatar we created to protect us from life a special place where the walls can be torn down and we share love and desire close to the ground never before could i have hoped so much like here with you never before could i take such a risk in life except how you make me feel inside able to share all the pains and sorrows life has dished me quite a bit but in the end all i ever wanted was a friend who could walk side by side with me laugh play and enjoy every day building new adventures to inspire us deep inside as two from one can be so profound and amazing im sure to a cow its nothing but grazing

i want to keep kissing you all through the night i want to hold you close and love you with all my gifts and delights share a minute of total pleasure and walk through each test as one to see how people look when your with me they are obsessed its true your beauty is devine and im so glad your here with me and when we are alone i will not dispair but give our love special care love desire lust and passion unbridled and unleased to each there own find out golden desires magic expressions lost only for a moment wandering along the desert road holding our dreams together and our intentions lavish and real without fear of ccrashing on a rocky shore where i will hold you close as he moon rises large against the distant sea horizon far away you and i naked living a life filled with so much profound delight when we get up in the morning i will make your dream a constant and laugh love play be your best buddy together we can race across the heavens star filled night you and i will not have to fight to feel that warmth and desire from the first time we met i know it was something so special and i will never forget you are amazing and even if this is just a dream thankyou for your smile today it took my breath away thankyou for being you the way you walked the smile on your face those amazing white Dr Martins boots so catching in every way maybe we can walk on the star lite beach maybe i can kiss your soft full lips wrap my hands around your firm curvaceous hips and touch your full round breasts its a taske of sheer delight sharing maybe a minute or an hour or all night each day anew what we can all share inside our heart be emmense and perceptive bold and filled with love to share to hold each other and fill our lives with so much delight.

i want to hold your hand soft and warm whisper sweet things into your ear knowing that you are so happy to be with me here

over the mountain under the sea, love is particular in emotions so share all we can feel and see open your heart and let me in dont be afraid i wont betray such a trust to hold you close you will know my heart is full of desire i have bottled it for years seeking that special place to share a special person who is not afraid to dare be bold and reach out take what you desire hold me close in front of the bright bon fire let me kiss your brow and sing a song about you that pink hair so amazing its hard to forget in fact i will remember it for as long as i am alive you are so very special and i want to know more if you dare to share our feelings complete the task walk together and share a hot sake flask make us all warm and excited open out the locked door to share and live a moments time away from insanity and foolish men and there lies will we wait together under a palm tree watching the sunset in the western sky as the moon rises up from deep below and fills the horizon with that iridescent lite of the moon.


when i think of cartoons these sure bring back memories from saturday mornings but sadly these days as i have grown up long ago to see the President Biden literally selling us to the gates of hell from the hundreds of mistakes made lets see be specific

the constant insisting if hes going to be president the entire world can walk through our southern border no problem because America is for immigrants right not legal just people without hope and those who have poor systems of government to abuse torture and insist if they dont like the insanity of there home nation then they will help you march across the entire country of central and then mexico to arrive at the US border where we will overwhelm them and drop the system of the United States into the kettle to make some of what europe got from the war torn middle east where millions stormed the borders to europe and the outcome we all know the rape and robbery the abuse the loss to the nations who tried to help them and now what to do no one knows just struggle to move forward with a monkey on our backs and im not talking about the people the monkey is how to help millions who suffer every day because of corruption and greed in little nations of south america and also the middle east and even to the old russian what is really happening is the quick movement of dedicated hateful terrorists who will take full advantage of foolish american policys to inspect each passanger at the airport and at the piers but not even take five minute to stop those walking across the southern border with bad intentions how many have already crossed un notices in the last two months since Biden became poppa Americo bueno Dias me patrone

so lets say that one third get stopped what about a thousand a day so that means that the number state that over six hundred crossed in total we dont know that this number could be much more since the people who want to hurt america dont have money problems i can immagine abandoned brand new hummers parked a mile or so from the rio grande river and no one would be the wiser yet these bad ones the drug dealers who are already networked across the border into the northern united states have long since moved north into the interior of the nation maybe already at al Qida training camps in Michigan or wisconson. im sure the next group will be the same move silently using coyote trails and handlers and hand them some money the fence should have been completed it was not to stop people just to stop illegal bad things like drug cartels and human trafficers

the second is the huge influx of un escorted children being driven like sheep to the slaughter the Epstien pizza gate was not a joke but only the tip of the iceburg what happened how did we not drive this scourge to the gates of hell already children are not commodities or fruit to be picked and sold like meat and the world needs to start caring about our future children deserve much more then being raped murdered killed or sold out to rich evil people with no moral compass

the world needs us to be the best example not the worst the fact is America has spent over a year now with no jobs and the fake pandemic killing all our savings and now we have nothing the fact is Polosi has failed miserably look at the pandemic unemployment for millions it stopped on sept 5 and nothing came until after the horror of the election with a new President who only cared about dismantling the efforts of the previous president not one bit about this great nation or her citizens what about the six months of pandemic unemployment from sept to jan this is unacceptable they set up and funded these programs to help us and now they have kept most for themselves how is that right and worse is now we have a president who has had to brain surgerys in the last few years for anurisms and no one asked why didnt he pass a physical to be a president i know all the other presidents have passed this standard physical its not a racist act to demand he be put through the same scrutiny as every other world leader instead no one has heard anything from this man but short bursts then wisked away; look at the stumble up the stairs to air force one, that was not a small thing he fell three times in less then thirty seconds,

fauci has been avoiding the history of his career as he lies to America and the people of the world what pandemic what crazy things to change the description of pandemic so they could lock down the world ok what happened why is it that in the entire world more people died from violent crimes then from covid why and how is it ok to force the Military’s Americas first line of defense be forced to get the experimental vaccine or EBA for Gods sake wake up the military needs to keep our front line forces safe not by injecting them by force to wonder what will happen the next time we need them hoping they will be ok since we don’t know the deaths are growing from the jab many have gotten deathly sick from the shot not covid why and how is this all not exposed to the truth and the lies and those who spread them put in jail or on trial


When we look at the present state millions have not recieved the retro unemployment for the six months while they tried to get rid of President Trump so bison could become the moo of America but its not complicated if sept 5 was the last day of pandemic unemployment and then in januarary 11 more weeks what happened to all the weeks we waited in hell hoping for some stimulas to save our lives in this great nation what part of four months of unemployment did we not receive four months is alot of unemployment even at the reduced three hundred almost five thousand dollars why has that not be sent out the retroactive unemployment to keep americans safe and surviving instead you think great biden is president lets impeach TRump who is no longer president and spend over half a billion dollars to hold a mock trial even though they knew they could not impeach a citizen ever maybe Polosi should cash in her hate trump badges and send these to Americans to help them

i am that which you seek a distant warrior of old traveled and soiled across this vast earth lost to many but to myself great worth in the challenges faced the deep desire to see amazing beauty and sit by a open sky fire watching shooting stars from all over the place traveling to far off lands seeking my fates

in lone stance ahead of the others who seek trying to hold tight the dreams which my heart so speaks many distant cultures lands far from home where even the animals are stange and unusual delightful to see a giant raven with a silver feathers head as if they were elderly ravens from thousands of years past the wisdom and knowledge they learned crows cluck and struddle all for the memorys that they experiences and the journeys they endured all to find the destiny they saught the life that they dreams across vast savanna lands and deserts hot and dry to see in there existence from from the crowds not so impressed as if they come to the party fully dressed,

When i went to the arabian sea and got to ride a appaloosa stallion down the coast for hours and the day i filled dreams from being a child to do such i knew was the only thing that i could take memories to cherish indeed there was so much i saw and experienced all the sights touched me deep the ancient buildings dust blowing from the hot desert near by the image and women of hidden beauty there soft voices all you could see the bright color’s of there silk and custom bricade the noise in the streets wild and full of sounds never heard before,

Open the door to life and go be all you can be open your eyes and breathe in the air describe this amazing thing it could take you hours if you try the sounds and amazing sights to see no way to deny.

i remember our kiss so secret and filled with delight so much excitement as we stole it behind the door your beauty so consuming to me the beauty of your jade green eyes took my heart and my soul connected it is even now many years later so loved and remembered well the sweet taste of your lips and the soft feel of our embrace naked and full of desires.

Like children at play we wouldn’t stop for hours to share this time was so special i have so much to share its special the magic we put out when we are together there. you laying naked next to me your full round breasts dark oval nipples i adore those long thick eye lashs that give you a power hard to resist, to touch your golden tan skin and wonder what you think to love you for hours and never feel neglected as i get to share in this special delight to taste your honey and share the night make you give sweet sounds that fill me with desire to keep making you happy and share with you this special spiritual fire, love desire passion and pain the love of two shared that was never in vein that was built on trust and share time as if there was short supply only a few more minutes i hoped it would never end that we could continue to make passionate love and let me pleasure you for hours even to wake up in the middle of the night just to make you smile a sight i will never tire a beauty that i had dreamed of a thousand times before to touch your firm ripe body and carress you until we fall asleep in my arms that you help me go to sleep some of your magic charms of soft words of delight a kiss that i cannot forget even drawn to a place so so sweet and yet

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